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Not Just for Skiing: Unique Winter Destinations in Canada

Visiting Canada during the winter can have common and fun events such as skiing and snowboarding. However, there are many other adventures to experience in this beautiful country that should be added to your bucket list. Take a look at these unique and unforgetful experiences that prove why Canada is considered a beautiful winter wonderland!

Unique Winter Destinations in Canada

Cow Bay – Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia isn’t known to have skating, skiing, or snowshoeing. However, it is an ideal place for die-hard surfers, especially during the winter. During this time of year, there are excellent waves during the cold season, providing an ideal environment for their sport. Check the conditions before you go!

Cape Spear – Newfoundland and Labrador

Can you imagine standing at the tip of the North American continent and experiencing its exhilarating wonder? Discover the stretches of Labrador from an entirely new perspective when you visit the historic Cape Spear Lighthouse at the easternmost point of the continent.  In Canada, this is where the sun rises first every day. Iceberg sightings are also common in the winter! It may be best to consider windsurfing if you’re looking for an extreme adventure.

Quebec City – Quebec

The Quebec City Carnival has more fun and unique activities than any other winter festival in the world: a canoe race on the frozen St. Lawrence River, a night parade, giant soccer games, maple syrup and “beaver tail” tastings, ice sculptures and carriage rides, and much more!

Iqaluit – Nunavut

There never has been a winter like this in Iqaluit, with its surreal landscapes and a sky filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen. Dogsleds are used by the Inuit to travel through the immense environment, accompanied by traditional clothing that keeps them warm. Aurora borealis may also be visible if you’re lucky, allowing you to discover so much. Tonik Tyme Festival is held every April to celebrate Inuit traditions and the return to spring. A skidoo race, an igloo building contest, and traditional Inuit food will be on the program.

Whitehorse – Yukon

Visitors to Whitehorse seeking the Northern Lights may find the capital of the Yukon Territory to be a popular destination, but the city has a lot more to offer, especially in winter. Guests can rent a cabin, a tent, or a lodge for their dogsledding and snowmobiling experiences. The Takhini Hot Springs is just outside of Whitehorse and certain companies offer guided ice fishing tours.

Prince Albert – Saskatchewan

Take a thrilling dog sled ride through the Canadian wilderness for a true frontier experience.  A dog sled tour of Anglin Lake, Canada’s boreal forest, is available every winter from late November to mid-March. Additionally, one can customize other winter activities too. Make your journey in Prince Albert rewarding!

Source: 11 beautiful places to visit during Canadian winter, These are Canada’s best winter wonderland travel destinations

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