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Working Holidays Where to Find a Job
Working Holidays: Where to Find a Job
Working Holidays Where to Find a Job

Working Holidays: Where to Find a Job

The school breaks are quickly approaching and now’s your opportunity to lighten your class load. Many students typically take on temporary jobs while their schedules open up during this time of year. Here’s how you can do that.

Where to Start Looking

  • Indeed – The most common place to look for jobs is on Indeed. You’ll find a range of jobs from temporary to full-time, part-time, and long-term positions. 
  • Walk around the mall – Sometimes workplaces don’t advertise their open positions online. Typically mall stores will have “We’re Hiring!” signs on their windows. Ask for their information and then email your resume to them when you get home.
  • Craigslist – Finding jobs on Craigslist has become less common now, but there certainly are jobs that still get posted there.
  • Google – Start by searching for part-time holiday jobs or summer jobs, and Google is bound to give you results. Once again, many places don’t advertise their openings on Indeed, but rather on their company website. 
  • Official Sites – This requires you to take a step and look at company websites for their job openings. It’s your chance to have a look at companies that you’re truly interested in.

Note: There are other sites to find jobs such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn, but those are more common for finding full-time corporate positions. The likelihood of anyone finding temporary part-time jobs there is low, but not impossible. Because that is the case, it is recommended you should look elsewhere are not the first place you should look.

What to Do

  • Write cover letters – We all know no one likes to write these things. However, you should still write cover letters especially when the job application asks you to. Usually smaller, temporary jobs don’t require cover letters, but if you have time to spare, then it doesn’t hurt to send them a cover letter.
  • Follow up – Even these temporary jobs are worth following up with. Send them an email both before and after the interview, and ask how the process is going. 
  • Prepare answers for your interview – Yes, you can prepare a script for your interview! The more prepared you are for their questions, the better your chances will be.
    • Research the company – You’ll be more prepared for their questions if you research them a little bit.
  • Condense all your work experience on one page – Hiring managers are very particular about seeing all the information in one scan. Make it easier for them and improve your chances by keeping your resume on one page.
  • Start applying soon – If you want a summer job, start looking because employers look for temporary summer employees in the spring. 

What Not to Do

  • Follow up in person – It’s 2022. If you follow up, send them an email or a message through Indeed. These in-person visits require you to see the hiring manager or manager who is not always guaranteed to be there. Save yourself some time and send an email instead.
  • Share personal information on your resume – Pieces of information such as your address or age do not need to be shared. Many international applicants make this mistake.

The Grind Goes On

Above all the pieces of advice mentioned previously, do not give up. Searching for a job can be time-consuming and energy-draining, but you must persevere through it. Make sure to take adequate breaks. When you get those rejection emails (and you will), remember that it’s a redirection, not rejection. Best of luck on your search!
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