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places to meet your universitycollege friends in vancouver
Places to Meet Your University/College Friends in Vancouver
places to meet your universitycollege friends in vancouver

Places to Meet Your University/College Friends in Vancouver

Check out these 4 meet-up spots for college/university students! 

The Rec Room 

If you’re looking to have lots of fun with your friends, the Rec Room at The Amazing Brentwood is a great place to consider! The Rec Room opened in 2021 and is the first location in BC across Canada. With over 43,000-sf ft of space, the building accommodates the following:

Their Restaurants 

Are you and your friends looking for a place to eat? Consider these two restaurants at the Rec Room:

  • Three10
    • Canadian-inspired cuisine
    • Uses fresh ingredients which originate from all over the country
    • Their menu includes:
      • Tempura jalapeños
      • Loaded cheese nachos 
      • Atlantic cod fish & chips
      • New York steak
  • The Shed
    • Popular for their savoury snacks like their traditional Canadian poutine, mini Mexican corn dogs, or Philly cheesesteak spring rolls

Their Entertainment

  • The Rec Room Karaoke
    • Hosts a karaoke night every Thursday so that people can show their singing talents!
  • Trivia Night 
    • Hosted by comedians and masters of ceremonies
    • Will be quizzed on a variety of subjects
    • May or may not be a free prize
    • Free admission!

Their Games

  • Arcade/video games
    • Pac-Man, Angry Birds, Mario Kart, etc.
  • VRX (Virtual Reality) Car Simulator
  • Axe-throwing, bowling, ping pong, pool

Where is The Rec Room Located? 

Located in: The Amazing Brentwood Shopping Mall

Address: 1920 Willingdon Avenue, Unit 2106, Burnaby, BC, V5C 0KC

Hours: Monday-Friday (11:30am-12:00am); Saturday & Sunday (11:30am-1:00am)

Cactus Club Café’s Green Roof

You might’ve been to Cactus Club Café near downtown Vancouver’s Waterfront Station; it’s certainly one of their most popular locations, but have you ever been up on their roof? If not, the next time you make plans with your friends, tell them to meet you up on the roof! Cactus Club Café’s Coal Harbor location offers spectacular views of the water and mountains, but their green roof, which is covered in grass, offers even better views because it’s right outside! 

The problem is that the green roof is not very well-known to others, likely because people may assume it is not accessible to the public! You may be wondering how one can get up there? It’s simple! Climb the staircase beside the outdoor dining area, or use the elevator in front of the staircase. 

Where is the green roof located?

Located in: Burrard Landing

Address: 1085 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1

Hours: not specified

Richmond Night Market

After a long hiatus, North America’s largest night market is back! The Richmond Night Market is perhaps one of the most popular and busiest meetup spots during the summer, with lines stretching toward the casino. It’s worth the wait because you and your friends’ evenings will be filled with an extravaganza of tastes, smells and sounds. Hosting over 70 food and 100 retail stalls, as well as concerts showcasing local talent, the market is catered toward people of all ages!

Here is a list of their most trendy foods this summer: 

  • The Flying Pig: Crispy pork belly & fries
  • Aloha Boys: Flying Noodles with spam, egg and deep-fried shrimp
  • Blackball: Rainbow Hawaii Shaved Ice
  • Tochi: Hong Kong-style mini french toast with Japanese mochi
  • Momo’s: Himalayan spicy chilli pork dumpling
  • Taco Nori Sushi Tacos: salmon, tuna or scallop crispy nori taco

Admission Costs

Under 7: free

Ages 7-59: $6

60 and over: free

VIP tickets (6 visits): $35

Where is the Richmond Night Market located?

Address: 8351 River Road, BC V6X 1Y4

Hours: Friday (7:00pm-12:00am); Saturday (6:00pm-12:00am); Sunday (7:00am-11:00pm)

English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach, also known as First Beach, is a popular meeting spot for university students as there is a lot to do both at the beach and nearby. With volleyball courts, concession stands and a nearby Cactus Club Café, your day with your friends will be filled with so much fun. If you and your friends have dogs, there are plenty of off-leash areas where you, your friends and your dogs can mingle with each other. And if you want to get some exercise in, the seawall is just a few meters away. Finally, restaurants around English Bay are delicious, with plenty of them serving Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, and Mexican food! Of course, there is also an abundance of seafood since it is so close to the water!


  • Concession stands for food and drinks
  • Cactus Club Café
  • Public washrooms
  • Beach umbrella and chair rentals
  • Kayak rentals and storage
  • Mobi-Mat accessible beach pathway
  • Swimming raft with large slide
  • Sand volleyball courts

Nearby food spots:

  • Bayside Lounge
  • Shamrock Bar & Grill
  • Papi’s Seafood and Oyster Bar
  • Won more Szechuan Cuisine
  • Hook Cantina
  • Marble Slab Ice Creamery

Where is English Bay Beach located?

Address: Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1

Hours: 11:30am-8:00pm every day, but the beach is usually open until much later into the night

Sources: The Rec Room, Cactus Club Cafe, Richmond Night Market, English Bay Beach
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