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car sharing
Car Sharing in Vancouver
car sharing

Car Sharing in Vancouver

If you need to get somewhere quick, or if you have too much of a load but don’t have a car, Vancouver has car-sharing services that students take advantage of on a daily basis. Below is a list of car-sharing services that you can sign up for in Vancouver.

How Car Sharing Works

The first thing you’ll have to do is become a member of the car-sharing service of your choice. You will have to submit your driving record and most likely a photo of a valid driver’s licence. 

Worry not if you’re a Class 7 driver (N driver) because they do allow young drivers to be a part of their car share program. You will just have to stick to the rules that your licence restricts you to. 

Once all your information has been verified, you can check the car share’s respective mobile app and look for cars near you. You can use the app to book how long you’ll use the car.


If you sign up with Modo, you’ll have two options: The Plus Membership, and the regular Monthly Membership. The main difference between them is that there are no monthly administration fees and a lower hourly rate with Plus Members. 

Modo is more spread out than Evo. Unlike Evo, they have cars in locations such as Coquitlam and Surrey. However, they have designated parking spots. There are no one-way trips with Modo. When you rent a car, you must return it where you took it.

Evo Car Share

Whether you’re a tourist in Vancouver, or just need it for an hour to transport your groceries, Evo is a great choice. They are probably the most popular car-sharing service in Metro Vancouver. Evo is known to be affordable and to always have parking spots reserved for their cars. 

Evo is also known to be the most flexible when it comes to driving and parking. While Modo will require you to return the car where you rented it from, Evo lets you park wherever there is a designated Evo parking spot. 

They also have ski and bike racks with every car. If you’re an outdoorsy person and don’t want to take your gear on public transit, Evo is a good choice.

The one caveat is that it doesn’t stretch past New Westminister. If you’re a resident in Surrey or Coquitlam, you may not find it as useful because the closest parking spots are a city away.


You can call this the Airbnb of cars. People post their cars available for sharing in the city of your choice. What’s nice about Turo is that it’s not limited to just Vancouver. You can find cars all over Canada and even in other countries. The more populated a city is, the more likely there will be cars for rent on Turo.

Unlike the previous two car-sharing options, Turo is more for travelling and long rentals. You’ll also have to book it in advance to get more value for what you pay. Regardless, it’s still better than renting at an airport last minute. 

Comparing Prices

In the end, they’re hardly that different. Evo might have a higher hourly rate than Modo, but Modo has extra fees that bring it up to the same price as Evo. Regardless, they are both affordable services that international students can take advantage of.

As for Turo, the nature of the service is different from Modo and Evo. The appropriate comparison would be to compare them with car rental brands such as Enterprise. They are much more affordable than those brands and are useful for road trips with friends.

Why Use a Car Share Service

For international students, taking advantage of these car-sharing services is an affordable way to get around the city without having to take public transit. Whether it’s for grocery shopping or hanging out with your friends, a car will get you there quicker. It’ll be even better if you have friends to split the gas and rental cost too. Overall, it’ll be beneficial to you because you get to save time and energy.

How about insurance?

Evo Insurance Policy

–   Third-Party Liability Insurance will not cover collisions.
–   It will not cover any damages to the vehicle itself.
–   It is vital for the driver to ensure them that the vehicle is not damaged either during your rental (regardless of who’s a fault it was).
–   In the event of a claim, a damage fee of up to $1000 will be applied to cover repair costs.

Modo Insurance Policy

–   Third-Party Liability from ICBC insures up to $5 million.
–   It is self-insured for damage to its own vehicles.
–   Users may have a damage fee applied, depending on their membership type, for any damage done to the vehicle in use.
–   If an accident with another vehicle occurs (and the third party is at fault), no damage fees will apply.
–   Otherwise, a damage fee will be applied for all other damage incidents.

How to avoid damage fees, see the website.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Evo, Modo, or Turo. The information has been gathered as accurately as possible at the time of writing, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please check the official website and digital channels.

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