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make your passion a profession with blanche macdonald’s professional hairstyling program
Make Your Passion a Profession with Blanche Macdonald’s Professional Hairstyling Program
make your passion a profession with blanche macdonald’s professional hairstyling program

Make Your Passion a Profession with Blanche Macdonald’s Professional Hairstyling Program

About Blanche Macdonald

Blanche Macdonald, located in Vancouver, Canada, was established in 1960 as one of the pioneering institutions in the beauty and fashion industry. Over the years, it has earned an impeccable reputation for producing top-tier professionals, including award-winning hair stylists, makeup artists, and industry leaders that have gone on to work for global brands like Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, MAC, Nike, and more. The Professional Hairstyling Program at Blanche Macdonald reflects the institution’s commitment to delivering world-class education and empowering students to unleash their creative potential.

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About the Professional Hairstyling Program

The hallmark of Blanche Macdonald’s Professional Hairstyling Program is its comprehensive curriculum that enables students to become industry-ready in just 12 months. The program, dubbed “360-degree education”, covers all essential aspects of hairstyling: from foundational techniques to advanced cutting, coloring, and styling methods. Students also learn about different hair types, textures, and conditions, gaining valuable insights into providing personalized services to clients. 

To build an industry-standard portfolio, students will assist with various tasks in fashion, editorial, runway work, and photoshoots and capture their work to create a personal collection that reflects their accomplishments, skills, experiences, and attributes. Each of the course levels that students will participate in will include a mix of classroom-based learning, workshops, hands-on work, and real-life experiences. 

Key information

The Pro Hair Program is a 1-year full-time program totalling 1500 hours. Course levels include:

  • Level 1: Fundamentals
  • Level 2: Colour Theory
  • Level 3: Chemical Treatments
  • Level 4: Extensions
  • Level 5: Natural, Textured Hair
  • Level 6: Hair for TV & Film
  • Level 7: Professional Development
  • Level 8: Design Forum
  • Level 9: Art & Technology
  • Level 10: Salon Prep & Business

Top 5 reasons to choose Blanche Macdonald

Career placement

With a Careers Team on-site, students can try their hand at earning an internship position or getting invitations to employment fairs and industry partnership events. Blanche Macdonald is dedicated to helping its students succeed in their careers, and provides robust job placement support, assisting graduates in finding employment opportunities in reputable salons, spas, fashion houses, and other industry-related settings. 

Graduate success

The success of Blanche Macdonald’s alumni serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to empowering students to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. Former students of the Pro Hair Program and Blanche Macdonald have worked for prestigious fashion houses, makeup brands, world-renowned hair salons, global retailers, and more. 

Comprehensive training

In addition to being one of the most reputable schools in the beauty and fashion industry, Blanche Macdonald is the first and only Hair School in North America to provide training for Hair for TV and Film! So if you want to learn how hairstyling works and wish to work in Hollywood one day, Blanche Macdonald is where you’ll want to be. Students receive a well-rounded education that equips them with all the skills and expertise needed to thrive as professional hairstylists. 

Real salon experience 

At Blanche Macdonald, you don’t just watch people cut and style hair; you get to do it yourself too! The school’s state-of-the-art facilities replicate the atmosphere of a real salon, allowing students to practice their skills and techniques in an authentic setting. This exposure helps students build confidence and adapt their abilities to real-world scenarios.

Hands-on training with industry experts

One of the highlights of Blanche Macdonald’s programs is the hands-on training provided by industry experts. The faculty comprises experienced professionals who have worked in top salons, fashion shows, editorial shoots, and other high-profile projects. Students have the privilege of learning directly from these seasoned experts, benefiting from their knowledge, mentorship, and industry insights. 

How do I apply? 

To apply for either of these programs, you must fill out the application form here. Once submitted, an Admissions Director will arrange a time to connect with you to learn more about you, your interests, your career goals, and potential grants/financial aid options. 

Future Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, students can work in salons, spas, fashion shows, film sets, and TV studios, or even start their businesses. The range of work available for hairstylists allows every individual to find a niche that aligns with their interests and aspirations. Many of the graduates of the Pro Hair Program have gone on to pursue roles and work such as:

  • Celebrity hairstylist
  • Salon owner
  • Colourist
  • Freelance hair professional
  • TV & film department head
  • Chemical treatment technician
  • Wig maker
  • Hair professional for editorial and fashion
  • Extensions specialist
  • Brand educator
  • Bridal hair specialist

Graduate profiles that are sure to ignite your inspiration

1. Sam Groeneveld

   – Website: Sam Groeneveld – Creativity is in the Hair

   – Experience: Worked in New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week for Dior, Prada, Fendi, Michael Kors, Tory Burch

2. Diana Godinez

   – Website: Diana Godinez – Makeup and Hair Magic for TV/Film

   – Background: International student from Mexico

   – Graduated from: Makeup and Hairstyling programs

   – Current occupation: Works in the TV/Film industry in Vancouver

3. Melfinna Tjugito

   – Website: Melfinna Tjugito – Beauty World’s Jack-of-All-Trades

   – Background: International student from Indonesia

   – Graduated from: Makeup and Hairstyling programs

   – Current occupations: Works in Fashion, TV/Film, and as a Hairstylist in a salon in Vancouver

4. Kimiko Watanabe

   – Website: Kimiko Watanabe – Specialist in Fashion Colors

   – Occupation: Stylist and color specialist at B-Bombshell Salon in New Westminster

   – Background: Theatre major who discovered hairstyling potential while traveling abroad

Source: Blanche Macdonald Centre – Professional Hairstyling
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