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how international students can learn at langley school district1
Advantages of Learning at Langley School District
how international students can learn at langley school district1

Advantages of Learning at Langley School District

The Langley School District is located in Langley (B.C.) and is directly under the jurisdiction of the B.C. Ministry of Education. It is the seventh school district in B.C. and is located only 45 kilometres east of Vancouver on the west coast of Canada (only a 50-minute drive from Vancouver International Airport), making it an ideal location for students to improve their English while achieving their academic goals. 


Langley is a safe and embracing community with a small city atmosphere and a strong community spirit. More than 95% of the population of 120,000 speak English as their mother tongue. Therefore, International students will have many opportunities to improve their English while immersing themselves in Canadian culture. There are more than 40 schools in the Langley School District, eight middle schools, four junior high schools and 31 elementary schools, one adult high school, one particular school, and 1 Online School (network class) with a total of 19,000 students. Among them are eight high schools, one junior high school and 29 elementary schools that enroll international students. 

Starting in 1989, the Langley School District started to welcome international students, providing a wide range of education for international students. It includes primary, secondary and summer English study programmes. The schools in the Langley School District provide first-class teaching facilities and a learning environment, offering a full range of academic and elective courses for international students to choose from. 

High school students can choose colleges in any field, including sciences, humanities, technology, mathematics, languages, business, and fine arts. International students also receive comprehensive ELL support from beginner to advanced level. Each student is assessed upon arrival and provided with the appropriate English language level and academic instruction based on their abilities and goals. On the other hand, every middle school in the Langley School District has a dedicated International Student Coordinator who works closely with students to ensure their academic, social, and emotional needs are met, allowing them to focus on their studies.

Why choose Langley School District?

  • An English-speaking mainstream community so that international students have a variety of opportunities to learn English.
  • International student programs offer various educational options, including summer cultural and language study, year-round programs, post-secondary programs, university entry, or adult English language training.
  • Teaching in English or French;
  • Set up its homestay department to fully support the needs of international students
  • Comprehensive international student support services, including a team of counselors who provide multilingual services that ensure every detail is properly taken care of from application to graduation.
  • Through training and certification, Langley’s teaching staff is qualified to be in the top 5% of Canada for ESL (English as a Second Language) specialty.

The Educational Approach of High Schools in Langley School District

There are eight secondary schools in the Langley School District, all of which provide comprehensive support services for international students. Including English language learning support and a full range of major, language, and elective courses, there are also A.P. courses and I.B. international high school courses.

In addition to the above academic courses, there are a wealth of extracurricular activities, interest groups, and sports teams. Some sports teams include volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, cross-country activities, and track and field; there are also a variety of art courses, including fine arts, music, drama, and visual arts.

Overview of Eight High Schools and The Advantages

Aldergrove Secondary School

  • All enrolments from local students 

Brookswood Secondary School 

  • All enrolments from local students and provides A.P. courses

D.W.Poppy Secondary School 

  • A.P. courses

Langley Fine Arts School 

  • The only Public Art school, its ranking is at 72 over 252 high schools in B.C

Langley Fundamental Secondary School

  • The best secondary school in Langley ranked 36 over 252 high schools in B.C

Langley Secondary School

  • Located in downtown Langley with convenient transit

R.E. Mountain Secondary School

  • I.B. courses and is the newest school in the District 

Walnut Grove Secondary School

  • Langley’s largest high school and provides A.P. courses. It ranks at 41 over 252 high schools in B.C.

Recommended Schools

Langley Fine Arts Secondary

Langley Art Secondary School is the only public art middle school in B.C., offering courses for grades 8-12, ranked 70 over 252 schools in B.C. Langley School of the Arts provides students with a well-rounded education while focusing on developing students’ aesthetic abilities through a unique curriculum. Special programs are offered in fine art, creative writing, dance, drama, photography, visual arts, multimedia studies, theatre design, and technology.

Walnut Grove Secondary School

Walnut Grove Middle School is the largest middle school in the Langley School District, with 2,000 students, and offers A.P. courses, ranked 41 out of 252 schools in B.C. The school has four computer labs, a computer graphics lab, three gyms, and a weight room. Walnut Grove also has rooms dedicated to art, photography, music, home economics, and technology education.

Langley Fundamental Secondary School

Langley Fundamental Secondary School is the best middle school in Langley, ranked 36 over 252 schools in the province and 9th among public schools. The school has a solid elite education team, which carries out teaching work through traditional concepts, and is well-received by parents. The school features high-end iMac and Windows computer labs, a music room, a weight room, a full-size gym, and a photography studio.

R.E. Mountain Secondary School

R.E. Mount Secondary School is the only school in Langley that offers the International Baccalaureate IB. program.  It is offered in grades 11 and 12, and Pre-IB courses are offered in grades 9 and 10. The school is equipped with professional facilities such as computers, science, and sports and offers courses of interest such as home economics, music, art, automobiles, wood and metal products, etc. Meanwhile, students can go to the New Langley Activity Center with an ice rink, gymnasium, and multi-purpose sports facilities for activities.

Recommended Elementary Schools

The teachers of the Langley School District recommend six elementary schools, especially Alex Hope Elementary School, which is ranked 154/931 in the province. It is the best elementary school in Langley, offering programs from Kindergarten to grade 7, the school has over 560 students. The school also offers French instruction in addition to English instruction.

Homestay in Langley School District

Langley Public Schools has a team dedicated to hosting families to manage international students’ study and daily life, including university applications and cultural activities. In addition to professional business knowledge, the team coordinators also have solid communication skills and are more fluent in multiple languages, including Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Japanese and Korean. Not only that, but these coordinators also understand the national conditions of different countries. For example, Asian countries focus mainly on academic performance, while some European and South American countries seek a balance of lifestyle and academic performance. Thus, international students in the Langley School District can better adapt to the life of studying abroad.

Admission Requirements

  • Transcripts in the last three years
  • No English score required
  • Enrollment date: September, January start

Source: Langley School District official website, Langley School District International
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