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ufv campus
Study Criminal Justice at UFV
ufv campus

Study Criminal Justice at UFV

University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) was founded in 1974. It is a Canadian public university accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). UFV currently has more than 14,000 students from more than 86 countries and regions. 25% of them are international students. UFV is located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, a place with a mild climate, pleasant scenery, and bustling cities, making it an ideal place to live and study. While studying at UFV, students can enjoy nature and participate in various outdoor activities, such as hiking, rafting, fishing, and snowboarding. UFV has seven colleges covering 17 majors and 35 fields offering over 100 certificates, diplomas, and degree programs for students to choose from. Sixteen of these majors offer paid internships, and more than 180 student research assistant positions are available.


The school provides quality classroom experience to its students and the programs meet educational standards at the provincial, national, and international levels, including a prestigious EFMD EPAS accreditation for UFV’s School of Business.

At UFV, the students can choose from a variety of subjects including:

  • Business
  • Science 
  • Media Arts 
  • Fine Arts 
  • Computer Science
  • Arts 
  • Aviation 
  • Agriculture 
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Global Development Studies
  • Data Analysis Post-degree Certificate and more! 

Four Campus Locations

Abbotsford Campus

Abbotsford is UFV’s largest campus, about 50 minutes from downtown Vancouver and 5 minutes from the United States. There is a freshman center, an extensive library, student residences, an athletic center, the Clearbrook Center, and the Aerospace Center.

Chilliwack Campus

The Chilliwack campus is UFV’s second-largest campus, where courses in Applied and Technical Studies (Mechanics), Agriculture and Health Sciences, and first- and second-year courses in many other disciplines take place.

Mission Campus

This campus offers a range of academic programs and teacher education programs.

Hope Centre

The Hope Center provides the opportunity to upgrade your already-existing knowledge and to continue education programs for the local community.

Recommended Courses

Criminal Justice

UFV’s criminal justice program consists of a 2-year diploma, a 4-year diploma, and a 20-month master’s program. After completing the 2-year diploma program, you can enter directly into the third year of the undergraduate program.

Diploma Program Overview

The Criminal Justice Diploma program prepares you for first-line/entry-level jobs in the field.

This program allows students to gain a broad perspective on issues of law, justice, crime, and criminal behaviour through a comprehensive curriculum that includes topics in various disciplines, including criminology, psychology, sociology, communication studies, and political science. Additionally, students can learn valuable skills in mediation, crisis management, and conflict mitigation, and take part in fieldwork placements designed to meet their career interests.

Undergraduate Program Overview

Students will learn about the criminal justice system and delve into its complex issues, such as the causes of criminal behaviour, prevention, and law enforcement responses.

Furthermore, students may develop their analytical and critical thinking skills by designing their research projects. This is a preparation for graduate studies and advanced career opportunities in criminal justice using various qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Upon graduation, you will gain a vocabulary and critical insight to apply criminology and criminal justice principles to impact individual, community, and organizational challenges.

Admission Requirements

UFV has three intakes each year in September, January, and May. The basic requirements for admission are high school graduation and English language requirements. If a student’s English does not meet the entry requirements but meets specific requirements, they can study in UFV’s English classes.

Scholarships & Awards

Entrance Scholarships:

Each year, UFV International welcomes more than 800 new students from over 70 countries around the world. UFV invites academic excellence by awarding many entrance scholarships every year. This past year UFV International awarded over $400,000 in scholarships.

UFV is pleased to offer the following entrance scholarships:

• A $20,000 International Excellence Entrance Scholarship (Renewable) to 10 of the top international applicants.

• A $5,000 International Regional Entrance Scholarship to 30 of the top international applicants.

• A $5,000 British Columbia (BC) High School Entrance Scholarship to 5 of the top BC high school graduates.

Leadership Awards recognize outstanding and unpaid service to the University community and/or the community at large, leadership, and volunteer work. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for the same.

Tuition & Fee

One year tuition & fees are about CAD $30,000. The actual amount may vary depending on the program. Students may be required to pay more for lab fees, course materials, field trips, and/or other extras. 

For the breakdown cost, please check here:

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