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Start Your Brilliant Career in Canada with Heavy Duty Truck Technology

heavy duty truck bcit 2

Start Your Brilliant Career in Canada with Heavy Duty Truck Technology

The Heavy Duty Truck Technology industry is well-known for requiring specialized licences. There is a skilled labour shortage in Canada’s Heavy Duty Truck Technology industry. If you want to learn something new and useful or start a new career in Canada, this is a good industry to consider, especially if you enjoy mechanics and automobiles.

Learn Professional Skills at BCIT – Heavy Duty Truck Technology Diploma


Students get the opportunity to spend more time on each topic in the Heavy Duty Truck Technology programme than they would in a traditional heavy-duty truck apprenticeship. Major employers in the industry offer courses in-class, online, and in-shop. This innovative programme includes management courses to prepare students for high-demand positions and advancement opportunities. Major manufacturers support our training by providing specific engines and products in addition to sharing their online course materials. Students in this programme learn advanced diagnostic skills in areas like electric vehicle propulsion, fuel cells, power generation, and air conditioner motor control.

Entrance Requirements

  1. English: English Studies 12 (50%) or IELTS Academic overall 6.0 etc.

Learn more about English requirements here.

  1. Math: Pre-Calculus 11 (50%) or BCIT Math Trades Entry Assessment etc.
  2. BCIT Mechanical Reasoning Trades Entry Assessment
  3. Mandatory Applicant Questionnaire

A review and assessment of the application will be conducted by the program area once the entrance requirements have been met. An informational interview with the program area will be scheduled for qualified applicants.

Not Required but Recommended 

  • Minimum 12 months work or industry experience.
  • An industry background and knowledge is an asset.
  • To move vehicles into and out of the shops, a driver’s license is strongly recommended
  • For more information about the Heavy Duty Truck Technology Program, applicants are encouraged to attend a Heavy Duty Truck Technology Information Session.
  • The Industry Training Authority (ITA) recommends high school graduation. For current apprenticeship prerequisites, please visit the ITA website.
  • Accessibility Services can arrange an interview for applicants with medical or physical disabilities.

Check more detail on how to meet BCIT’s entrance requirements and any other requirements for international students.

What kind of occupation people can get in this industry after they graduate?

Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded a Heavy Duty Truck Technology Diploma, and credits toward the first three levels of technical training requirements for heavy mechanical trade apprenticeships based on the provincial (BC) common core heavy mechanical trades apprenticeship: heavy duty equipment technician, truck transport mechanic, transport trailer mechanic, diesel engine mechanic, and 900 hours spent in trade.

Below are some of the occupations and pay ranges for reference: 

Electrical mechanics 

People working as a “generator repairer” are part of this group.

Wage range: $21.00/hour –  $36.87/hour

Commercial Transport Inspector

Wage range: $18.00/hour –  $46.43/hour

Heavy Equipment Operator

Wage range: $20.00/hour –  $40.00/hour

Source: BCIT Heavy Duty Truck Technology Diploma official website, CISM Japan, Canada Job Bank
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