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burnaby sd
Discover SD 41 – Burnaby School District
burnaby sd

Discover SD 41 – Burnaby School District

As the fourth largest school district in British Columbia, the Burnaby School District (SD41) has forty-one elementary schools and eight high schools. Providing world-class education to more than 25,000 domestic and international students. The district also offers experiential programs for international students. These programs focus on learning about Canadian culture and improving language skills. These programs usually required five to ten months to be completed. 


Burnaby school district is located in the Greater Vancouver area. Burnaby is the third most populous city in British Columbia (after Vancouver and Surrey) and currently has approximately 250,000 residents. It is home to Metropolis at Metrotown, the largest mall in BC. Burnaby has one of the highest park-to-resident ratios in North America. Approximately 25 percent of Burnaby’s land area comprises parks and open spaces. Burnaby is a diverse city with a developed transportation system, well-known universities, leading technology and gaming companies, and more.

6 Reasons for Choosing Burnaby District

  • Great location – urban setting with plenty of green space, close to downtown Vancouver, beach, ocean and alpine skiing
  • Good academic reputation – one of the most extensive Advanced Placement Programs in Canada, including two schools that offer AP Capstone
  • Extensive school choice – forty-one elementary schools (kindergarten to grade 7) and eight secondary schools (grades 8 to 12)
  • Wide variety of school programs – Visual and Performing Arts, Information Technology, Physical Education and more
  • The school has facilities and provides international students to have outstanding academic performances and discover their talents
  • Extensive extra-curricular activities – school clubs, sports teams and leisure facilities

Facilities at School 

Each school is equipped with the following:

  • Mac and other desktop computers
  • Computer room
  • Science lab
  • Library
  • Dance and Drama Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Music room
  • Two gymnasiums
  • Weight training room
  • Outdoor playground
  • Home Economics Laboratory
  • Industrial Technology Laboratory
  • School store
  • Cafeteria

Special Program of 8 High Schools

There are eight middle schools in the Burnaby School District. In addition to AP pre-requisite courses, each middle school has special courses or projects. Students can choose a school that suits them according to their interests.

Alpha Secondary School

  • Robotics Certificate Program
  • French Immersion Program
  • Theatre and Dance Company Courses

Burnaby Central Secondary School

  • Culinary Arts
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Fashion Design
  • Soccer Team

Byrne Creek Secondary School

  • Visual and Performing Arts Certificate Program
  • Media Arts Industry Training
  • Business and Information Technology
  • Basketball Team

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

  • Leadership
  • Social Justice
  • Hotel Management
  • Environmental studies
  • Simon Fraser University (SFU) Football Program
  • Simon Fraser University (SFU) Swimming Team

Burnaby North Secondary School

  • Financial Accounting
  • String Orchestra
  • Philosophy
  • Arts Intensive Program
  • Ice Hockey Team
  • AP Capstone Diploma

Burnaby South Secondary School

  • Business
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • 3D Art and Design
  • Animation Software
  • Baking and Catering
  • Fitness Instructor Certificate Program
  • AP Capstone Diploma

Cariboo Hill Secondary School

  • Engineering Foundation
  • Law
  • Drawing
  • French Immersion Program

Student Union

  • Robotics

Moscrop Secondary School

  • Robotics
  • Psychology
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Health Sciences Certificate
  • Music
  • Leadership
  • Tutor

Elementary Schools in Burnaby District

Burnaby elementary school

International students in elementary school (ages 5 to 12) can study with Canadian students. Students will learn with local students and study various subjects, including Language, Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Fine Arts (Music, Art, Drama), and Physical Education. Burnaby Elementary Schools range in size from 100 to over 1,000 students. Each school is equipped with the latest technology and computer labs, libraries, music rooms, gymnasiums, and outdoor play areas. The average class size will not exceed 30 students, with class sizes ranging from 23 to 26. The school district also provides the following professional support for international students. 

  • Orientation activities, free tours to top tourist destinations
  • International student-parent meeting (interpreters are available if required)
  • Medical insurance
  • Multilingual staff to assist students and parents
  • Discounts for English Class for parents
  • Taking students to field trips for the whole year

Source: Burnaby SD international official website
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