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journey in stagecraft and event technology my experience at douglas college

Journey in Stagecraft and Event Technology: My Experience at Douglas College

I am currently pursuing a diploma in Stagecraft and Event Technology at Douglas College. In my program, we learn the necessary knowledge and skills of stagecraft, such as lighting, props, set design, and stage management.

Why choose to study at Douglas College?

A few years ago, I explored various colleges and universities while staying in Vancouver for a week. I was drawn to the atmosphere at Douglas College, and I felt that it would be a suitable fit for me. Subsequently, I decided to enroll in the college.


Why choose this program?

The program offers a comprehensive range of stagecraft disciplines. Within the realm of stagecraft, there are numerous departments, from stage lighting to audio techniques and set design. Initially, I was still determining which department suited me best. However, this program’s emphasis on various stagecraft departments convinced me to choose it. This way, I could thoroughly evaluate my preferred departments.

The program provides opportunities to learn from guest designers who are professionals in their respective fields. As part of our courses, we work as stagehands to prepare shows each semester. Guest designers visit the college, and we collaborate with them to build and paint, while they impart their knowledge. This serves as an excellent chance to establish connections with industry professionals.

Challenges faced while studying and how I overcame them

Initially, I struggled to keep up with the pace at which my instructors and classmates spoke. Since most of my classmates are domestic students and speak quickly, I found it challenging to engage in conversations. However, I’ve been gradually improving my listening skills over the past few months.

Due to my lack of expert knowledge in stagecraft, I found it difficult to comprehend certain lectures. Having never studied this field before, the content of some lectures was entirely unfamiliar to me. In contrast, some of my classmates have been pursuing courses related to stagecraft since high school and possess a wealth of knowledge. I am working hard to catch up and keep pace with my classmates during lectures.

Favorite aspects of Douglas College

One of the standout features of Douglas College is its diverse range of courses that cater to our preferences. It’s relatively easy to choose a program that aligns with our interests and desired areas of study. Additionally, the college offers comprehensive academic support, including assistance with report writing and grammar checks. The staff is always ready to support students with their academic queries. I’ve been utilizing this support to ensure the quality and grammar of my reports.

Activities outside the classroom

I usually head straight home after class. Occasionally, I hang out with my friends, yet I find myself lacking the energy and time to venture out extensively. This is mainly due to the longer duration of the courses I’m currently taking compared to others.

Favorite subject

Among my favorite courses are painting and props. These courses are consistently challenging as we create projects from scratch based on assigned tasks. Nonetheless, I find satisfaction in our instructor’s step-by-step learning process and techniques


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