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Co-op Programs at University of the Fraser Valley

Co-op Programs at University of the Fraser Valley

Intro to UFV

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The University of Fraser Valley (UFV) is a public university in Canada. It is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia and enrolls thousands of students each year including more than 2,000 overseas students from more than 60 countries. The school takes pride in providing the best environment for the students and high-quality teaching that makes the students ready for their future employment.

UFV has five campuses located in Canada and India. There are four campuses in the beautiful Fraser Valley of BC, Canada, located in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope. Finally, the fifth campus is an overseas campus in Chandigarh, India.

UFV is a great place to study because it has a plethora of programs to choose from, including work opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

Students can choose from more than 70 programs, including:

  • Master’s degrees
  • Undergraduate bachelor’s degrees
  • College certificates and diplomas
  • Co-operative education opportunities
  • English-language upgrading

While studying, students can also choose to work on or off-campus, volunteer, or participate in various activities and clubs.

About Co-op

Co-operative Education (Co-op) is a combination of academic studies and relevant work experience. It is beneficial for students as they get to work in an office setting and gain hands-on experience while studying and maintaining a balance between academic semesters and work terms. The students receive remuneration and their performance is evaluated by the student employer. UFV offers Co-op Programs in Arts, Business, Library Information and Technology (LIBIT), Computer Information Systems (CIS), and Science.


Students participating in Co-operative Education have an opportunity to:

  • Strengthen academic knowledge by gaining hands-on experience
  • Develop essential employment skills
  • Discover professional talents and interests
  • Develop a professional resume with a solid work history
  • Develop a network of professional colleagues and potential employers
  • Earn money to help finance their education

 Co-op Programs at UFV


Associate of Arts degree

This program is intended for students who want to study humanities, creative and performing arts, and social sciences. Students have four options to choose from: General option, International and Development Studies, Media & Communication and Theater option.

Program duration

The Associate of Arts degree is normally completed within two years of full-time study.

Click here to know more about this program.

Bachelor of Arts degree

This degree prepares students for democratic citizenship by gaining analytical, intellectual, and practical skills through applied learning. The program focuses on critical and creative thinking; written, oral and visual communication, and quantitative, data, scientific, digital, and technological literacies. Students can select from a wide range of majors, extended minors, and minors that equip them to create a more just and inclusive society. By the end of the program, students can make career portfolios that support their post-university goals. 

Program duration

The Bachelor of Arts degree program can be completed in four years of full-time study, with students taking 10 courses per calendar year. Upon successful completion of the BA, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate information competency
  • Analyze critically 
  • Use knowledge and skills proficiently
  • Initiate inquiries and develop solutions to problems
  • Engage in collaborative leadership

Click here to know more about this program.


The UFV School of Business has co-op options for students who are interested in developing a competitive edge in the field of Business after graduation. You can work in a four, eight, or twelve-month work term that is both full-time or part-time. You can declare co-op as an option on your transcript.

Bachelor of Business Administration degree

The program prepares students for a dynamic business environment. Students must meet the requirements in the areas of English, Social Science, Science and the Humanities. The program focuses on enhancing management and analytical skills. Co-op students alternate between semesters of study and work.

Program duration

The BBA program can be completed in four years of full-time study, with students taking 10 courses per calendar year.

Business Administration diploma

This diploma is designed to help graduates build a business career. The Business Administration diploma program develops practical skills in writing, Mathematics, and Computing, along with an understanding of concepts of marketing, accounting, economics, and management. 

Click here to know more about the program.

Program duration

The Business Administration diploma program is usually completed within two years of full-time study, with students taking 10 courses per calendar year.

Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Well-equipped labs are provided to the students to learn software development and systems and networking areas. This program is a mixture of theory and hands-on applied knowledge. Graduates from the certificate get experience with smaller single-user systems whereas the graduates from the diploma are capable of working with both single and networked systems. Diploma graduates are also capable of supporting and maintaining systems. 

Students are taught the basic technical knowledge and skills to work better in the business background. This will also prepare graduates to move into managerial positions in information technology.

Program duration

The full degree program can be completed in four years (eight semesters) of full-time study whereas the Diploma takes two years to complete. It is important to remember that the Co-op Diploma is of 28 months and includes four academic semesters and three work terms.

Click here, to know more about the program.

Apply for Co-op before the last Monday in September, January, and May every year. You may apply at any time. Apart from this, there are Co-op Programs in Data Analysis, Media Arts, Science, and many more. Click here, to check the entire course list.

So, if Co-ops are all you are looking for, then why wait? Check out the College Website and find the course of your choice. Don’t forget to apply on time. Happy studying!

Source: UFV Official Site
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