Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Canada


Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated by families all around the world who want to plan activities to celebrate fatherhood and the special men in their lives. While kids give their Dads tools, Yeti coolers, and other unique items, mothers and older children pore through Father’s Day quotes, Dad jokes, and messages to put in funny cards.

History of Father’s Day

Did you know that the celebration of Father’s Day started after Mother’s Day? The history of Mother’s Day goes back to the 1860s, and the declaration of Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914 eventually paved the way for Father’s Day. Father’s Day started in 1910 when a church in West Virginia held a sermon to honor 362 men who had been killed the previous year in a coal mining explosion. However, this sermon for the coal miners was only held once, never to be celebrated again in the community of West Virginia. 

The following year, however, a woman started her quest to establish Father’s Day as a national holiday. The woman was one of six children raised by their single father, and she thought fathers should be honored in the same ways as mothers. After she asked her local community and government for support, her home state of Washington celebrated its first official Father’s Day in 1910. Over the years, the celebration of Father’s Day spread to other areas of the country, and soon it became a globally-recognized holiday. Today, Father’s Day is celebrated in more than  111 countries. 

When is Father’s Day in 2022?

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. That means that this year, it falls on Sunday, June 19th. So, if you haven’t started thinking about ideas for creative gifts and ways to celebrate, don’t worry just yet! You still have plenty of time to prepare plans for this special holiday! 

Father’s Day Traditions in Canada

Father’s Day is the best day for us to show our appreciation and love for our fathers. In Canada, each family has their way of celebrating Father’s Day. Most families would often resort to using conventional means to celebrate it though – that includes giving gifts, treating their dads to a special meal, watching movies, going fishing, and going to the parks or other places of interest.

Additionally, Canadians would also say “Happy Father’s Day”. They would greet their fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, fathers-in-law, foster parents, uncles, and other men who stand and act as a father figure to them. Those who live far away from their dads or father figures would likely call to greet them a Happy Father’s Day.

Ideas for Gifts

The traditions of the Father’s Day celebration can be varied. In Canada, people show their love and gratitude for their fathers in different yet meaningful ways. Some would give gifts such as mobile devices (smartphones or computer tablets), useful tools, books, clothes, neckties, socks, electronic devices, and other items which their dads look forward to having. Other children may offer Father’s Day greeting cards, chocolates, and flowers.

Here are some cool gifts that you might want to consider for your father:

Father’s Day Activities

Because Father’s Day in Canada is not a designated statutory holiday, businesses, schools, retail stores, etc. follow their usual schedule for the day. Because it falls on a Sunday, which is a day off for most people, families usually have the entire day to celebrate Father’s Day. 

Here are some activities you might want to do with your father (and family):

  • Camping
    • Many major cities in Canada are close to the wilderness and are filled with gorgeous provincial parks, forests, hills and mountains. Spend the day off with your father while being surrounded by nature!
  • Fishing
    • If your dad likes fishing, take him on a fishing trip. With the world’s largest population of freshwater lakes, you’ll have no trouble catching some fish and cooking them together! 
  • Golfing
    • Don’t all fathers love golfing? Maybe not, but if your father does, there are plenty of golf courses around the country to choose from. Spend some quality time with your father while bonding over sports!
  • A nice Father’s Day dinner
    • A nice dinner to celebrate the occasion is always a good choice. Go to your father’s favorite restaurant, or schedule a barbeque if he enjoys being outdoors! 

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