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How Coquitlam College Supports Students’ Learning Activity
coquitlam college min

How Coquitlam College Supports Students’ Learning Activity

Coquitlam College Overview

Coquitlam College has provided an excellent education for over 40 years by updating its academic programs according to current job markets. Being one of Canada’s finest colleges, it’s no surprise it is preferred by international students. The College provides academic education in various disciplines such as sciences, humanities, arts, and business. The College leaves no stone unturned in imparting education to the students and making them job-ready upon completion of their course.

After graduating, students are eligible to enter some of the best universities across the country and can also transfer credits to other Colleges or Universities. It is an ideal place to bridge the gap between high school and university. The College faculty is highly experienced and approachable to international students. 

The class sizes are small, which gives the students appropriate room to interact with their instructors and peers, giving them a better understanding of the subjects taught.

The students can choose between their 2-year diploma and the 1-year certificate.

Why Choose Coquitlam College

Coquitlam College

Coquitlam College has a lot of services for the betterment and support of international students. From English learning, career help, or various student clubs or activities, students get all the necessary support they need.

If you are looking forward to getting a higher score on English tests or want support in writing essays or assignments, the College is a perfect provider for this experience and help!

Let us discuss a few of them below:

  • Writing Center

The College gives writing and learning support to the students. From classroom projects or formal essays, the instructors will always provide appropriate feedback and help students improve in areas they lack. They teach the art of paraphrasing and help them write assignments or a thesis. English tutors also help with crisp resume building and cover letter writing to make it appear more professional. 

Writing Centre offers workshops each semester for students looking to improve their academic reading and writing skills. Students are taught how to avoid plagiarism, read strategically, and tackle advanced vocabulary. Reading workshops are at two levels:

Level 1 includes understanding the meaning of a sentence, breaking down a text into understandable parts, and identifying important parts of a text. Level 2 is for students who contain proficient reading comprehension but need further assistance in complicated texts.

Where is the Writing Center available?

The Writing Centre is available for students at Coquitlam and Surrey Campus. 

Where can the students contact for the same?

For any writing support or help, students can send an email to the College and arrange for a Zoom meeting with their English Tutors. All they must do is send an E-mail to,  writing their full name and student number. Don’t forget to mention the date and time suitable for the interview.

  • Math Tutors

Math is a tricky subject, leading to many students needing assistance. The math peer tutors offer individual support for students needing help with their math assignments. If you are having difficulties with math assignments, the peer tutors are there for assistance. 

Where is the peer tutoring for Math available?

Peer tutoring for math is available at the Coquitlam campus only.

  • Career Center

A lot of insightful information related to careers is provided to the students, such as the skills to learn for a particular job so that the students can improvise each day and learn about the same.

  • Club Activities

Apart from academics, Co-curricular activities are also vital for the students to help maintain a perfect balance between studies and socializing with peers. The students can join various clubs to learn new skills, develop unique interests, and meet new friends from different parts of the world. For the most part, all clubs are student-run. 

Click here to learn about various other student services that the College provides.

Source: Coquitlam College  Coquitlam College Student Services
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