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a.r. macneill secondary school
Join Unique Programs at Richmond Secondary School
a.r. macneill secondary school

Join Unique Programs at Richmond Secondary School

Intro to Richmond School District

The city of Richmond offers quality education to students through its 38 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools. Richmond Schools are certainly the first choice of all international students as the schools under this district not only nurture the students academically but work on the overall development of the student through its various clubs, activities and unique programs.

Being a part of Metro Vancouver and only 25 minutes from downtown, Richmond is quite accessible as it has an excellent transportation system with accessible bus routes and several SkyTrain stations, allowing students to be independent to get to and from school and extra-curricular activities. The city has all the facilities like malls, restaurants, parks, and more than 80 km of trails. Richmond is very safe and welcoming, and there are lots of activities for students so that their student life never gets monotonous.

What are the Entry Dates for Secondary Schools?

They are from September or February each year.

The credit program is also there for students who wish to earn credits towards a high school diploma in Canada or to transfer back to their home country.

Program Length: one semester to 2+ years.

The Secondary School Unique Programs at Richmond School District

Students also get access to numerous school facilities such as fitness rooms, visual arts studios, gymnasiums, science labs, libraries, and many more. 

Schools also offer specialty programs that include:

  1. Middle and senior years International Baccalaureate (IB),
  2. Advanced Placement (AP)
  3. International Languages, Music, Visual Arts and Theatre. 

Apart from this, the students can also access computers including MAC computer and science labs, gymnasiums, outdoor athletic fields, music rooms, visual arts studios, and libraries.

All the schools follow a standardized BC Curriculum. Apart from the regular academic and technical courses, Richmond School District offers courses in the following:

  • Information Technology
  • Business
  • Modern Languages
  • Broadcasting and Recording Arts Technology
  • Engineering
  • Computer Assisted Design and Drafting (CADD)
  • Environmental Biology
  • Computer Animation
  • Desktop Publishing

Now, let’s talk about the various schools and the unique programs that they offer.

  1. A.R. MacNeill Secondary School

MacNeill is focused on individual learning styles and flexible class options. Although MacNeill has a linear timetable, students can take two levels of a subject in one year, like a semester system. Unique Programs include:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Incentive Outdoor Program (Gr. 8-10)
  • Studio Arts 3D, Design and Media
  • Citizenship/Leadership
  • Computer Programming
  • Car and Concepts Fabrication
  • Law
  • Robotics
  1. Cambie Secondary School

Cambie Secondary School is physically attached to the Cambie Community Centre (and East Richmond Community Association) and enjoys an inclusive and diverse student community. It is one of the best choices for academics, athletics, and fine arts. Unique Programs offered by this school are:

  • Medical Science courses
  • Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and other business courses
  • Mandarin 9-12
  • Photography 9-12
  • EDD (Engineering, Drafting, and Design) 9-12
  • First Responders program
  • Recreational Leadership11/12 program (for highly motivated students to enhance their leadership and organizational skills while working with the school’s Athletics program)
  • Pathways 8-10 (enrichment leadership program)
  1. Ecole Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School

This school offers English and French instruction to students who wish to learn an additional language. The school has excellent academics and extra co-curricular activities for its students. Some of the unique Programs include:

  • Animation
  • Human Services
  • Photography
  • Economics
  • Industrial Design
  • Directing and Scriptwriting
  • French Immersion
  • AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Art
  1. Ecole Secondaire R.A. McMath Secondary School

This school also offers English and French instruction to students who wish to learn an additional language. Students can choose from a range of extracurricular activities, including Athletics, Fine Arts or Student Leadership. Unique Programs include: 

Leadership, French Immersion, Ceramics and Sculpture Courses, Photography, Accounting, Law, Marketing, Computer Technology, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Musical Theatre

  1. Hugh Boyd Secondary School

Vibrant and a diverse school that offers a caring learning environment to the students, this school has it all too! Below are some of its unique Programs which the students love to opt for.

  • International Baccalaureate – Middle Years Program
  • Combined Studies Alternate Program
  • Advanced Placement (Art, Calculus, English)
  • Engineering
  • Multimedia/Web Design/Video Production
  • Biopsychology
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Asian Studies
  • BC First Nations
  • Service and Recreation
  • Baking and Pastry
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  1. J.N. Burnett Secondary School

Like other schools, this school also excels in academics, fine and performing arts, elective courses, athletics, and service to both the local and global community. The unique Programs of this school include:

AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP English, AP Physics and AP Art Studio, Photography/Media Arts and Graphics, Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Digital Media Development, Directing and Script Development, Dance and Performance, Textiles (fashion), French, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin, Yearbook.

There are various school clubs as well which keep the students engaged and help them either learn a new skill or activity.

Apart from this, all the schools have various Sports and recreation activities and clubs like basketball, volleyball, swimming, golf, table tennis, Running Club, Drama club, music etc.

Click here, to see the application process in detail.


Secondary school students have the option to choose a Homestay Program. Under this Program, the students stay with a Canadian family so that they can understand the local community and the Canadian culture in a better way.

Under the Homestay Program, the students get:

  • An English-speaking environment
  • A private, furnished room with a bed, desk, window, and closet
  • Healthy meals
  • Assistance from the RIE homestay manager whenever needed
  • No more than 2 long-term students in a home at a time

Tuition and Fee

10-Month Academic Program

(Full Year 2023-2024)

Full-year tuition with medical insurance, homestay, and custodianship: $28,600.00
Full-year tuition with medical insurance and homestay (no custodianship): $28,300.00
Full-year tuition with medical insurance (no homestay or custodianship): $16,800.00

5 Month Academic Program

(One semester for the 2023-2024 academic year)

Semester tuition with medical insurance, homestay, and custodianship: $14,925.00
Semester tuition with medical insurance and homestay (no custodianship): $14,625.00
Semester tuition with medical insurance (no homestay or custodianship): $8,625.00

Short Term, Non-Academic programs

(1-to-4-month programs) Program available October to June each year

Application fee: $100

Application for homestay and custodianship: $300

English Language Learning Assessment: $100

Total application fees with homestay and custodianship: $500

Total monthly fees: $2100.00

Approximate monthly insurance fee: $60.00*

Homestay/night: $40 ($1200/30 days)

Total approximate monthly fees with homestay: $3360.00*

*Prices are approximate. A Fee may vary.

Click here, to learn more.

Source: Richmond School District Secondary Schools Unique Programs Fees and Dates
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