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nurturing a future in nursing at langara college
Nurturing a Future in Nursing at Langara College
nurturing a future in nursing at langara college

Nurturing a Future in Nursing at Langara College

As healthcare needs continue to rise around the world, so does the demand for qualified nurses. For those seeking to enhance their nursing skills and advance their careers, Langara College’s Post-Degree Diploma in Nursing Practice (PDD NPIC) program emerges as a leading choice. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, pathways for career advancement, and overall reputability, Langara College sets a benchmark for excellence in nursing education.

About the PDD NPIC Program

Langara College’s Post-Degree Diploma in Nursing Practice in Canada (PDD NPIC) is a two-year re-entry program that has been specifically designed for Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN)—individuals who already possess Nursing degree or a 3-year Nursing Diploma from another country and are aspiring to become registered nurses (RNs) in Canada. The program, which addresses educational gaps in nursing-related knowledge, skills, and competencies, will educate IENs so that they can write the national nurse licensure exam (NCLEX) through existing Canadian regulatory processes and become registered to practice in Canada. 

In terms of learning, the PDD NPIC emphasizes areas such as critical thinking, clinical judgment, decision-making, verbal and written communication, and cultural safety so that IENs can successfully integrate into the Canadian healthcare system. It also offers a unique opportunity to build upon existing knowledge and soft skills while acquiring the necessary competencies to excel in nursing practice.

Comprehensive Curriculum

At the heart of the PDD NPIC program is a comprehensive curriculum that further equips students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities needed to thrive in the nursing profession. The program expects students to possess foundational knowledge in nursing, and focuses on further developing and enhancing this existing knowledge through a series of engaging and advanced courses such as:

  • Business Presentation Skills
  • The Nursing Profession and Healthcare
  • Professional Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making 
  • Culture and Health
  • Applied Nursing Leadership and Management
  • Common Health Challenges 

These courses provide a deep understanding of the healthcare system, healthcare ethics, cultural competence, and evidence-based practice. By fostering the development of robust communication skills and leadership abilities, students will acquire the capacity to effectively collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare teams and deliver comprehensive, patient-centered care.

Hands-On Learning

In addition to these courses, students will take part in active learning that emphasizes the British Columbia College of Nursing and Midwives (BCCNM) principles, roles, and competencies. Students will have opportunities to apply their knowledge, enhance their clinical competency, and refine their psychomotor skills in various settings including the classroom, nursing laboratories, and hands-on clinical practice experiences.

Admission Requirements

International applicants must have: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing


  • Three-year Diploma in Nursing within the last four years

English Language Requirement

Category 2

Additional Requirements

  • Hold current registration/licensure in a country other than Canada.
  • 10-minute video interview

Applicant Notes

  • Applicants who graduated more than four years before the start of the NPIC program must meet the above requirements. In addition, these applicants are required to submit a Supplemental Application Form. Once the form has been received and reviewed, a link for the video interview will be emailed.
  • Admission to a program does not guarantee registration into required courses.
  • This is a competitive entry program.

Application Deadline (effective for spring 2024 intake)

All required documents must be submitted by:

  • Spring Semester: July 31
  • Fall Semester: March 31

* NOTE: Programs may become filled prior to these posted deadlines and without notice. To avoid disappointment, please apply early.

Why Langara College?

langara rgb logos

Academic Excellence

Langara College is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence. The college maintains high educational standards, ensuring that students receive a quality education that is rigorous, relevant, and up-to-date. The faculty members are experienced and dedicated instructors who provide valuable guidance and support throughout the learning journey.

Experienced Faculty

Langara College boasts a highly qualified faculty comprising experienced professionals in their respective fields. These instructors bring real-world knowledge and expertise to the classroom, enriching the learning process with practical insights and industry connections. Their passion for teaching and dedication to student development contribute to an engaging and impactful learning environment.

Clinical Placements and Partnerships

Langara College has established partnerships with various healthcare organizations and clinical placement sites in BC. These partnerships provide students with valuable hands-on experiences in diverse healthcare settings, facilitate networking opportunities and expose students to real-world scenarios, and increase their employability upon graduation.

Convenient Location and Campus Life

Langara College is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, a vibrant and diverse city known for its high quality of life. The campus itself offers a welcoming and engaging environment with various student services, clubs, extracurricular activities, and recreational facilities that contribute to a well-rounded student experience.

After Graduation

As healthcare needs rise due to the increased prevalence of chronic diseases and advancements in medical technology, demand for qualified nurses grows significantly as well. Registered nurses are one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2023. And because nursing offers a diverse range of career paths and specializations, graduates of the PDD NPIC program will have plenty of options to choose from. 

Nurses can choose to work in different areas, such as medical-surgical, pediatrics, mental health, community health, critical care, and more. This flexibility allows individuals to pursue their areas of interest and develop expertise in specific fields of nursing, opening doors to advanced practice, leadership, research, and education. Registered nurses in British Columbia can make anywhere from $31/hr to $48/hr, with more complicated nursing jobs reaching annual salaries of $100,000 or more

Common roles and specialties in nursing include:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (LPN)
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Nurse Midwife
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nurse Anesthetist

Alternative nursing careers might include:

  • Health Policy Nurse
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Healthcare Manager
  • Transcultural Nurse
  • Travel Nurse
  • Research Nurse
  • Nurse Attorney/Lawyer
  • …and more

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