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become a communication wizard with vgc international college’s diploma in applied communications (optional co op)

Become a Communication Wizard with VGC International College’s Diploma in Applied Communications (Optional Co-Op)

Are you a natural communicator? A smooth talker at any social event you’re invited to? Or someone who simply thrives in the art of connecting, persuading, and conveying ideas? If so, an Applied Communications major might be the perfect fit to kickstart your academic journey in Canada. 

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Why study Applied Communications at VGC?

At its core, Applied Communications is all about the study and practice of effective and practical communication. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of human interaction, media, and messaging in the business world. Through a combination of theory and practical applications, students will learn how to craft compelling messages, adapt their communication style to different contexts (particularly business), and understand the impact of communication on individuals and society.

About the program

VGC’s Diploma in Applied Communications (optional Co-Op) program will walk students through business-related topics like customer relations, public relations, and corporate and interpersonal communications to help them develop a fuller understanding of communications in the modern world. Students will also analyze the various communication structures, models, modes and platforms that are used to communicate relevant information in reports, websites, presentations, conferences, and so on. 

Topics covered

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Applied Leadership in the Workplace
  • Practical Sales Techniques
  • Practical Business Calculations
  • Principles of Managing Customer Relationships
  • Introduction to Canadian Business Management

Students who choose Applied Communications as their field of study have the option of continuing their studies at one of VGC’s pathway schools. With established partnership agreements with universities and colleges across North America, entry to these schools will be seamless as students will not be required to take TOEFL or IELTS tests. 

Some of VGC’s pathway schools include:


  • BCIT
  • Douglas College
  • Capilano University
  • JCI Institute
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Selkirk College
  • Vancouver Film School 


  • Seattle Central College

See here for a complete list of pathway schools located in Canada and the US. 

Key information 

  • Classes: Monday to Thursday — 8:45am to 1:50pm, and Friday — 8:45am to 11:45am
  • Delivery: In-class instruction, supervised group work 
  • Program duration
    • Diploma only
      • Instructional hours: 1000 hours
      • Length: 52 weeks (1 year)
    • Diploma with Co-Op
      • Co-Op: 1020 hours
      • Length: 2040 hours over 104  weeks (2 years)
  • Start dates
    • 2023
      • October 30, November 27
    • 2024
      • January 2, January 29, February 26, April 2, April 29, May 27, July 2, July 29, August 26, October 1, October 28, November 25, December 30

Diploma timeline

The term breakdown for Diploma with Co-Op is as follows:

Year 1 

  1. Term 1 — 6 months
  2. Apply for PATHWAY (optional)
  3. Term 2 — 6 months

Year 2

  1. Co-Op — 1 year
  2. Capstone — 2 weeks
  3. Graduation
  4. Start PATHWAY (optional)

The term breakdown for Diploma without Co-Op is as follows: 

Year 1

  1. Term 1 — 6 months
  2. Apply for PATHWAY (optional)
  3. Term 2 — 6 months
  4. Capstone — 2 weeks
  5. Graduation

Term & course breakdown

Term 1: 6 months

  • Communications 100 (8 weeks)
  • Communications 200 (8 weeks)
  • Communications 300 (8 weeks)

Term 2: 6 months

Compulsory courses include:

  • Applied Leadership in the Workplace
  • Business Communication Essentials
  • Business Presentations and Practiced

Plus, 3 more courses from the following options:

  • Communication for Customer Satisfaction and Excellence
  • Introduction to Canadian Business Management
  • Practical Business Calculations
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Practical Sales Techniques
  • Principles of Managing Customer Relationships

Co-Op work experience (optional): 1 year

Co-Op is an educational approach that integrates theoretical learning with hands-on, real-world practical work experience. This optional portion is for students who wish to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to the business world and beyond.

During the Co-Op work experience, students will take a four-week long Job Search course, which will prepare them with researching job opportunities in Canada and help them understand their personal strengths and weaknesses when creating a professional resume. 

Throughout the entire program, students will receive support from a Co-Op coordinator. The coordinator will assist students in both the academic and Co-Op portions, and help them find a suitable position that will check off the requirements for the Co-Op portion of the program. Upon completion of the Co-Op work experience, students must complete a two-week long Capstone project in order to receive their Diploma. 

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for international students is as follows:

  • Complete high school or be a mature student of 18 years and older
  • Reach an IELTS 5.0 (academic) or TOEFL 60 or equivalent or achieve a VGC Level 5 Intermediate or pass the VGC placement test
  • Pass an admissions interview

Why VGC?

Since 2003, VGC has helped thousands of international students improve their language skills, gain university admission, secure employment, and reach their academic potential in Canada. With certified instructors, top-ranking practical curriculums, strong cultural diversity and an established academic reputation, VGC’s dedication to its students’ success is evident through its commitment to providing a supportive, inclusive and fulfilling educational journey. 

Future career opportunities

Job opportunities for students with a degree in Applied Communication are diverse and expansive, especially because an understanding of communications is helpful in almost any workplace setting. 

Students can fall into a variety of roles, such as:

  • Public relations specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Salesperson
  • Corporate communication strategist
  • Journalists
  • Social media manager
  • Human resources professional
  • Customer service professional
  • Government and nonprofit

Sources: VGC – DIploma in Applied Communications (optional Co-Op)

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