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Coquitlam College: Certificate vs Diploma

Coquitlam College: Certificate vs Diploma

Coquitlam College is the school for students who need to finish up a few courses before they can move on to higher post-secondary institutions. They prepare their students for transfer, letting the students choose between their 2-year diploma and the 1-year certificate.

Overview of Coquitlam College

For over 40 years, Coquitlam College has been fostering student success by continuously refining its academic programs. They have the reputation of being one of Canada’s finest colleges. The areas of study that they offer include English language studies, sciences, humanities, and arts; it’s all with the intention of preparing students for higher education. 

Upon completion of certificates or diplomas at Coquitlam College, students will be eligible to enter some of the best universities across the country. The college will give international students a glimpse of the education system in Canada as well as give English training.

Certificate Options

Certificate programs last about one year. At Coquitlam College, they offer it in three areas, which are arts, science, and business.

Arts Certificate – a 30-credit course intended to provide students with a basic understanding of humanities and social sciences. It includes the courses

  • English 
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Math
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences 

Business Certificate – also 30 credits, it instructs business foundations to students and includes

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics
  • English
  • Math
  • Statistics

Science Certificate – equivalent to completing first-year of science in a university, this certificate program makes it easy for students to transfer into sciences in universities. Courses include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • English
  • Math
  • Physics

Diploma Options

Diploma programs are twice as long as certificate programs. Unlike the certificate programs, the only programs available for diplomas are arts and business diplomas. Much like the certificate programs, you’ll be doing similar coursework. Since you’ll need 60 credits to graduate with a diploma, the study will be more comprehensive compared to the certificate program.

Each of the options has different specialities available to them.

Arts Program Options

  • Diploma in Arts (Economics)
  • Diploma in Arts (General Studies)

Business Program Options

  • Diploma in Business (General Studies)

Upon completion of the diploma, you’ll have completed practically two years worth of university courses. 

Transferring Your Credit

Staff are well aware that their students are looking to transfer to universities. Since Coquitlam College is in BC, most of its students look to transfer to UBC or SFU. However, their options don’t stop there. Many go on to the University of Toronto or McGill in Montreal. Regardless, it’s possible as long as you meet with the counsellor so that the both of you can plan your academic path together. 

Why Choose Coquitlam College

Coquitlam College has an amazing deal for you. For international students, they offer supportive English learning. If you’re aiming for a higher score on English proficiency tests, Coquitlam College can help you with that.

On top of that, they provide the core courses that are required for students to move up to their academic discipline of choice. With an Arts of Business diploma from Coquitlam College, you’ll qualify for big-name universities. Even better, you’ll save on tuition and you’ll have support staff available because the school is smaller. 

Coquitlam College will lead you to success because of its competitive tuition fees, and comprehensive courses.  

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