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winter wonders a guide to christmas magic in the snowy mountains

Winter Wonders: A Guide to Christmas Magic in the Snowy Mountains

winter wonders a guide to christmas magic in the snowy mountains

Winter Wonders: A Guide to Christmas Magic in the Snowy Mountains

With the holiday season just around the corner, are you eager to immerse yourself in the festive spirit? For a truly memorable experience, consider participating in Christmas events set amidst snowy mountains. Here are some captivating ideas to make your holiday season extraordinary.

Grouse Mountain: the Peak of Christmas

What you can do

  1. Enchanting Light Walk at Blue Grouse Lake: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty illuminated by breathtaking light installations along The Light Walk at Blue Grouse Lake.
  1. Mountaintop Ice Skating Pond: Experience the thrill of skating on an 8,000 square foot mountaintop ice skating pond, surrounded by the serenity of snow-topped trees.
  1. Christmas Movies at The Theatre in the Sky: Delight in the holiday spirit by watching Christmas movies in the whimsical Theatre in the Sky.
  1. Festive Activities at Elf Headquarters: Engage in festive activities with your children, such as creating Christmas crafts and writing heartfelt letters to Santa in the whimsical Elf Headquarters.
  1. Meet Santa in His Workshop: Visit Santa in his workshop for a magical encounter and share your Christmas wishes with the jolly old man himself.
  1. Reindeer Encounter: See real reindeer Dancer and Vixen, adding an authentic touch to your holiday experience.
  1. Special Family Day Ticket: Take advantage of the Family Day Ticket, allowing your family of 4 to enjoy the festivities for as little as $89.
  1. Breakfast with Santa at Altitudes Bistro: Feel the magic of Vancouver’s North Pole over a delicious breakfast buffet at Altitudes Bistro, complete with a special visit from Santa Claus himself.

Mt Seymour: Santa at Seymour

What you can do

  1. Meet Santa in His Nomadic Yurt Tent: Kids can experience the magic of the North Pole by meeting Santa Claus in his traditional nomadic yurt tent, specially decorated for the season.
  1. Warm Treats at Harold’s Café: Enjoy a selection of warm treats at Harold’s Café, including a special menu of Christmas treats, desserts, and decadent hot drinks for adults to warm up the insides.
  1. Pets Welcome: Bring your furry friends along to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Pets are welcome, provided they are potty trained and controlled at all times.
  1. Christmas Store at Enquist Lodge: Explore the magical Christmas store at Enquist Lodge, offering tree decorations, cabin decor, Mt Seymour merchandise, and unique presents for everyone on the “nice” list.
  1. Digital Photo with Santa: Receive a digital photo with Santa, capturing the magical moment. Printed copies can be purchased separately.
  1. Redeemable Tobogganing Tickets: Each visit includes 2 redeemable tobogganing tickets per time-slot. Additional tobogganing tickets can be purchased for more snowy fun.
  1. Santa’s Yurt Ticket Requirement: Ensure that everyone entering Santa’s yurt has purchased a ticket to make the most of the magical experience.

Whistler: Photos with Santa

Get ready for a magical winter experience as “Photos with Santa” returns to Blackcomb Springs Suites for the 3rd consecutive year! Families can join Santa for a joyful portrait session, bringing everyone together for this special moment, including your furry friends. No reservations necessary.


  • Friday, December 22 – 4:00pm to 6:30pm
  • Saturday, December 23 – 4:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Sunday, December 24 – 4:30pm to 5:30pm


  • 2 digital images for $45.00
  • 3 digital images for $55.00

*A contribution of $5.00 from each purchase will go towards supporting the food bank. Your generous donations to the Whistler Food Bank are sincerely valued.

Location: 4899 Painted Cliff Road, Whistler V8E 1E2

Please visit here to learn more about Christmas and New Year’s events in Whistler

In the bustling landscape of Metro Vancouver’s Christmas events, consider elevating your holiday celebrations this year by venturing into the serene embrace of snowy mountains. Amidst the pure white splendor of these majestic peaks, a distinct and enchanting atmosphere awaits, promising an experience beyond the ordinary. The snowy mountains provide a backdrop that enhances the magic of the season. Embrace the charm, relish the joy, and let the snowy mountains weave an extraordinary tapestry of memories for your Christmas this year.

Source: Grouse Mountain, Mt Seymour, BlackComb Springs Suites, Tourism Whistler
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