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student housing
RCA Homestay Program: Student Advising & Support Services
student housing

RCA Homestay Program: Student Advising & Support Services

About the RCA Homestay Program

Over 70 local families are a part of RCA’s homestay program. These families are experienced with hosting students from all over the world and are excited to support them in their academic endeavours here in Canada. The following list of features is a part of the Homestay Program:

  • Accommodation for the full length of the homestay program (usually from September to June) 
  • Private, furnished bedrooms, which include a bed, bedding, dresser, desk, chair, table lamp, etc.
  • A private, or shared bathroom
  • Three nutritious meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), seven days a week
  • Exploring Canadian culture by living in a Canadian home and taking part in local events/excursions 
  • Practicing English daily by having the host family speak to the student in English as much as possible
  • Meaningful family time, including meals, conversations, games, family activities, etc.

RCA’s host families undergo a strict application process that includes home visits, interviews and criminal record checks. Families are carefully selected to match each student’s needs, lifestyle, hobbies and interests. 

Student Advising and Support Services

Host Family Management and Support

RCA’s network of host families is safe, supportive and caring. They are checked thoroughly before being approved as a part of the program, and the RCA team frequently communicates with each family to ensure the student and host families are both happy with their situation. Communication efforts also include information on school and school-related matters, and parents of the student receive reports on their children’s progress every month. 

Arrivals and Orientation Management 

Airport pickups and school orientations are managed by the RCA team. The student’s family communicates any questions or concerns to the RCA team.

Insurance and Emergency Support

All RCA students under the Homestay Program are covered for emergencies, unforeseen illnesses and injuries. The RCA team will accompany students and their host families at any time during hospital and emergency visits, general assistance, or advice with insurance claims. 

What are the benefits of a homestay program?

Being an international student can be incredibly exciting. After all, you will be visiting places you’ve never seen before, and you might even stay for some time. However, many international students ask this common question: “Where do I stay, and how do I find a place to live on my own?” Well, here are some benefits of opting for a homestay family!

  • Homestay programs can help students grow immensely. By living with a Canadian family, international students can gain a network of native English speakers to practice speaking with and daily insights into Canadian culture, traditions and cuisine. 
  • While dormitories or hotel rooms might feel more private and secure, living with a homestay family in a natural home allows students to experience the dynamics of everyday life in their local community. By being involved in a family’s daily routines, special occasions and celebrations, students will create incredible memories they can cherish forever.
  • Homestay families also function as a “home away from home.” Being far away from your home in another country can be scary and lonely at times, but a host family will be able to provide the same feeling of warmth and comfort that a genuine home can provide.
  • You become a (temporary) member of a family! Although your stay in Canada may not last forever, the memories of you and your host families certainly will. Many international students continue to stay in touch with their host families and visit them years later to update them about their current lives. It’s a special bond that only so many can truly experience. 

Source: RCA Official website
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