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Want to win a $1,000 scholarship? Make a short video for the Coquitlam School District!

Want to win a $1,000 scholarship? Make a short video for the Coquitlam School District!

What individual doesn’t love to earn money? Lucky for you, Coquitlam School District, also known as SD43, is giving students a great opportunity where you will have to make a 45-60 second video on behalf of their school. If you would like to read more on how to get involved, here is how you can sign up!

Who is eligible to join this competition?

To participate, current international fee-paying students of all grades are required to make a video explaining what they love about Coquitlam. This competition will be opened only to individuals studying in the International Education, who are newly paying students enrolled in the 2022/2023 school year.

What are the rules and requirements?

For your submission to be eligible, you must comply with the following rules when making the video:

  1. Videos must be 100% original
  2. Profanity and Vulgarity are prohibited
  3. Video must be sent over to their Instagram page @coquitlaminternational. You must follow this group, and use #MycoquitlamEd, as well as tag their page in your post!
  4. Send a direct message with your video to @coquitlaminternational
  5. If you do not have Instagram, you can always send your submission by email, with the subject set as CSD Video Contest
  6. The school must receive your application by June 12, 2022, by midnight PST. Any entries after this date will not be accepted.
  7. Two video submissions will be chosen, and the winners will receive their $1,000 scholarship on Friday, June 17th, 2022

Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification, and your submission being unnoticed, so always make sure to follow each step before handing in your work! 

More information about this post can be found on their Instagram Page!

If you want to learn more please check the application.

Why study at Coquitlam School District?

Coquitlam School District has many advantages, especially for students studying internationally! Coquitlam School District has an amazing website that advertises the many examples of why students should study in this amazing district! Here are some examples that demonstrate why this is true!

  1. British Columbia Ministry of Education rates this school as one of the best districts in the province!
  2. Has beautiful natural surroundings that are located near very nice areas such as Vancouver and Whistler
  3. Contains 56 years’ worth of academic excellence and scholarships
  4. Has both long and short programs, so it gives students many options as to how long they would like to study there
  5. Certified teachers work in this school, and happen to contain some of the best in the world!

Ideas for making a short video

Making videos can be a lot of fun, especially since you can be so creative with whatever you are trying to make. You can always find some very helpful tips and tricks on how to make a video, or find helpful ideas to make your video stand out from others!

SD43: Opening Doors for International Students

When and where will the winner be announced? 

There will be 3 top contestants that will be announced on Instagram. On June 17th, 2022, two video submissions will be chosen, and each will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. They will be reached out by email and will be announced on Instagram. To stay updated, be sure to follow the page @coquitlaminternational to find out about any upcoming updates for this event. 

Best of luck to all the students participating in this event. Make sure to do your best, and most of all, have fun with it!
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