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peace river north sd

Canadian Experiences at Peace River North School District

peace river north sd

Canadian Experiences at Peace River North School District

About SD60: Peace River North School District

Peace River North, a school district in Fort St. John, offers world-class academic programs that prepare graduates for future achievements and success. International students receive top-tier education from British Columbia government-certified teachers in the school district. Under fully developed programs, international students can expect high academic standards while surrounded by a small, tighter-knit community of staff and peers. 

The School District is a “home away from home,” meaning that international students commonly feel their school and Fort St. John is a secondary home while staying with homestay families. As SD60 claims, modern school facilities, a variety of course offerings, high academic standards, enjoyable cultural destinations, and the safety of their communities provide an “ideal venue for international study.” 

If you want to learn more about the City of Fort St. John? 

Enjoy Life and Studies in Fort St. John

School List Where International Students Can Learn at Peace River North School District

Energetic Learning Campus 


ECL, also known as Energetic Learning Campus, is a 13,000-square-foot campus with 180 students in North Peace Secondary. Its community is known to be vibrant, with community-minded students. ELC is located in the Pomeroy Sport Centre (PSC) several blocks from the NPSS Main campus. ELC is here to provide many project-based learning curriculums and flexible learning spaces for students. 

Some of the Students also have a variety of facilities, ranging from the Energetic Learning Campus, Athletics, ELC Electives, and more. Down below are these programs explained in further detail.

Energetic Learning Campus Electives

Many of these courses and electives should help develop confident and competent students, helping them learn new skills and information ranging from discipline, self-esteem, integrity, leadership, and much more! Below is a list of the Electives that ELC provides for students:

  • Physical Education 11
  • Self-defence 10
  • Outdoor Education 10
  • Digital Photography 10
  • Leadership 10
  • Enternurpneurship 10
  • Fitness and Conditioning 10
  • Health Science 12
  • Learning from Elders 10
  • French 10
  • Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries 11


Many students are allowed to involve themselves in athletic teams and programs, which can provide significant benefits for them. Not only are skills such as accountability, integrity, and respect important, the Athletics department teaches many vital skills such as sportsmanship, team skills, and the importance of competition. Plus, it encourages a healthy habit of including exercise in their school life.

ELC Athletic teams involve themselves in a variety of sports, ranging from the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer teams

Not only are there ELC Athletic teams included, but students in ELC will be able to take advantage of the sporting facilities that Pomeroy Sport Centre provides. Some of the sporting facilities that Pomeroy Sport Center provides are the following:

  • Two Ice rinks
  • Walking Track
  • Workout Gym
  • Dance studio
  • Soccer/Fieldhouse

Students are also encouraged to participate in DPA (Daily Physical Activity) where students must participate in a variety of activities to help receive their PE 10 Mark, which is required to graduate. Some of the sports included are skating, basketball, badminton, volleyball, “Just Dance” or other minor games such as dodgeball or Capture the Flag. These are only to name a few examples. DPA offers other sports, so students have a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to getting their daily dose of exercise. 

Dr. Kearney Middle School


Dr. Kearney Middle School only accommodates students in Grades 7, 8 and 9. Despite this, the bustling school currently has a diverse student population of about 625 students. The school is right in the heart of Fort St. John with a current staffing compliment of 33 teachers and over 20 support staff, including a school principal, vice-principal, counsellors, special education personnel and a part-time librarian. In addition, the school also runs two programs: (1) the Resource Room Program for students with physical and developmental challenges, and (2) the Strength First Program for students who prefer an alternative style of programming. Other services and areas of focus include the following:

  • Career Education 
  • Applied Skill & Design Technology
  • Other programs in visual and performing arts
  • Hockey Academy
  • Other extracurricular opportunities 

Courses & Electives

Courses at Dr. Kearney include math, science, social studies, English, physical & health education (PE), career education, French and Talented & Gifted Education (TAG). Course requirements depend on the student’s grade level and the program they are enrolled. 

  • Fine/performing arts electives include art, sculpture/pottery, drama, musical theatre, stagecraft and band. 
  • Applied design, skills and technology (ADST) electives include woodwork, metalwork, yearbook, computers and foods. 
  • Language, leadership and tutorial electives include French, leadership and tutorial.
  • Physical health and education (PE) electives include PE and Hockey Academy. 


The Dr. Kearney Middle School Hockey Academy is a skills-based program that allows students to develop their fundamental hockey skills through both on and off-ice instruction. Students spend two to three afternoons per week from September to March on the ice, developing various skills, including skating, puck handling and aiming and shooting the puck.  

When the ice is no longer available, the Academy instructors work on off-ice fitness training. These include warm-ups, stretching, balance and coordination, core conditioning and more. While the Hockey Academy is not an elite hockey program, it is meant to be a supplementary program to help students or players build individual skills and understand the game of hockey through teamwork and sportsmanship. Click here for more information on the academy. 

Source: International Education at SD60 Peace River North
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