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discover the aesthetics and artistry of blanche macdonald centre’s global esthetics medical esthetics program
Discover the Aesthetics and Artistry of Blanche Macdonald Centre’s Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Program
discover the aesthetics and artistry of blanche macdonald centre’s global esthetics medical esthetics program

Discover the Aesthetics and Artistry of Blanche Macdonald Centre’s Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics Program

About the Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics program

The Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics program at Blanche Macdonald Centre explores how skincare, cosmetic procedures and non-surgical treatments can enhance the appearance of individuals. Unlike dermatology, which is studied by medical students, students of this program will focus on non-invasive skin care services including medical esthetics, learning to provide facials, exfoliation treatments, hair removal, laser services, and other beauty-related cosmetic services. Students will also learn how to follow the entrepreneurial path and open their own spa, home-based business, or clinic. 

Course information

  • Credential: Diploma
  • Schedule: 1 year, 3 days per week (total of 1,100 hours)
    • Scheduling option 1 – Monday to Wednesday
    • Scheduling option 2 – Wednesday to Friday

*2 years with Co-op Work Experience available for international students. 

What you’ll learn

Studies are separated into four Core Modules, with each module focusing on a major area of Esthetics. The levels of each module are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Skincare, Bodycare & Medi-Spa/Medical
  • Level 2 – Nail Care
  • Level 3 – Art & Tech/E-Spa
  • Level 4 – Esthetics Makeup Artistry

Within each of these modules, students will learn about and participate in: 

  • Radio frequency Laser Skin Tightening and Hair Removal
  • IPL Laser Skincare Rejuvenation and Hair Removal
  • HydraFacial Training 
  • BioTherapeutics LED Light Therapy
  • Professional Grade Chemical Peel
  • Body Care, incl. Hot Stone, Swedish and Ayurvedic Massage
  • Dragon’s Den: Entrepreneurial Challenge
  • …and more

Students will also acquire:

  • DermaLase™ IPL Laser Certification
  • Authorized HydraFacial® Certification
  • Dermalogica — Dermal Institute Certificate
  • PreEmpt Certification — Infection Control, for Best Practices
  • Medical Esthetics Certificate
  • Extensive industry network

See here for a full list of program highlights. 

How to apply

To apply for this program, you must fill out the application form here. Once submitted, an Admissions Director will arrange a time to connect with you to learn more about you, your interests, your career goals, and potential grants/financial aid options.


Top 5 reasons to choose Blanche Macdonald

Comprehensive training

In addition to being one of the most reputable schools in the beauty and fashion industry, Blanche Macdonald is the first and only Hair School in North America to provide training for Hair for TV and Film! So if you want to learn how hairstyling works and wish to work in Hollywood one day, Blanche Macdonald is where you’ll want to be. Students receive a well-rounded education that equips them with all the skills and expertise needed to thrive as professional hairstylists. 

Real salon experience 

At Blanche Macdonald, you don’t just watch your instructors treat patients; you get to do it yourself too! The school’s state-of-the-art facilities replicate the atmosphere of a real clinic and Medi-spa, allowing students to practice their skills and techniques in an authentic setting. This exposure helps students build confidence and adapt their abilities to real-world scenarios.

Exclusive training with industry experts and brands

One of the highlights of Blanche Macdonald’s programs is the hands-on training provided by industry experts. The faculty comprises experienced professionals who have worked in fashion shows, editorial shoots, and other high-profile projects. Blanche Macdonald also holds exclusive partnerships with respected brands like Dermalogica, Institut Esthederm and ElaSpa, providing students with the opportunity to learn directly from these seasoned experts—benefiting from their knowledge, mentorship, and industry insights. 

Career placement

With a Careers Team on-site, students can try their hand at earning an internship position or getting invitations to employment fairs and industry partnership events. Blanche Macdonald is dedicated to helping its students succeed in their careers, and provides robust job placement support, assisting graduates in finding employment opportunities as new Estheticians, Medical Estheticians, Laser Technicians and Medi-spa staff.

Graduate success

The success of Blanche Macdonald’s alumni serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to empowering students to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. Former students of the Pro Hair Program and Blanche Macdonald have worked for prestigious fashion houses, makeup brands, world-renowned hair salons, global retailers, and more. 

Future career opportunities

Graduates of the Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics program will be ready to tackle just about any of their clients’ beauty-related problems! Here are just a few of the roles that graduates have taken on, as listed under the Featured Graduates section: 

  • Medical Esthetician
  • Laser Technician
  • Regional trainer or Pro Educator for a major cosmetics, skincare and fragrance company
  • Manager of Shangri-La Vancouver Hotel Spa
  • Founder of organic skincare line
  • Advanced skin specialist and laser technician
  • Client relations specialist at Dermapure
  • Clinical Director at a laser centre
  • Cruise or Resort Spa Therapist
  • Nail Technician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Spa Owner

Source: Blanche Macdonald Centre – Global Esthetics/Medical Esthetics
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