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Equipping students in Camosun College

Equipping students in Camosun College

Camosun College is located in Victoria (BC) where it is known as the “Garden City”. It is not only surrounded by the sea but also has a mild climate all year round. Students can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including cycling, climbing, hiking, kayaking, and skiing. The main industries in Victoria are tourism, innovative technology, education, wood production, painting and art. 

It is the largest public college on the west coast of Canada and has always been acknowledged for its high quality of education and outstanding student services.

Camosun College was established in 1971 with 2 campuses in Victoria (Lansdowne & Interurban) and currently has approximately 20,000 students including 2,100 international students. It offers more than 160 programs and courses including advanced certificates and diplomas, degree programs, and post-degree programs. Camosun College also has a University transfer program that allows students to transfer to and complete their remaining years at prestigious universities such as Victoria University, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Royal Roads University.

University Transfer referred to as the UT course, is one of the most famous programs at Camosun College. Students can complete their first two years of their undergraduate studies at the college and transfer to prestigious universities such as the University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), Victoria University (Uvic) or Royal Roads University to complete their degree. Transfer credit courses are part of the British Columbia Council on Admission & Transfer(BCCAT). The credits taken are recognized by all BC universities. 

The language requirements for direct admission to transfer credit courses are IELTS 6.0 with no single band score lower than 6.0, TOEFL 78 with no single subject lower than 19; Duolingo 105, or Canadian Grade 12 English C+.

Recommended Programs

The Cybersecurity & Network technology Diploma

This program is composed of four semesters over a two-year period. It welcomes anyone, who is interested in entry-level jobs, including those who do not have a related background. Students can choose to graduate after the first year (after eight months of study) and they will get a certificate. However, students can also choose to continue their studies to learn advanced skills in networking, server security and cloud computing.

Students will spend approximately 30 hours per week on this project, half of which is spent in the computer lab. Students will gain a comprehensive background in all aspects of computing, from hardware troubleshooting and operating systems to server software maintenance and installation. 

The program focuses on several industry-recognized certifications, employs a practical approach and allows students to practice their skills in installing, repairing, and maintaining computers, servers, and computer networks. Students who enroll in this diploma have the chance to pursue several industry certifications for an additional fee. At the same time, the professional program also includes an optional (non-required) internship program. Students can decide at their discretion whether to choose this with a new internship.

Admission Requirement
  • English 12 with a C or IELTS 6.0 (no single band score below 6)
  • Math 11 with a C or above
Enrollment Date


Sport Management, Post-Degree Diploma

This Post-Degree Diploma is a brand new PDD professional program. This course is designed for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. Students will gain various applied skills and related knowledge through this major.

The specialized program provides students with foundational business courses and advanced sports management courses in areas such as event management, sports marketing, project management, sports analysis, sports organizational behavior and professional sports. Students enrolled in this major can also choose to practice in the internship opportunities provided by the program.

Admission Requirement
  • English 12 with a C+ or IELTS 6.0 (no single band score below 6)
  • Bachelor degree
Enrollment Date


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