SD8 Kootenay Lake’s Enrichment Programs Are Full of Fun & Challenges


Oftentimes, going to school, learning in a classroom environment and working on activities with friends and classroom peers is exciting for students and something they look forward to as they head to school every day. But what about students who find the typical Monday to Friday schedules boring? What if a student feels like the work assigned is too easy for them? These students can opt for an enrichment program, where they can receive advanced lessons while trying new activities that may not exist in a typical school setting. 

School District 8 – Kootenay Lake (SD8) Enrichment Programs

An enrichment program is a special program for students who need to learn at an advanced level compared to their classroom peers. In SD8 Kootenay Lake’s enrichment programs, students can take scheduled extracurricular classes to receive advanced academic instruction. They can also try activities that may not fit into the regular curriculum but help build their character, motivation and resilience. These programs also help students with obtaining important life skills, developing an appreciation for local and global issues, as well as teamwork, leadership and social responsibility. Below are some of the many programs hosted by SD8 Kootenay Lake: 

Biking Academy

LV Rogers Secondary School’s biking academy is a fun and wild experience for students seeking a good challenge and thrill. With over 100 biking trails spanning across difficult mountainous terrain, Nelson’s mountain biking area is globally recognized by professional bikers and riders. The program welcomes all types of riders (beginner level to advanced) who are looking to develop various skills, including:

  • Riding skill development
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Grant application writing & implementation
  • Bike mechanics
  • Sustainable trail design
  • Construction & development

Cost of the course: $500.00

Academic – One Semester

The one-semester academic program is the following: a half-year program modelled after the full-year program but instead condensed into five months. In this program, students can follow the typical academic curriculum or choose to take courses designed to help with their functional oral and technical English Language skills.

Performance and Media Academy

Known as Academy PM at Mount Sentinel Secondary School, this performance/media program prepares students for post-secondary education and/or a career in the arts, including film, theatre, game design, animation, and graphic design. Like many college programs, Academy PM offers real-life work experience with industry experts so students can develop the necessary skills early on. The program includes the following courses and activities:

  • English 
  • A social studies/upper-level social studies elective
  • Design of Performance Media (Board Approved)
  • Production of Media (Board Approved)
  • An upper-level elective such as Film, Scriptwriting, Acting, Theater Production, etc. 

When: Semester 2 (February to June)

Who: Grade 10, 11 or 12

*This program requires an application, interview and reference process. 

Rugby Academy

The LV Rogers Rugby Academy is a popular enrichment program in SD8 Kootenay Lake. Ranking high at provincial and national levels, rugby players in this program are recruited by post-secondary institutions to join their school or club teams. The rugby academy is currently open to both boys and girls and runs for the entire school year (September to June). 

YETI Outdoor Program

This unique, outdoor program is hosted by Kootenay River Secondary School and Prince Charles Secondary School. Open to students in Grade 10, 11 or 12 who are currently enrolled in a full-course load (8 courses,) the YETI program includes countless outdoor activities including:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Water rafting
  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Team-building activities  

Whether you prefer wandering through forests or the rush of riding the waters, the YETI Outdoor Program has an adventure for you!

Visit the official SD8 Kootenay Lake International Education website to see other programs or find more details. 

Source: School District 8 Kootenay Lake: International Education

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