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The 5 Best Instant Noodles in Vancouver

The 5 Best Instant Noodles in Vancouver

Canada is a multicultural country, featuring cuisines from all over the world, and the instant noodle variety is not exempt. If you go to T&T Supermarket in the Metro Vancouver area, you might find that there is a whole wall of instant noodles and you don’t know where to start. Here are some recommendations that you might enjoy. It is getting colder and colder in Canada. Let’s enjoy affordable warm noodles!

  1. Ichiban

Sometimes, simple does the trick. Ichiban noodles can be found at any supermarket, making them easily accessible. They’re also the cheapest among the following instant noodle soups, at about $5 per five-pack.

  1. Demae Black Garlic Oil (出前一丁)

These noodles make an amazing soup and come in different flavours, but the black garlic one is unique. It tastes especially good with an egg. A pack of five is about $6. 

  1. Nissin Tonkotsu Instant Noodle (日清 – ラ王)

If you want that restaurant quality taste of instant noodle soup, choose anything Tonkotsu flavoured. It tastes better when you add some pork and seaweed along with it. The price range can be from $8 to $10. 

  1. Paldo Jja Jang Men (자장면)

These noodles are also known as black noodles and unlike the previous examples, they are more like a stir fry. Their sauce is different because it’s not a powder that you add into water, rather it comes with a legitimate sauce packet. It mimics restaurant quality and for a pack of five, it’s about $7.

  1. Indomie

The easiest instant noodles to cook is indomie. They are also easily accessible and have multiple flavours. Some can be spicy while some are a little sweeter. They are usually paired with a fried egg. A pack of five costs about $3, making it the cheapest option. 

Add a Little Spice

Though not literal, you can certainly add some spices to your noodles to give it more flavour. What you can also do so that you’re not eating a plain bowl of noodles is the following suggestions:

  • Add an egg

An egg is the cheapest option especially since students are typically on a budget. This small addition can really change the experience of eating instant noodles and it’ll be more fulfilling as well. 

  • Add some meat or seafood

Hot pot slices are some of the best additions to instant noodles. You’ll have to cook them in the pot simultaneously or just before you cook the noodles. It definitely makes you feel full and can bring out more savoury flavours.

Alternatively, you don’t have to buy bot pot meat. You can add ham or slices of spam. 

  • Miscellaneous extras

Sometimes meat isn’t enough. You can add veggies like spring onion or bok choy to make it healthier. 

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by the previously mentioned brands.
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