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let’s go into depth on coast mountain college's talented alumni!
Let’s go into depth on Coast Mountain College’s Talented Alumni!
let’s go into depth on coast mountain college's talented alumni!

Let’s go into depth on Coast Mountain College’s Talented Alumni!

Cheers to CMTN’s Alumni!

Here we are as July comes to an end! As we are in this time of year, it is important to shine a spotlight on the incredible and inspiring career journeys of Coast Mountain College alumni (CMTN). Join us as we explore the life-changing achievements and memorable moments these students have experienced during their time at Coast Mountain College. With all these alumni, stories range from remarkable accomplishments to promising opportunities that could be given to them after graduation!

David’s Engineering Journey

Coast Mountain College is happy to talk about one of its talented engineering students. David Emelu, who completed the Engineering Certificate program at Coast Mountain College, went through a wonderful educational experience that further shaped their future. Although his time at CMTN is over, his education certainly is not, as he decided to transfer to UVIC to further his studies!

Engineers, such as David, play a crucial role in today’s world, where they experience the following:

  • Extensive Laboratory Time
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Various Group Projects
  • Community-Based Learning. 
  • Projects completed in collaboration with community organizations and companies.

Learn more about CMTN’s Alumni

David isn’t the only alumni from CMTN that is talked about. There are plenty of other remarkable alumni who have pursued careers in diverse industries. They have not only achieved great success but also discussed their cherished moments from their time at Coast Mountain College!

Suresh Choudhary

Suresh Choudhary, originally from New Delhi, India, graduated from Coast Mountain College with a Business Administration Diploma. They decided to go to this college because they wanted to experience college life in Canada after graduating from high school in their hometown. From extracurricular activities such as the Leaders in Action program to building connections with teachers and students, it made studying in Canada that much more enjoyable. Suresh, who is currently an Associate Consultant at IG Wealth Management, encourages students to receive all the support they can, from resume building, to being open to opportunities, and more!

Maria Carmelle Angela Soliman

Maria, also short for Mei, is from the Philippines and graduated from Coast Mountain College with a post-degree diploma in Business Administration. Choosing this industry due to the job industry was a huge influence on why she decided to pursue this program, as securing a job after graduation was her priority. With how flexible the business program doors are, Mei was able to receive the career she desired, such as the support construction at the LNG Canada project in Kitimat with JGC Fluor, as an Associate Project Controls Specialist. Aside from her major, Mei also involved herself with the Leaders in Action program, where she facilitated events for fellow students. With this program, she was able to meet inspiring leaders and empowered women within the college community.

Cheri Herber

Meet Cheri Herber, an Applied Coastal Ecology (ACE) alumna from Coast Mountain College, who has spent her time in the Arctic Research Foundation, traveling all over the northernmost and west coast regions. Over the course of 131 days, she embarked on a remarkable sea journey, traveling the entire East Coast from Halifax to Hudson Bay. Her voyage covered an impressive distance of 11,050 nautical miles, allowing her to visit some of the most isolated communities in Canada.

Anjo Colago, a 2023 International Alumni of Impact winner.

Anjo first arrived at Coast Mountain College in 2019 from the Philippines and had goals to pursue a Post-Degree Diploma in Business. As time went on, Anjo’s goal was to promote diversity and inclusivity on his campus by volunteering in the Leaders in Action program, and later with the Filipino Community Association of Terrace. Currently, however, he now serves as the Student Housing Coordinator in Wii Gyemsiga Siwilaawksat. Anjo has this to say about CMTN.

“At CMTN, we learn to go above and beyond the four corners of the room. Guided by CMTN’s principles of Adventure, Transformation, and Integrity, we have been in an environment where we can freely express ourselves, transform our own and other people’s lives, and impact others with consistency and accountability in our actions.” 

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