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vie middle school program
Check Out This Middle School Program at Victoria International Education
vie middle school program

Check Out This Middle School Program at Victoria International Education

Victoria International Education’s (VIE) Middle School Program

Victoria International Education (VIE) is located in BC’s capital beautiful City, Victoria, which offers a unique education opportunity, known as Middle School Program.

VIE’s Middle School Program is offered to students between the ages of 11 and 13 or those currently enrolled in Grades 6, 7 or 8. Each of the ten middle schools (listed below) in the Greater Victoria School District welcomes international students. All 10 schools are committed to international students’ academic and personal success within a responsive and safe learning environment. 

vie woodcraft computer

To consider the unique needs of middle school students, the Middle School Program offers a blend of traditional academic courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.) and exploratory courses. These courses include:

  • Fine arts: drawing, painting, sculpting
  • Performing arts: music, drama, dance, band
  • Applied skills: woodwork, home economics
  • Info-tech: computer skills, data management

These exploratory courses are delivered within a supportive learning environment and have been designed for students so they can explore areas of interest in topics or subjects that may be useful to them in the future. 

vie theater painting

The program also offers a variety of sports, music, and club opportunities:

  • Athletics: ultimate frisbee, rugby, cross country, basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, swimming, field hockey, track, and field
  • Music: band, strings, jazz band, choir
  • Clubs: art, dance, literature, math, leadership, Lego robotics

The District believes that the Middle School Program offers students a unique way to learn about themselves and build confidence as learners. Students of the Middle School Program often successfully transition to the High School Program, which provides opportunities that prepare students for post-secondary studies or work. 

What are the benefits of the program?

  1. Advisory blocks
    • Schedules slots for advising and counselling allow students to talk about themselves, express concerns, form a sense of belonging, and foster meaningful interpersonal connections while receiving guided support and connection from staff members.
  1. Areas of exploration
    • Through a mix of academic courses, elective courses, and extracurricular activities, students will discover their interests and have opportunities to further explore these personal interests.
  1. Personal growth
    • Students will be able to participate in athletic programs, club activities, and school events, all of which will allow for personal growth and develop leadership skills
    • Leadership opportunities like running events or being a buddy to younger students will increase their maturity 
  1. Interdisciplinary teaching & learning 
    • Cross-curricular projects will allow students to explore and delve deeper into a particular area of interest while having them integrate multiple subjects 

What’s the schedule like?

The Middle School Program runs from Monday to Friday, 8:40 AM to 2:30 PM, although individual school schedules may vary slightly. 

There is one recess break, which lasts 15 minutes, and one lunch break, which lasts 45 minutes. 

Students must bring their meals to school (ie. lunch, snacks, and drinks). 

Extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs will typically run during the lunch break or after school. 

Around 40 to 70 minutes of studying is required for homework. The actual time varies on the student’s grade level and understanding of topics. 

There are no uniform requirements. As long as it is school-appropriate, students can wear whatever they choose. 

Middle Schools in Victoria 

There are ten middle schools in the Great Victoria School District, each with an average population of about 450 students:
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