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build the future with bcit’s bachelor of architectural science program

Build the Future with BCIT’s Bachelor of Architectural Science Program

Why study Architectural Science at BCIT?

Architectural science is a growing field, encompassing the scientific principles, technical knowledge, and applied research relevant to the design, construction, and operation of buildings and other architectural structures. It combines design theory and building technology to address challenges involved in creating functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs. 

With BCIT’s Bachelor of Architectural Science program, students will engage in coursework and projects of various complexities that will lead to the culmination of their studies known as the Graduating Project. This final project represents students’ learning and understanding of building and architectural design, as well as building performance. Throughout the program, students will receive guidance from industry experts who will serve as consultants on the Graduating Project. 

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Program information

  • Department: School of Construction and the Environment
  • Program length: 4 years
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Delivery: In-person
  • Location: Burnaby campus (3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC)


Examples of courses include:

  • ARSC 7010 – History of Materials and Building Systems
  • ARSC 7140 – Graphic/Digital Communications
  • LIBS 7001 – Critical Reading and Writing
  • ARSC 7300 – Building Envelope Performance
  • ARSC 8070 – Project Delivery
  • BUSA 7250 – Management Skills and Applications 
  • ARSC 7050 – Wood Design

In addition to these courses, the program will incorporate a number of subjects and themes relating to cultural history, material exploration, project management, building science, and effective communication skills. These areas of studies will emphasize the importance of merging social responsibility with technical proficiency.

Application requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Architectural Science program requires the following: 

Step 1

Meet the entrance requirements:

  • Post-secondary education in the form of one of the following:
    • A BCIT Diploma in Architectural and Building Technology or
    • An equivalent diploma from another recognized institution in Canada with:
      • A minimum of 60.0 credits in architectural technology or related coursework
      • A minimum 70% average in architectural technology courses
  • English language proficiency: English Studies 12 (67%) or equivalent*
Duolingo English Test120 overallNo subscore less than 95
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)Note: IELTS Academic Only Overall score 6.5No band less than 5.5
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)Overall Score 86No section score less than 20

Please visit here for more information.

You will also need to complete and submit the Mandatory Applicant Questionnaire and Course by Course Self-Assessment Form, both of which can be found here

Step 2

Students’ applications will be reviewed at the application deadline. Admission to this program is competitive, and preference will be given to applicants with:

Students will also need to submit a portfolio that showcases examples of their work. The works must be design-related and demonstrate a strong understanding of design. See here for more details on how to tailor your portfolio to your application. 


  • Applications are accepted October 1st* to April 15th* (*or next business day). 
  • International students must obtain a valid study permit before starting the program. 

To submit your application:

  • Include proof of meeting all entrance requirements.
  • Convert all transcripts and supporting documents to PDF files.
  • Have a credit card ready to pay the application fee.

See here for detailed instructions on how to apply. 

Did you know?

This year, one student from BCIT’s Architectural Science program was named in Metropolis Magazine’s The Future100 as one of the top-performing students in architecture. The Future100 recognizes talented designers of North America who have not only proposed innovative, well-designed spaces and structures but have played an active role in their community and pushed for inclusivity and sustainability. 

The student was commended for his work in proposing designs for an embedded nursery to provide additional childcare facilities and covered community spaces, as well as a multi-purpose culture lab facility and a re-imagined retail space that incorporates shopping, living, working and social gathering. 

Future career opportunities

According to a recent report by BCIT, 37 graduates who responded to the survey experienced an employment rate of 91%. The gross median annual salary of these students’ full-time jobs was $61,250 CAD. Overall, 95% of graduates were either satisfied or very satisfied with their education. 

Architectural Science is a multidisciplinary field, meaning that it draws knowledge and expertise from a variety of disciplines that involve physics, sustainability, IT, design, research and so on. As such, the field opens up a wide range of potential roles and areas of specializations that graduates can pursue. Here are just a few examples of roles that graduates have landed:

  • Architect
  • Engineers
  • Environmentalists and sustainability advocates
  • Creative designers
  • Construction and building professionals
  • Building code experts
  • Urban planners and designers
  • Researchers and academics
  • Historical prevention enthusiasts

Sources: BCIT – Architectural Science, BCIT News

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