How to Become an International Student at Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows School District SD42

Explore a new way to learn at Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows school district (SD42). International students from all over the world come to learn at SD42 because of its vibrant and safe community.

An Intro to SD42

45 minutes east of Vancouver are the quiet cities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. The school district responsible for students’ education in that area is SD42. With six secondary schools and 21 elementary schools, international students can expect an immersive Canadian experience that’ll help them improve their English and make lifelong friends. 

Why Choose SD42

The community of SD42 is tight-knit and supportive, especially when it comes to English Language Learners (ELL). Not only that, SD42 offers more than just basic academic courses; they also have sports and art academies. Students who study at SD42 go on to study at prestigious universities such as McGill, University of Toronto, and UBC. 

Below are the programs that SD42 has to offer to their international students.

Academic Programs

The academic program is the usual September to June school session. You can expect to learn the standard subjects such as science and history. As you advance further, you can take more specialized courses such as law or economics. 

The September to June school year also has activities year-round. You can choose from several extra-curricular activities like basketball or guitar. SD42 will be sure to give you a fulfilling educational experience. 

Pre-Academic Programs

For students who can’t wait to get their new adventure in Canada started, the pre-academic summer program is the right choice for you. Take a few weeks in August to learn about Canadian culture and history while developing skills such as critical thinking and writing. 

There is an option to take just the pre-academic program, but it requires you to contact SD42’s international education office for more details. 

Summer Programs

The summer programs are a six-week course where students can make their summer adventures exciting, yet educational. However, summer programs are not being offered at the moment, but keep an eye out for next year. 

How International Students can Apply

Before moving on to the following steps, make sure you leave yourself enough time to apply before you arrive. You should aim to apply at least 6 months in advance, so the more time you give to yourself, the better. 

Step 1: Apply on SD42s website

You’ll have to complete the application form provided by SD42. You’ll be asked to provide the following:

  • Transcripts and report cards from the previous 2 years
  • Scan of passport
  • A recent picture of the student
  • Legal agreement

Once all of that is completed, pay the $200CAD application fee and you are free to apply. 

If you are interested in the summer programs, there will be an option within the application process that allows you to add them to your cart.

Step 2: Receive your Letter of Acceptance

Receiving your Letter of Acceptance also means responding to SD42, saying that you acknowledge and are intending to enrol in the fall. You’ll also have to

  • Reviewed the draft
  • Pay all program fees
  • Send custodial documents

Step 3: Apply for a Study Visa

The study visa is practically the entire reason why you should give yourself at least 6 months for the application process. To qualify for a study visa, you’ll need to present your letter of acceptance. 

The application can be done online or at an immigration office.

Fees and Tuition

A full academic year at SD42 will cost $26,800CAD for the full 2023/2024 school year. It includes homestay and medical insurance fees. 

Summer programs cost $3,125CAD total. It includes homestay and activity fees.

Sources: SD42 Application Information SD42 International Ed Brochure

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