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canada second best country in the world and safest cities revealed
Living in London, Ontario
canada second best country in the world and safest cities revealed

Living in London, Ontario

Overview of the City

The city of London is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario. It is home to more than 383,000 people who enjoy both the buzzing atmosphere of the lively environment, and the quiet and calming nature that surrounds the area. As the 11th largest city in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse, London is not only a wonderful place to live and work in, but it is very affordable when compared to its neighboring cities such as Toronto or Ottawa. London is especially well-known for its “big city small-town” feel. While you can be surrounded by many shops, venues, restaurants and museums, you can also easily access quiet areas, such as public parks and neighborhoods. 

Like many other cities across Canada, London has a mild climate, and observes all four seasons throughout the year. Although the average temperature can be as low as 0 degrees Celsius, its summers are much warmer at an average of 20 degrees Celsius. Education in London is a top priority for its residents. From pre-school to post-secondary institutions, the city’s education system aims to develop and grow minds. After finishing school, there are many employment opportunities. It ranges from digital marketing and video games, to human resources, and community work and healthcare, making the choices endless. 

How to get from Toronto to London

  1. If you are in Toronto and are looking to travel to London, Ontario, VIA Rail’s train can help you get there in under 2.5 hours. Every 4 hours, a train departs from Toronto Union Station to London. You can catch this train by purchasing a ticket, which costs anywhere between $55.00 and $110.00 
  1. Alternatively, there are many coach (bus) services that offer non-stop trips from Toronto to London that takes just under 2 hours. Like VIA Rail, you will need to purchase a ticket in advance to reserve a seat. If you prefer to drive to London in a car, you can take Highway 401, which can take between 2 to 5 hours to drive, depending on traffic. 
  1. Lastly, you can take a plane. If you are short on time or are planning a last-minute trip, this is a great option. The cheapest tickets are usually around $75 on WestJet, or Air Canada if you book a few days in advance. Prices can range up to $350 if you buy the tickets last minute. 

Things To Do

  • Take a walk around Springbank Park
    • Springbank Park is located next to the Thames River, and offers hiking trails that run through gardens and wilderness.
  • Find out about the history of Ontario at the Museum of London
    • Museum London is an art gallery and historical museum that showcases Ontario’s cultural and social history from its First Nations population to the present day. Shops and cafes are also located nearby. 
  • Participate in winter or summer activities at Boler Mountain
    • Boler Mountain is a recreation club that hosts winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. There are also summer activities such as hiking, zip-lining, and trail biking. No matter what you do at Boler Mountain, you’ll always be surrounded by the great outdoors.
  • Go shopping at Covent Market
    • Covent Market is open seven days a week, and is the place to go for locally-grown produce and fresh food. It is also the perfect place to find gifts, as well as tools and supplies for arts, crafts and hobbies. In the winter, Covent Market’s public square is turned into a skating rink.

Annual Events

  • Sunfest
  • Expression in Chalk Street Painting Festival
  • Rock the Park
  • The International Food Festival

What Schools are in London? 


London is home to about 40 colleges and universities, and has a total student population of over 400,000. One of the largest colleges in the region is Fanshawe College, offering over 200 programs to its 43,000 students across its six campuses. Its main campus is the London campus, with 21,000 students currently enrolled. The London campus is particularly favored by both local and international students for its convenient location. Being 15 minutes away from downtown, students can experience both the campus and city life simultaneously. 

Job Opportunities & Salaries

Being a diverse city, London offers both brief job opportunities and fulfilling career options. Whether you are looking to work part-time or full-time, London’s businesses will always have room for new employees. According to, the average individual salary in London is around $57,000. Common jobs range from administrative workers, software developers and engineers, project managers, and small business owners.

Source: Living in London, Ontario: A Definitive Guide
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