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BCIT insurance
BCIT General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma: Industry Expertise Fosters Student Success
BCIT insurance

BCIT General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma: Industry Expertise Fosters Student Success

BCIT has established itself as one of the pioneers in the insurance world and provides an elite level of education in this field. Their General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma is highly sought after due to its condensed length compared to other universities. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking this is an easy and quick diploma. It’s exactly the opposite. 

Are you interested in insurance but unsure if it’s a good option as a career? 

Almost everything you can think of is backed or underwritten by insurance in some way shape or form. From the fancy car, you see driving down the street or the commercials being filmed in your city to your cancelled flight. It is all interconnected to the world of insurance. 

BCIT’s General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma has an intensive 7-9 courses per term for 2 years. This differs greatly from a university approach of 3-4 classes per term for 4 years. Students should be prepared to work 50 -60 hours in class and after to keep up with the intensity of this particular program. The benefits of this demanding approach are for students to complete their studies faster and begin gaining practical experience in the field.

The program’s key strength lies in its faculty members, who bring a wealth of industry expertise to the classroom. Sinclair, with his extensive background in the insurance sector, provides students with invaluable insights and practical knowledge. His firsthand experiences and real-life examples help students understand the complexities of the industry, enabling them to grasp concepts more effectively and apply them in real-world scenarios.

“The program is hard. It’s a lot of work, but absolutely worth it. We focus on one course at a time and provide practical experiences so that students understand the industry and can read policies effectively.” – Shawn Sinclair

Comprehensive Curriculum and Real-World Learning

Don’t just take BCIT’s word for it but from real students who have gone through the program themselves. Tega, a current student in the General Insurance and Risk Management program says “The program trains specifically for the insurance and risk management industry. Providing skills in all areas of the industry to become fully professional”.

In what ways does BCIT’s Co-op program facilitate the acquisition of hands-on experience? 

Tega was able to find an internship position in an insurance company in downtown Vancouver which has given him the experience he needs to go into the field well-prepared. “They gave us real-life work experience, manage ourselves in the work field function outside of class and know firsthand how it is in the field. The most rewarding thing is learning something new. The Best way to learn is to learn from people who actively do what they teach. Such as Shawn who practices insurance and not only teaches textbook theory… meetings with real CEOs of insurance companies is something I have never been exposed to. I did University for a few years but Profs are detached from you unlike here at BCIT where you are monitored by people who want you to succeed”. 

Strong Industry Connections, Networking Opportunities, and Employer Recognition

Employers highly value the preparedness and industry familiarity of graduates from BCIT’s General Insurance and Risk Management program, recognizing their strong work ethic, competitive nature, and intelligence.

“They all come pretty much ready to go, which is great. They understand the industry… very competitive, very intelligent… a good work ethic. You know, we’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences with them.” – Industry Partner of the BCIT

BCIT alumni, who now work in the industry, meet with new students to share their experiences. The program’s rigorous workload and work placements contribute to students’ industry familiarity, making their transition into new positions smoother. Employers consistently have positive experiences with BCIT graduates, reinforcing the program’s reputation and desirability among industry professionals.

“Yeah, I think they’re also more familiar with the industry… it makes it a lot easier to get started with a new position.” – Industry Partner of the BCIT

The exceptional value of BCIT’s General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma arises from its unwavering focus on industry expertise, a comprehensive curriculum, practical experiential learning, and robust industry affiliations. Under the mentorship of accomplished faculty members like Shawn Sinclair, students develop the essential practical skills, deep knowledge, and invaluable industry connections required to thrive in the insurance sector. BCIT’s dedication to excellence guarantees students a transformative educational journey that empowers them for sustained triumph in the dynamic realm of insurance and risk management.

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General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma

Program information

  • Department: School of Business + Media
  • Credential: Diploma
  • Program length: 2 years, full-time
  • Delivery: In person
  • 1st year: Burnaby Campus
  • 2nd year: Vancouver Downtown Campus
  • All courses are delivered Monday to Friday daytime.

What will you learn?

The program covers a wide range of topics, from insurance principles to risk management techniques, underwriting, claims handling, and more. This solid foundation is complemented by specialized courses that prepare students for specific roles within the industry.

Examples of courses include:

  • COMM 1100 – Business Communication 1
  • ECON 2100 – Microeconomics
  • MKTG 1102 – Essentials of Marketing
  • OPMT 1110 – Business Mathematics
  • RMGT 2110 – Principles and Practice of Insurance

Along with a 40-hour work placement which helps students get direct industry work experience.

Admission requirements

Open to applications beginning October 1st (or the next business day).

English language proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • English Studies 12 (67%) or equivalent (Category 2)


  • IELTS Academic: 6.5 overall (no band less than 5.5)


  • TOEFL: 86 overall (no section less than 20)


  • Duolingo English Test: 120 overall (no subscore less than 95)


  • See here for a full list of accepted tests and scores


Applicants must demonstrate one of the following:

  • Pre-Calculus 11 (67%) or
  • Foundations of Math 11 (67%) or
  • Workplace Math 11 (67%) or
  • Other acceptable BC and Yukon courses or
  • OPMT 0199 – Math for Business (67%) or
  • OPMT 0198 – Business Math Assessment Test (67%)

Read more about how to meet BCIT’s entrance requirements here.

Accredited program

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs


Strong Placement Rates

Key findings from the BCIT alumni survey on the General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma program:

  • 100% of alumni rated the program as very useful or somewhat useful in their job search.
  • 47% of respondents secured a program-related job within one month.
  • 39% of alumni found a job within one to two months.
  • Only a small percentage took longer, with 8% taking three to four months, 3% taking five to six months, and another 3% taking more than six months to secure a program-related job.

These results demonstrate the program’s high value in facilitating successful career placements and preparing graduates for the insurance industry.

Launch Your Insurance Career with BCIT

Join the BCIT insurance course today if you’re ready to enter the industry, desire professional training, and are prepared to contribute and compete. Find course and admission details on the official BCIT website. Take the first step towards a successful insurance career now.

Source: BCIT
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