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Get Birthday Freebies in Vancouver and Toronto

Happy (early or belated) Birthday! Regardless of your age today, Vancouver and Toronto’s restaurants and stores have plenty of birthday freebies for people like you. And who doesn’t like freebies, especially on their birthday? 

Birthday Freebies in Vancouver

  • Birthday drink or food at Starbucks
    • Starbucks Rewards members can roll up to any Starbucks location on their birthday for a free drink or food item. Since you can order anything, make sure to get something expensive! Non-members can sign up for Rewards and claim the deal on their birthday, but only if they sign up 7 days in advance! 
  • Bubble tea from Chatime
    • Chatime knows their customers love bubble tea way too much, so on your birthday, they’re willing to give you a free beverage in celebration of your special day! 
  • Desserts from Marble Slab Creamery
    • Sign up for Marble Slab’s newsletter, Marble Mail, and you’ll receive exclusive offers on your birthday (and throughout the year). In the past, it’s been a Buy-One, Get-One-Free offer, so make sure you sign up at least 48 hours before your birthday to snatch the deal. 
  • Coupon from Menchie’s
    • Menchie’s app users will receive a $5 coupon on their birthday, so if you’re feeling some frozen yogurt on your special day, Menchie’s has got your back! 
  • Lip balm from Keihl’s
    • Enjoy a birthday gift during your birthday month when you’re a Keihl’s Silver Member. Gifts vary by membership tiers, but with Kiehl’s, you’ll be receiving something of good quality. 
  • Free scoop from Baskin-Robbins
    • North Vancouver’s Baskin-Robbins will give you a free scoop on your birthday! However, you’ll first need to purchase a 2.5 oz scoop or 3 oz soft serve cone to claim that free scoop…otherwise, you can opt to get $5 off a 20+ cake! 
  • Fish n Chips from Pajo’s
    • Pajo’s has one of the biggest birthday deals in all of Vancouver: either a  2-piece cod and chips, beef burger or breakfast menu item for free on your birthday when you contact them through their website. But you’ll also need to buy a second meal of equal or greater value. Still, that’s a great (and delicious) deal! 
  • A slice of Billy Miner Pie at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
    • Although The Keg’s Billy Miner Pie has never been advertised on its menu, insiders know that the pie is specifically reserved for birthday guests. This is a dine-in-only offer, so make sure to stop by any location on your birthday and let the server know that you’re celebrating! 
  • Makeup or skincare from Sephora
    • If free food isn’t your thing, you need to check out Sephora. On your birthday, Sephora will give you the option of choosing one of their available gifts, which often ranges from lipstick to mascara to perfume sticks. You get a month to claim your birthday gift, so no need to rush too.  
  • Body products from The Body Shop
    • If makeup isn’t your thing either, try The Body Shop. They give out lotions, serums, soaps and scents on your birthday so that you leave the store smelling fresh! And as long as you’re a member of the “Love Your Body Club”, you can get 10% off a product of your choice. 

Birthday Freebies in Toronto

  • Buy-One, Get-One-Free Blizzard at Dairy Queen
    • To get this BOGO-free deal, you’ll first need to sign up and join the Blizzard Fan Club. Then, on your birthday, you can buy one Blizzard and receive an additional Blizzard for free. You also get a BOGO-free Blizzard coupon just for signing up! And if you don’t know what a Blizzard is, it’s a soft-serve mixed with sundae toppings and/or pieces of cookies, brownies or candy. Yum! 
  • $5 discount at Cora’s
    • Cora’s might not give you an entirely free breakfast meal, but they do give you $5 off. Check them out for brunch on your birthday and they might just have a little surprise waiting for you. 
  • Dessert at Boston Pizza
    • When you sign up for Boston Pizza’s MyBP, you get a free appetizer right away! And no, this deal has nothing to do with your birthday. If it is your birthday, however, you are also eligible for a free dessert. Finally, on your first anniversary, you get a free individual two-topping pizza. That’s the biggest deal on this list so far! 
  • Big breakfast at Denny’s 
    • Bring along a piece of valid ID to enjoy a large, Original Grand Slam Breakfast meal at Denny’s. This meal typically includes two pancakes or two pieces of toast, breakfast sausages, two sunny-side-up eggs, crunchy bacon strips and hashbrowns! Actual ingredients may vary by location. 
  • Appetizers at Wacky Wings
    • If you’re looking to get some free appetizers and desserts, Wacky Wings suggests you join their VIP Club right before your birthday. 
  • 12-Bagel Deal from What A Bagel
    • On your birthday, buy 6 bagels from What A Bagel and you’ll receive an additional 6 free bagels in return! 6 + 6 is 12, so you’ll have paid for 6 bagels and taken home 12. That’s an amazing deal! 

The information has been gathered as accurately as possible at the time of writing, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please check the official website and digital channels.

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