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Coquitlam College Unveils New Main Campus for 2024 & High School/University Programs for International Students

A new campus slated to open in January 2024

Coquitlam College’s newly-developed campus is set to open in January 2024. Situated in a safe and walkable district of East Vancouver, the campus, which is now one of two main campuses, is ultra-accessible, sitting across the street from the Renfrew Skytrain Station. Students can also go from the main campus to downtown Vancouver in just 15 minutes. 

The campus has been built to enhance the academic experience and student lifestyle, boasting contemporary amenities such as sports fields, an outdoor sports facility, and a cafeteria. A quick stroll off campus grounds will lead students to friendly residential neighborhoods, plenty of green space, local cafés, and a variety of other conveniences. 

About the University Transfer program

Coquitlam College’s University Transfer program is an academic program that enables students to complete a portion of their undergraduate education through CC’s two-year-long Associate of Arts degree or continue at another institution in North America to complete the final requirement of their bachelor’s degree. This program is designed to streamline the transition from a college to a university and is particularly useful for students who may not have initially qualified for direct admission to a university or for those who seek to save on tuition costs.

At CC, students can apply for transfer to any of the post-secondary institutions listed on the B.C. Transfer Guide

For CC’s admissions requirements please visit here

About the High School program

At Coquitlam College, there are three distinct high school programs: 

(1) Dogwood Diploma

While the curriculum provided by CC is identical to those offered by the British Columbia Public School System, the Dogwood Diploma program offers students the opportunity to fulfill their high school requirements (minimum of 80 credits or 20 courses) in a smaller and more personalized learning environment. Graduates of the program will receive the B.C. Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma) and be able to apply for universities in both Canada and the United States. 

(2) Advanced Program

The Advanced program is for students who are highly motivated about their academic studies and are 18 years of age or older. Students in this program must complete four high school-level courses, including English 12, and must also write the required graduation assessment tests. Upon successful completion of all requirements, they can enroll in University Transfer courses at CC. 

(3) Adult Graduation Program

Students who wish to jump right into the workforce, pursue a vocational program or post-secondary studies can enroll in the Adult Graduation program. This program is designed for those who are 18+ and wish to complete their high school requirements through the B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma (BCAGD). 

Learn more about the courses that need to be completed here

About the English Studies program

The English Studies program at CC was created to help international students develop their English language skills as they begin preparing for high school and/or university studies in North America. There are two distinct programs that students can enroll in:

Admission requirements for English Studies programs

Please note that to be eligible for all programs under the English Studies program, students must be at least 15 years of age when they begin their studies.  

Some students may be required to take the Coquitlam College English Proficiency Test to determine the most suitable course(s) for their level. 

See here for more information about all three programs. 

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Sources: Coquitlam College – Current Coquitlam Campus, Coquitlam College – Programs & Courses

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