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Unlocking the Door to Success: A Guide to the University of Victoria’s Pathway Program
uvic entire building

Unlocking the Door to Success: A Guide to the University of Victoria’s Pathway Program

The University of Victoria (UVic) is the oldest post-secondary institution in British Columbia. It was formerly known as “Victoria College,” established in 1903, and it belongs to Canada, known as “Harvard in the North.” In 1963, UVic became a public university in BC with funding from the provincial government.

The Pathway Program is a one-year bridging course offered by the Language Center (ELC) for international students whose language performance has yet to reach the standard. International students who meet the language and academic requirements can directly enter this course’s subsequent courses. Through this dedicated one-year pathway program, students will complete the first year of credit courses while meeting the English language requirements of the University of Victoria. The English Language Center has offered intensive English programs at UVic since 1970 and is now one of Canada’s largest on-campus English schools. 


The Highlight of the School

  • Ranked as the first in employability among Canadian comprehensive university graduates
  • The famous magazine “McLean” magazine ranked it as the second comprehensive university in Canada (2001)
  • The University of Victoria is ranked fifth worldwide by Science Watch in Marine Science, Climate and Clean Energy Technologies.

Highlights of the Program

  • Full-time, 12-month program
  • Canadian Career Education (including Business Foundation) or Science and Engineering are two program tracks.
  • Seven first-year credit courses = 10.5 “credits” (full year = 12 credits)
  • Victoria University courses
  • Receive academic support through labs and tutorials
  • Smaller class sizes

*The Pathway Program is jointly launched by the University of Victoria English Language Center (UVic ELC) and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Science and Engineering

Overview of the Program

The Pathway Program is a unique program that combines first-year credit courses and advanced English courses. Students can look forward to a challenging and supported first year of university study and a successful entry into an undergraduate degree at Victoria University by completing a pathway programme.

Bridge courses provide many professional choices, including seven majors in liberal arts, science and business. Students complete their professional courses while improving their English.

Upon completing the winter and summer semesters, students will complete 10.5 credits of courses at the university level. To be eligible to continue undergraduate study at the University of Victoria, you must pass the UAP and Canadian Studies course exams and achieve good academic results.

As a pathway student, you will become a member of the UVic community and have access to all of the facilities, including:

  • Restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and clubs
  • International Study Center
  • Library and computer room
  • Computer-Assisted Language Laboratory (CALL)
  • Academic Advisor
  • Homestay

Language Requirements

Students only need to provide one result of the test below:

  • CAEL 50, no individual item lower than 40
  • IELTS 5.5, no individual item lower than 5.0
  • TOEFL 71, with no section below 15
  • Pass level 410 of the 12-week ELC ELPI course
  • English Language Center internal test: B1

Admission Requirements

To apply for a pathway program, you must meet the entry requirements that vary in different countries. Different majors have other requirements. The requirements for high school graduates in China are as follows:

  1. Graduated from High School
  • Complete a three-year high school transcript
  • Minimum overall grade point average of 85%
  • Examination Transcript

2. Provide one result of the test below

  • college entrance examination transcript
  • Have three or more AP scores
  • IB Diploma
  • GCE A-Levels Certificate

3. Others

  • Meet the specific requirements of the major you are applying for

*Welcome to WeChat consultation for local Canadian and transfer students’ admission requirements.

Source: University of Victoria official website
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