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Take a look at the part-time program at BCIT

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) was founded in 1964 and is located in British Columbia. It is not only the largest comprehensive polytechnic in Canada, but is also known for its high employment rate. Different from other universities that focus more on academic and scientific research, BCIT aims to equip their students with practical skills. BCIT has hired experts in many fields, which enrich students with knowledge in a specific skill and also guide them through challenges, such as career planning, academic assistance and achieving goals.


  1. Unlike other universities that hold large classes of 200 students per class, BCIT only holds a maximum of 20 students in each class, which allows students to interact and communicate with peers and lecturers. 
  2. Students will stay in their classes since they are enrolled in their program, which can lead to intimate friendships with their peers.
  3. Students will have access to experienced lecturers with over 10 years of work experience in their fields. They will connect students with their network and give opportunities for them to build their career paths earlier.
  4. BCIT offers a range of bachelor degrees for students to choose from, which means they do not need to transfer to other universities for degree completion.
  5. BCIT provides all the skills that students need after graduation. As most graduates have the chance to work as an intern during their time at school, many companies will offer them a full-time position.
  6. BCIT offers different kinds of programs and allows students to choose from various options to better equip themselves for the future.

Recommended Program

Architectural and Building Technology

The Architecture and Building Technology (ABT) major is designed to provide students with the competency skill level to work in the field of housing and small building design and construction. Students graduating from this major can obtain the Architecture and Building Technology (ABT) certificate which is an ideal pathway for those currently working or interested in the following  fields: Designing/building offices, material suppliers and installers, estimators, real estate marketing, property management and municipal offices for residential and small commercial projects. 

In addition, the study time is flexible, with students having up to seven years to complete their professional studies.

Enrolment date:

Admission Requirements:
・Graduated from grade 10 or equivalent
・English 12 or equivalent
・Credits required to complete the course: 75 (approximately 22 courses)

Human Resource Management

The BCIT Human Resource Management major will train students to be qualified, well-trained human resource professionals and will provide them with the practical skills for their future careers. Students only need to complete 15 courses in total to graduate from the program. Students will have a flexible schedule to balance work and study time by choosing their preferred time to attend classes either in the evenings, weekends, or mornings.

Enrolment date:

Admission Requirements:
・Completion of two years of full-time high school or post-secondary study
・English 12 or equivalent
・Course requirements to complete: 50 credits (15 courses)

Computer Systems

The Computer Systems Certificate (CSC) can be obtained by studying computer systems and graduating. It provides students with fundamental skills in software development, mathematics, computer systems and computer science. Students will solve problems by starting in Python, moving to Java and C programming, and other entry-level computing and IT skills. Students work in teams to integrate databases and gain hands-on experience developing software applications and building websites using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Students acquire soft skills in the workplace, including business and technical reporting, interpersonal communication, teamwork and presentations. Graduates can go on to complete the CST/PTS Diploma program.

Enrolment date:

Admission Requirements:
・Completion of two years of full-time high school or post-secondary study
・English 12 or equivalent
・Course requirements to complete: 60 credits (17 courses)

For students who cannot meet the English requirement, they can choose to start their journey with ISEP. ISEP is a preparatory program of academic English language classes that prepares students for entry into BCIT’s specialized programs. Students develop language skills and academic writing in ISEP courses. It is divided into four parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. ISEP is divided into 5 levels, each level adopts a seven-week semester system, and each level corresponds to a different IELTS score (ISEP can replace IELTS scores in BCIT).

Part-time Program Declaration

BCIT’s Part-time courses have two course selection methods. One is to directly enroll in the required subjects, and the other is to carry out the Program Declaration.

Declaration of a part-time study program ensures that BCIT understands the student’s goals to complete the program currently outlined and provides students with the opportunity to apply for transfer credit.

On the other hand, the Part-time course takes every four months as a semester. International students choosing the second course selection method can get a semester visa of up to 1 year without having to renew the course every four months. 

Advanced Placement

There are generally two types of Advanced Placement. The first type is known as Re-admission, which is for students who have been admitted to their major, and continue with their studies since they have not completed them. The second example is called Direct Entry, which is an admission method that directly enters a high-level course through a course evaluation process. Part-time students generally enter upper-division courses in this way.

BCIT’s Part-time certificates generally correspond to diploma or undergraduate courses (Bachelor) lower-division courses. In other words, if students want to continue their studies, they can take the upper-division course through the assessment process. The evaluation here refers to the completion of the self-assessment form, indicating that students have completed the Level 1 or Level 2 course. The GPA meets certain requirements, to achieve the purpose of directly entering the subsequent Level 2 course or Level 3 course.

Source: BCIT official website

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