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enjoy studying at bodwell high school

Enjoy Studying at Bodwell High School in the Scenic North Vancouver

Summary of North Vancouver

North Vancouver is located in SouthWestern British Columbia. Surrounded by mountains and forests, North Vancouver is home to some of the best ski hills and mountain biking trails. Additionally, North Vancouver is known most for its beautiful and tranquil scenery, with some of the best attractions offered to its tourists and citizens. 

North Vancouver is considered one of the safest and cleanest cities in Canada, surrounded by beautiful scenery, with a wonderful community. It is the ideal place for families to live in, considering it offers convenient access to travel in and outside the city! Not only that, but the hikes, trails, and outdoor attractions are enough to keep families and individuals in shape and healthy! 

bodwell high school

Tourist Attractions

Because of how wonderful it is to live in North Vancouver, there are even better places to visit as a tourist. The variety of events people can participate in ranges from so many things and can create everlasting memories with friends, family, and other loved ones! Here are some places that are a must to visit while living or staying in Vancouver:

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Come and visit the beautiful Capilano Suspension Bridge located on the North Shore. It is considered one of the most popular destinations and attractions North Vancouver offers. At a whopping 70 meters above the river, this suspension bridge stretches 137 meters across the canyon. 

Lonsdale Quay and Lower Lonsdale

When arriving in Lonsdale Quay, at first glance, one of the major things that stand out is how beautiful the city view is. Lonsdale Quay offers easy access to travel to Downtown Vancouver for a cheap price using its Seabus, which only takes 15 minutes to get there. Not only that but there is an easy bus loop that takes you around various places in Vancouver, so the transit is very convenient!

Before even thinking about travelling to downtown Vancouver, everyone must visit the well-known Lonsdale quay market, where tourists can shop for various things. Lonsdale Quay offers many incredible shops that sell the following items:

  • Fish
  • Art
  • Produce
  • Flowers
  • Candy
  • Wine

Additionally, Lonsdale Quay offers many examples of places to get food or delicious snacks and pastries to keep anyone happy: 

  • Soup Meister
  • COBS Bread
  • Craffles
  • Sharkys
  • Burgoo
  • Tap & Barrel 

So, if you are feeling hungry and breakfast, lunch or dinner is coming up, Lonsdale Quay or Lonsdale Quay Market can help set you up with some great food and snacks of your choice!

Grouse Grind

Grouse Grind is a well-known hike which is located on the North Shore, starting at the bottom of Grouse Mountain. If you are a cardio lover or want to challenge yourself to a difficult hike, Grouse Grind is the choice for you. It is a one-way trail with a 2.9km hike and an elevation gain of 850 meters! There are a total of 2830 stair-type steps, meaning this hike will involve an impressive amount of cardio. However, before giving Grouse Grind a try, it is best to follow these helpful tips to help make your experience the best it can be:

  1. Be prepared, as the trail is very steep. Bring lots of water to stay hydrated. Additionally, bring appropriate attire such as good running shoes and breathable clothing. 
  2. Grouse Grind is a one-way trail, so hikers generally take the lift back down.
  3. Do not be afraid to use walking sticks if you do not have the best knees or back for support. 
  4. Remember to stretch your body before and after you complete your hike to avoid cramps
  5. Use the washroom before you go, as there are no restrooms during the hike

Education in North Vancouver

North Vancouver is lucky enough to have many examples of educational facilities to set up students for future success. There is a well-known school with an incredible community of students located in North Vancouver, known as Bodwell High School.

Learn more about Bodwell High School

Bodwell High School was founded in 1991 and is on the waterfront of Vancouver, overlooking the Vancouver Harbor and city Centre. Bodwell High school is a University preparation boarding school offering IB-MYP (International Baccelorate Middle Years Program) for grades 8-12. Additionally, the BC curriculum program is offered for grades 10-12 students. 

Bodwell stands out as a school for the following reasons:

  • Provides a culturally diverse environment for students 
  • Teaches them to become active learners and well-rounded citizens
  • Considered to be a leader in international education in Vancouver Canada
  • Contains small class sizes, focusing on students’ academic needs
  • Offers a wide range of Competitive sports teams such as Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross Country Running, and much more.
  • Holds creative activities which include Painting, Choir, DJ’ing, Band, Acting, and more.

Support Offered at Bodwell High School 

Bodwell High School understands the importance of helping its students, both emotionally and academically. The comfort of its students is a priority, which is why Bodwell offers the following support systems to make school life the best it can be:

  • Youth Advisors
  • Study Time tutors
  • Enrichment Instructors
  • Counsellors
  • Test Preparation Sessions
  • Learning Centres and Support

This is to only name a few facts about Bodwell High School. Bodwell has much more to offer to its students, such as its school clubs, Curriculum, Advanced Placement Courses, Extra Curricular Activities, and so much more. To learn more about Bodwell and to see if it is a good fit for you, visit their website to learn more about them and enroll if interested!

Source: Vancouver’s Grouse Grind Hike North Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge Tourist Attraction Top 10 Things Families Love about North Vancouver.Bodwell High School

Academic Support – Bodwell High School Health & Wellness – Bodwell High School 

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