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Journalism at Langara

Journalism at Langara

For those who love to tell stories and connect with other people, journalism is the ideal program for you. Many schools offer journalism, but no one does it the way Langara does. 

Overview of Langara

Langara is one of the major colleges in British Columbia. They are located in Vancouver, but not far from Burnaby. Students from over 100 countries come to Langara to study, and it’s no mystery why. A high percentage of students were satisfied with the quality of Langara’s education. The school makes it easy to transfer to a different university and prepares its students for further studies. 

What Journalism at Langara Covers

There are two options that you can take at Langara: One is a certificate, and the other is a diploma. What they cover is rather similar, but they do accomplish different goals. 

Diploma Program

Those who do not have any journalism experience are welcome to enter the diploma program. Foundation courses are part of the curriculum, and students can expect to learn communications, liberal arts, and journalism. There will also be a required internship during the final term.

Certificate Program

This program is designed as a supplement for those who already have a post-secondary degree, or have experience in the professional field. This program is accelerated and lasts about eight months. It’s important to remember that the certificate program is not beginner-friendly.

In both the certificate and diploma programs, you can expect to learn:

  • Photojournalism
  • Media research
  • Design for print and journalism
  • Copyediting
  • Podcasting

Why Study Journalism at Langara

Langara provides a very unique experience to its journalism students. Across BC, they are the only post-secondary institution that focuses on hands-on development in journalism. This means that they cover all the bases of journalism and do not condense information into three-hour sessions. 

In addition to their comprehensive course, they also have competitive tuition. Graduates not only find their careers soon after graduation, but they also won’t go into debt. Langara’s diploma option allows students to design their own paths. Many go on to be successful journalists right from the get-go, while others move on to get their Bachelor’s degrees. 

Admission and Tuition

The admission requirements are different for the diploma and the certificate.

The Journalism Diploma requirements are:

  • Completion of BC Grade 12
  • Category 2 English Proficiency

The Journalism Certificate requirements are:

  • 18 credits of post-secondary courses


  • Five years of full-time experience

Category 2 English may look like one of the following:

  • Score 6.5 in the IELTS
  • 70% in English 12
  • Score 3 in Langara English Test
  • Overall score of 88 in TOEFL
  • Score 70 in CAEL

Career Opportunities

A degree in journalism opens a wide range of jobs, from communications to journalists. Those who graduated with a journalism degree have moved on to become

  • Freelance photographers ($50,000CAD)
  • News researcher and writers ($55,000CAD)
  • Reporters ($52,000CAD)
  • Communications specialists ($63,000CAD)
  • Copywriters ($50,000CAD)
  • News anchors ($69,000CAD)

The above job titles are what journalism majors go into. It’s a non-exhaustive list, and those who graduate from this program have many more options available to them. 

Apply Now

Every September, January, and May are when intakes open. It’s best to apply at least six months before the program starts. For example, if you would like to start in September, then the best time to submit your application is in March. 

Sources: Langara International Student Fees Journalism at Langara 

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