Special Programs at Okanagan College

Okanagan College (OC) was established in 1963 and is a public college recognized by the Canadian BC provincial government. Okanagan College offers more than 130 majors, including Bachelor’s degrees, university transfer programs, diplomas, certificates, and English courses. Their programs involve Science and Technology, Business, Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, Health, and Social Development, with more than 10,000 students enrolled each year.  Okanagan College has four campuses, Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, and Vernon. The entire campus is built along the Okanagan Lake and is surrounded by mountains and rivers.

The Kelowna campus is the largest campus of Okanagan College and the largest city in the Okanagan region. Kelowna has about 130,000 residents and is about a 50-minute flight from Vancouver. Kelowna is famous for its winery, beautiful lake shorelines, world-class ski resorts, and recreational and business opportunities.

Advantages of Okanagan College

  • Collaborating with the University of British Columbia (UBC), students have certain advantages in enrolling in the UBC campus in Okanagan.
  • Providing different degrees and diploma certificate courses, and flexible school schedules, allowing students to effectively achieve their academic goals.
  • Students can transfer to UBC, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Victoria University (UVic), and Thompson River University (TRU) to finish their degrees.
  • Affordable and cheaper tuition fees for international students.
  • Graduates have a high employment rate.
  • The second-largest technical institution in British Columbia.
  • Depending on the need of our society, OC has been adjusting and opening both present and new programs to prepare students for the future.
  • Student-oriented and small-class teaching approach.

Types of Programs

Bachelor’s Degree (Four-year Program) (subheading)
  • Business Administration (BBA): Specialisations include Accounting, Finance, General Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, and Management and Marketing.
  • Computer Information Systems (CIS): Majors include software design and development, computer systems, and database systems.
Associate’s Degree and University Transfer Credit Programs (Two-year program) (subheading)
  • Associate of Arts Degree (AA). Majors include:
    • Communication and Information Exchange,
    • Intercultural Studies,
    • Economics,
    • English,
    • Environmental Studies,
    • History,
    • Modern Languages,
    • Philosophy,
    • Political Science,
    • Psychology,
    • Sociology,
    • Women’s Studies.
  • Associate of Science Degree (AS). Courses include:
    • Astronomy,
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry,
    • Computer Science,
    • Earth and Environmental Science,
    • Geography,
    • Mathematics,
    • Statistics,
    • Physics.

* All associate degree course credits are guaranteed for direct transfer to other four-year universities in BC. Please visit the school website for details: http://www.bctransferguide.ca/ 

Diploma Program ( Two-year Program) (subheading)
  • Advanced Culinary Arts Management Culinary Management Diploma:
    • Combination of culinary training practice and business administration courses
  • Business Administration:
    • Accounting, Finance, General Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management and Management and Marketing
  • Commercial Aviation Management Commercial Aviation
  • Computer Information Systems:
    • Software Design and Development, Computer Systems
  • Criminal & Social Justice
  • Engineering Technology:
    • Civil, electronic, mechanical, network and communication, water supply engineering technology (including water quality and sewage treatment technology, environmental monitoring)
  • Environmental Studies Environmental Studies:
    • Environmental Management, Interdisciplinary Environmental Arts and Environmental Science
  • Health & Social Development:
    • Early Childhood Education, Social Human Services Worker, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Human Kinetics:
    • Health and Fitness, Wellness and Sports, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Green/Sustainable Construction Management Sustainable Construction Management
Certificate Program (18 months or less) (subheading)
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Collision Repair Technician
  • Culinary Arts/Pastry Arts
  • Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Mechanics
  • Pathway to Professional Accounting
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Studio Woodworking

Recommended Programs

Computer Information Systems (CIS) (subheading)

Canadian community colleges attract many international students with a variety of hands-on experiences. Many of them hope to find jobs and apply for immigration after graduation. In recent years, salary has become one of the scoring criteria for provincial nominee immigrants in many provinces. 

Okanagan College has a four-year bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and a two-year program. The courses include general knowledge about computers, mathematics, business and communication. Students can choose advanced courses in the following areas: Software Design and Development, Database Systems, and general computer knowledge.

Graduates can successfully work in a variety of roles in the information technology field, or through further study, they can earn certificates from companies such as Oracle, IBM, Cisco, or Microsoft.

Computer information systems are one of the fastest-growing majors in the number of applicants because this major not only has good employment prospects but also has a competitive hourly salary after graduation.

During the period of study, students can apply for internships in regular semesters (September-December or January-April) or during summer vacation. The school’s co-op (paid internship) department helps students connect with different companies. The following is an example of the paid internship semester planning table. 

Sustainable Construction Management (subheading)

Okanagan College’s Sustainable Building Management Technology major is located in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. When students first arrive here, they will feel the quietness and connection with nature. The surrounding mountains, beautiful lakes and the blue sky will make people’s hearts calm instantly.

In Penticton, some Aboriginal people have lived here for generations. The population is about 43,432 people and because of its unique climate, it attracts many immigrants from eastern Canada and surrounding provinces and cities. Penticton has four distinct seasons. It is a good place for outdoor sports, such as Hiking, skiing, kayaking, yachting, and rock climbing. There are many mountain bike enthusiasts here. Triathlons are also held here every year. Penticton has many leisure facilities. In addition, multiculturalism also attracts many international students to stop here. 

The sustainable construction management technology major of Okanagan College is a unique program. It integrates advanced design concepts and integrates the essence of environmental protection, energy-saving and sustainable development into discipline construction, and has far-reaching educational significance. Under the leadership of professional teachers, students can quickly master and improve their problem-solving and problem-analyzing abilities and methods. The high-density curriculum design allows students to complete the original 3-year course in 2 years.

The sustainable building management major combines the current design hotspots and grants students the green and environmental protection professional design concepts such as passive houses, net-zero houses, and LEED certification. It integrates a large number of course designs and comprehensively improves students’ practical ability. This major has always been trying to arrange the courses scientifically in the most efficient way and has experienced and professional lecturers to provide guidance for students’ learning. In the final semester, there is a course in which students have the opportunity to choose their preferred course design for an internship. Whether students love design, construction, or consulting, students will be able to do their internship in a company or institution.

Graduates majoring in Sustainable Construction Management Technology have broad prospects for development, whether in the traditional construction industry or the green building industry, and their career orientation is more eclectic. Students can also take advantage of co-op internship opportunities to expand their horizons and accumulate work experience. Graduates of this major can also work in various construction-related industries such as design, construction, costing, surveying, and consulting.

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