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roadtrip ideas less than three hours from vancouver and toronto for your next trip

Roadtrip Ideas less than Three Hours from Vancouver and Toronto for Your Next Trip

Regardless of high gas prices, a road trip is still an affordable and flexible way to travel in Canada. Vancouver and Toronto have a large number of beautiful natural places for a short trip from the USA border to everywhere in Canada. Here is the list of short road trips within three hours from Vancouver and Toronto. Let’s save this list for your summer trip or next long weekend!

From Vancouver

Mount Baker

Mount Baker, an active volcano, can be visited from Vancouver within a two-hour drive despite its distant appearance. Mount Baker is an active volcano, but since 1843, no major eruption has occurred. It is suitable for a range of activities, including hiking, swimming, fishing, and dining.


Pemberton is located just north of Whistler. There are many activities to do in Pemberton, including agritourism, skydiving, and hiking. It might be nice to see the beautiful mountains from the sky on a sunny day! Pemberton always has something to offer for tourists or locals visiting any time of the year, allowing it to be an ideal place to create memories.


It is a great time to go different country! Seattle is in the US, yet it takes approximately 3 hours from Vancouver by car. Seattle has a lot to offer to its tourists and locals, ranging from music events, theatre, museums, festivals, and so much more. Feel the different cultures and try the affordable plates of seafood, especially clam chowder!

From Toronto


Located near the mouth of the Niagara River on the shore of Lake Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a picturesque and historical town in southern Ontario. It is approx 2 hours by car from central Toronto. Not only can visitors enjoy many attractions, such as Niagara Falls adventures, but they can also enjoy shopping, theatre, and wineries.

Algonquin Park

Canada’s oldest provincial park, Algonquin Park, is an oasis of thousands of lakes, rolling canopies of trees, and campsites that accommodate every type of camper, from seasoned campers to those who seek adventure. Make sure to check if a booking is required for the campsite before you go! Check out our article about New Booking System: Guide to Reserve Popular Camping Destinations in Canada.

Prince Edward County

With 800 km of shoreline surrounded by agriculture, trade, and spectacular natural features, Prince Edward Country is a place to fall in love with food, nature, art, and community for the first time. Visitors can enjoy many attractions, such as cycling, food, boating & fishing, and more all year round.

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