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What Is the University 1 in the University of Manitoba?
university students

What Is the University 1 in the University of Manitoba?

The University of Manitoba is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is known as the “Chicago of the North,” founded in 1877. The University of Manitoba was the first university in western Canada. The main campus covers an area of 680 acres. It is a public comprehensive research university, one of the top universities in Canada, and the most famous and largest university in Manitoba.  It has a history of 140 years and a complete range of majors and is one of the U15 members of Canadian medical doctoral universities. The main campus of the University of Manitoba is located in the south of Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, Canada. The second campus is close to the city center, and the newly built third campus is in the old city north of the city. The school also has student dormitories, where students can choose to live on campus to experience university life more fully.

What is University 1 (U1)?

  • U1 has relatively low entry requirements to achieve your academic ideals
  • After U1 enrolls, choose the courses you are interested in, and then choose a major in the sophomore year
  • U1 is not ESL. All courses are part of the regular university curriculum, and all courses are credit courses
  • U1 is not an independent school. Courses and grades are recorded on your transcript as part of your degree
  • U1 does not mean students must spend an extra year until graduation. Instead, U1 is equivalent to the first year of university

Admission Requirements of U1

  • Graduated from high school
  • A minimum average of 70 in 4 Year 12 subjects
  • No less than 60 points in Grade 2 English, Mathematics, and two other subjects
  • Among them, English can be replaced by IELTS, the IELTS score is 6.5, and the sub-score is not less than 6

* Except for U1, the University of Manchester has different GPA requirements for admission depending on the subject requirements. 

Recommended Majors for U1 at the University of Manitoba

  • Mathematics and Statistics: Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics
  • Engineering: Engineering, Geological Engineering
  • Natural resources and environmental protection: environmental science, environmental research
  • Business: Accounting, Quantitative Science
  • Agriculture and Food Science
  • Supply Chain Management

If students’ language scores cannot meet the admission requirements, they can apply for the Intensive Academic English Program provided by their English Language Centre. It allows students to study in their majors while learning English. 

Research shows that students who complete the IAEP:

· Higher scores than other international students,

· Higher first-year GPA than native Canadian students, and

· More likely than other international or Canadian students to complete their degree.

In addition to learning in the classroom, IAEP provides opportunities to interact with the community. For example, language Partner volunteers provide weekly opportunities to IAEP students to practice speaking English.

If students’ GPAs have not met the requirement to apply for their major, they can start their journey at the International College of Manitoba (ICM). 

ICM and the University of Manchester have always had a close cooperative relationship. They are committed to providing support services for international students to help them successfully enter the University of Manchester.

It is worth mentioning that ICM is located inside the main campus of the University of Manchester, which is the legendary embedded campus. ICM students can share all the resources of the University of Manchester with the students of the University of Manchester, including libraries, gymnasiums, five-star luxury gyms, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.

In addition, ICM students, like Mann students, can apply for campus dormitories and enjoy personal, humanistic care and intelligent service equipment.

The application for Fall 2023 is now open. Please visit the website of the University of Manitoba to learn more.

Source: University of Manitoba official website
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