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spring trip
Unique Affordable Spring Destinations Guide for 2023
spring trip

Unique Affordable Spring Destinations Guide for 2023

Prepare yourself for Spring Break!

Here we are with a few months that have already passed in 2023! It’s been stressful for some, whether it be work, school, or other personal events. It’s very fair to say a break is deserved to relieve the stress! What better way to spend the two weeks of spring break than getting away from stress and responsibilities? Generally, spring break occurs from March 13 (The student’s last day of attendance is March 10) to March 24th, 2023, lasting two weeks! Canada is lucky to have a variety of locations to spend spring break, either with friends family or other loved ones! Let’s discuss some of the most popular, unique, underrated, and sometimes even cheap areas to visit during the break! 

Unique Canadian Spring Break Areas

When it comes to the beautiful country of Canada, many areas prove to have many reasons for being popular to visit for spring break! For some places, unique is the perfect word to use for certain destinations. Let’s briefly review some hot spots that are considered to have unique or popular spots that stand out!

Whistler, British Columbia

When it comes to British Columbia, Whistler is a must when visiting this province. This area is incredibly popular with tourists and tends to hold various events, depending on the time of year! While whistler has a handful of winter events, it also has just as many springtime events, such as the following:

  • Spring Ziplining
  • Biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Whitewater Rafting

These are only a few examples of what Whistler has to offer. However, below is an incredible and unique event that is a must when visiting if you have the time!

Whistler, Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina is an all-ages night walk available for both tourists and locals. Words indeed do not do the explanation justice, as this is a light show that cannot be described well in words. You have to join this event to understand this beautiful experience truly. Vallea Lumina is located 10 minutes from Whistler Village but must be travelled by car. Not to worry though. Uber is always available for those who are unable to drive. Tickets must be booked online at least two days in advance. 

Ticket prices (Winter, Mid-November to Mid-April):

Adults 16+ years) $34.99

Youth (6-15 years) $29.99

Children (5 and under) Free

Ticket Prices (Summer, June to October):

Adults 16+ years) $39.99

Youth (6-15 years) $34.99

Children (5 and under) Free

Click here for more details on this special event!

Affordable yet fun Spring Break areas

Ontario is known to have all sorts of entertainment and a large community for any occasion! Because of this, it is a must to go to Ontario during spring break if you can. Ontario has a variety of events, and although some may seem more expensive than others, there are cheap events that many people can afford! Below, let’s go into more detail on cheap and fun events you can try during spring break. 

Niagara Falls

Many people who go to this province must take some time to visit Niagara Falls. There are many events to attend, such as the following:

  • Explore the Niagara River Recreation Trail 
  • Visit the Niagara Botanical Gardens
  • Use the Skylon Tower to get a 775 ft view above the falls
  • Attend the Aquarium of Niagara
  • Visit their various restaurants
  • Much more!

Other than the steps besides the ones listed above, there are, of course, cheap events people can participate in if they so choose. 

Butterfly Conservatory

This beautiful glass-enclosed butterfly conservatory is considered one of the largest in North America and provides a tropical green oasis for visitors. Here are some things that stand out about this fun event!

  • 180-meter pathway for individuals to explore
  • Before exploring, the tour begins with a short video presentation
  • Over 2,000 vibrantly coloured butterflies 
  • 11,000-square-foot conservatory
  • Video theatres
  • Interactive displays


Adult: (13 + years) $17.50

Child: (3-12 years) 11:50

2 & Under: Free

For more information on this event or to buy tickets, click here for more details!

Niagara Skywheel

While in this area, visit one of the largest observation wheels, the Clifton Hill SkyWheel. Here are some things individuals should know or expect before they decide to buy tickets and experience this beautiful event!

  • This SkyWheel towers 175 feet or 53 meters over the Niagara Falls horizon. 
  • This ride will last from 8-12 minutes. 
  • If you join during the evening, people who participate will witness and see beautiful dazzling lights, making it the perfect picture to take! 

Address: 4950 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls


Adult: $15.00

Child (12 and under): $7.00

Click here for more information if interested!

Hidden gems to visit!

While some examples above are fantastic destinations that will make everlasting memories, there are many minor yet impactful locations to visit in Canada! A list of these locations is not that well-known, but they are still an ideal place to visit if you want to try something new! Here are some examples below!

Sechelt, British Columbia

  • What visitors can do: Marine sports, local arts, and climbing gyms.

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

  • What visitors can do: Hiking with a new collection of sensitive plant species and vivid Emerald-coloured waters.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

  • What visitors can do: Camping, visit Dinosaur Visitor Centre, trails

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

  • What visitors can do: Camping, biking, canoeing, fishing

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

  • What visitors can do: Camping, walking, boat tours, hiking

Have all the fun you can and Enjoy your Deserved Break

Although we can’t show off all the fun events to when on your spring break in Canada, we hope this gave you a rough idea of how you would like to spend your time during the break. There is no wrong way of spending it, whether you choose to relax, go to a large gathering full of people, participate in fun sports, and more. The important thing to remember is to have fun but to be safe and do research before choosing an event!

Enjoy your Spring break, and have all the fun you can!

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