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The Guide to Apply for Tax-Free One-Time $500 Housing Benefit

Many people know that Canadian and international students need help dealing with rising inflation and the high cost of living in Canada. The government has announced a one-time top-up of the Canada Housing Benefit for vulnerable Canadian renters facing housing affordability struggles. 

What is the One-time top-up to the Canadian Housing Benefit?

The Canada Housing Benefit is a one-time top-up that helps low-income renters pay for their rent. One-time payments are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This new federal one-time payment is available regardless of whether you receive other housing benefits such as the Canada Housing Benefit, which is co-financed and administered by the provinces and territories. This benefit provides a one-time tax-free payment of $500 to eligible applicants.

Applications are open until Friday, March 31, 2023 (11:59 pm ET).

Eligibility criteria to apply for a One-time top-up to the Canadian Housing Benefit

  • You must be at least 15 years old by December 1, 2022 
  • Your address was in Canada on December 1, 2022, and you will be a resident of Canada in 2022 for tax purposes
  • Filed a 2021 tax return
  • Paid at least 30% of your 2021 adjusted family net income on rent for your principal residence in the 2022 calendar year
  • In 2021, an applicant had an adjusted family net income of $35,000 or less for families, $20,000 or less for individuals

Learn more about the detailed eligibility criteria at the Canadian government’s official website.

How to apply for a One-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit

Using your online account

If you already have an account with CRA, the best way to apply for this benefit is through your CRA account. It is approximately 5-10 business days for payment processing time if you set up the direct deposit. If you do not have a CRA account, you can sign in or register for a My Service Canada Account to access your CRA account.

Other platforms

If you do not have the above account, you can still apply for a One-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit by phone or using the online application.

More information is available here, and double-check the link get ready to apply section on the official website before you apply.

After you apply for a One-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit

It is routine for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to verify that recipients are entitled to the payments they receive. The CRA will contact you by mail if your application is selected for review. Ensure that your contact information is correct. Within 30 days from the date of the email, you must provide all of the requested documents and information.

Source: One-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit official website

Disclaimer: The information is obtained directly from websites in the source section. The information has been gathered as accurately as possible at the time of writing, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Please check their official website and digital channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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