Beautiful Picnic Sites in Vancouver

Having a picnic is a wonderful way to get outdoors with family and friends during the warmer seasons. Here are five picnic spots in Vancouver that you should check out!

Parks for Picnicking! 

1. Stanley Park (located at the west end of Georgia St.)

Stanley Park is perhaps one of the most well-known parks in all of Metro Vancouver. It is a 405-hectare public park on the west side of downtown Vancouver, where about 8 million people visit every year. Because of how large the park is, there are plenty of grassy areas where people can sit down and have food. The seawall also has plenty of seating areas including public benches and parks where you can take a quick break to grab a snack or catch your break. 

Stanley Park also has many sites that are specifically for picnics, larger groups and parties. These picnic sites are sheltered and offer facilities like kitchens, countertops, sinks, and access to water and electricity. So, if you are thinking of having a summer barbeque, a birthday party or would like to cook food together with friends, you can use these picnic sites for your next outing. However, some of these picnic sites require reservations in advance, like Prospect Point ($181), Railway #1 and #2 (both $114), and Second Beach ($114). 

Reservations have two time slots: 

(1) Day: 9:00am – 4:00pm 

(2) Evening: 4:00pm – 9:30pm

*Reservation fees are per time slot, not per hour. Tax is not included in the fee. 

If your group consists of more than 50 people, you will need a permit to have a picnic! More information can be found on the City of Vancouver website

2. Dude Chilling Park (2300 block of Brunswick St.)

Dude Chilling Park, also known as Guelph Park, is located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver. Although it is a very small park, it is often used by Vancouverites for morning exercises or an evening stroll. Because it is close to a lot of different restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores, people will often stop by the park to take a break or to have some food. Some popular places include:

  • AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint
  • Carp Sushi + Bowl
  • Whisk Matcha Cafe
  • Starbucks 
  • Kim’s Mart

If you are in the neighborhood, Dude Chilling Park is the perfect place to have a picnic with a friend or two! 

3. Queen Elizabeth Park (4600 Cambie St.)

Queen Elizabeth Park is a 130-acre municipal park in the heart of Vancouver. Although it is known by local Vancouverites for its beautiful greenery, floral display, and backdrop for wedding photos, the park sits on the highest point in Vancouver at 125 meters above sea level, making it a spectacular place for a picnic to enjoy the scenic views. Apart from the grassy areas near the tennis courts and trails, the park offers one designated area on the north side near the duck pond for picnickers. 

Between May and October, picnic tables and barbecues will be placed in this area so that people can use them to cook food at the park. Portable toilets will also be placed around the park. Of course, there are plenty of other locations around the park as well. The City of Vancouver also recommends the grassy slopes on the sides of the park as an ideal spot for picnics, and observing the sunsets in the evenings. 

Please keep in mind that the picnic site at Queen Elizabeth Park can accommodate a maximum of 50 people. No reservations are required. 

4. Spanish Banks (along NW Marine Drive west of Tolmie St.)

Located near the University of British Columbia, Spanish Banks is a popular beach during the summer, and is the perfect place to have a picnic if you don’t mind getting a little wet! Spanish Banks beach is divided into Spanish Banks East and Spanish Banks West, with each side hosting both similar and different features. 

Spanish Banks East:

  • Concession
  • Public washrooms
  • Barbecues permitted
  • Picnic tables
  • Eight volleyball courts
  • Water wheelchair

Spanish Banks West:

  • Concession
  • Public washrooms
  • Barbecues permitted
  • Picnic tables
  • Eight volleyball courts
  • Designated quiet beach (amplified sound not permitted)
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Kiteboarding launch zone

If you’re craving some burgers and french fries on a hot summer day at the beach, Spanish Banks is the place to go! 

5. Creekside Park (1455 Quebec St.)

Creekside Park is a 2-minute walk from Science World and is known as a waterfront recreational spot for young children. It also offers plenty of space with its grassy lawns and is often the center of many summer events and festivals. With lots of shade trees and picnic sites, it is busy both during the day and evening, with people often laying down their picnic blankets to celebrate the summer break. If you like the buzzing, evening atmosphere of Vancouver, you should gather some friends and spend the evening out at Creekside Park! 

Some popular/upscale restaurants and cafes near Creekside Park include:

  • Bodega on Main
  • Tap & Barrel Olympic Village
  • JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
  • Ophelia 
  • Gusto A Taste of Italy 
  • Earnest Ice Cream

Source: 25 Parks to Enjoy a Picnic in and Around Vancouver

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