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get down to business with canadian college’s business management & co op (diploma) program
Get Down to Business with Canadian College’s Business Management & Co-op (Diploma) Program
get down to business with canadian college’s business management & co op (diploma) program

Get Down to Business with Canadian College’s Business Management & Co-op (Diploma) Program

About the Business Management & Co-op (Diploma) program

The Business Management & Co-op Diploma program is intended to prepare students on how to navigate the complexities of the corporate world. In classrooms, students will learn fundamental principles of business management, economics, marketing, accounting, and financial management. These courses will help students acquire knowledge and skills in strategic leadership, financial acumen, communication, efficiency, and innovation. 

Key information

  • Credential: Diploma
  • Start dates in 2023: October 3
  • Start dates in 2024: January 2, April 1, July 2, October 1
  • Program length: 78 weeks (1500 hours)
  • Semesters: 6
  • Co-Op: 9 months of work experience 

What you’ll learn in the program

Examples of courses in the program include:

ACCT 101 – Accounting 1

  • Introductory course designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of financial accounting principles and practices (double-entry accounting system, cash and payroll accounting, etc.). 

BUS 141 – Marketing 1

  • Covers fundamental marketing concepts, strategies, and practices on how businesses create, communicate, and deliver value to customers in domestic and international markets. 

BUS 230 – Human Resource Management 1

  • Introduces students to the principles and challenges of managing an organization’s most valuable asset – its human capital. Topics include job analysis and design, recruitment, and selection, legal challenges, and problem-solving techniques. 

BUS 501 – Business Law

  • Delves into basic legal principles of carrying out international business activities. Related topics include intellectual property, contract liability, competition and antitrust laws, legal issues, and more. 

COMM 140 – Communications

  • Covers the development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills at the college level. The course will also focus on how to conduct professional discussions in business settings. 

Outside of the classroom, students will participate in Co-op, a special program that combines classroom learning with real-world work experiences in a Canadian, English-speaking business setting.  

How each semester works

As a student of the program, you’ll participate in a total of 6 semesters that span over 78 weeks (18 months): 

  1. Semester 1: 12 weeks of study (250 hours)
  2. Semester 2: 12 weeks of study (250 hours)
  3. Semester 3: 12 weeks of Co-op (250 hours)
  4. Semester 4: 12 weeks of Co-op (250 hours)
  5. Semester 5: 12 weeks of Co-op (250 hours)
  6. Semester 6: 12 weeks of study (250 hours)

Note that there is a 1-week long holiday after each semester ends. 

Admission requirements

  • High school diploma/completion certificate or equivalent.
  • Students must meet one of the following language requirements: Canadian College English Placement test 125; Smrt English 125; IELTS 5.0 overall with a minimum score of 4.5 in each section; TOEFL iBT 45; CAEL 40; PTE 29; Duolingo 80; EIKEN 2.
  • Meet your English requirement by studying on campus at the Canadian College of English Language.

NOTE: FREE placement test is available.

Transfer to University Canada West upon completion of the program

Students who complete the Business Management & Co-op program are eligible to transfer up to 48 credits (40% of courses) toward the Bachelor of Business Commerce at University Canada West. 

While completion of the Business Management & Co-op program does not guarantee admission into University Canada West’s program, students will receive priority admission as long as they satisfy a minimum cumulative average of 60%, along with 60% in each course.

English language requirements

  • No English requirement after completing BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & CO-OP (DIPLOMA)

Future Career Opportunities

Ever wonder why so many students join their school’s business management or commerce programs? Well, unlike mechanical engineering, microbiology, or political science, a business degree provides students with a broad foundation of skills applicable to a wide range of industries and career paths. 

This means that business graduates aren’t necessarily restricted to one type of career or field, and can instead start in and transition into various roles across all domains of work, such as:

  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Marketing 
  • Manufacturing
  • Large and small entrepreneurial businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Retailers
  • Government
  • Research 
  • Cultural relations
  • Brokerage houses

Sources: Canadian College – Business Management & Co-Op (Diploma), Transfer to University Canada West: Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree
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