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exploring the rise of bike and scooter sharing services in vancouver
Exploring the Rise of Bike and Scooter Sharing Services in Vancouver
exploring the rise of bike and scooter sharing services in vancouver

Exploring the Rise of Bike and Scooter Sharing Services in Vancouver

Bike and scooter sharing/rentals offer convenient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transportation in Vancouver, BC. With the city’s commitment to sustainability and accessibility, these shared mobility services have gained immense popularity among residents and visitors alike. 

Below we have shared Vancouver’s best bike and scooter rental and sharing services, along with associated fees, and where they are located. We have also provided our top biking destination recommendations! 

Bike/Scooter Rental Services 

Cycle City Vancouver 

Cycle City Vancouver offers high quality bike/e-bike rentals, award-winning tours ranked #1 in Vancouver, and tandem bike rentals! Located downtown Vancouver at 648 Hornby Street, Cycle City is a great rental destination for those looking to explore Vancouver’s scenic downtown. Cycle City offers kid-friendly rentals, and requires customers to wear a helmet. 


Non-Electric Bike:  

Hourly: $13 

Half-Day (5hr max): $39

Full-Day (until close): $52 


Hourly (2hr min): $46

Half-Day (5hr max): $69

Full-Day (until close): $92 

Bikes & Blades

Bikes and Blades is a bike/e-bike, scooter, and rollerblade rental company located across the street from Stanley Park and the Seawall at 718 Denman Street. Bikes and Blades offer kid-friendly rentals, and require customers to wear a helmet (helmet and lock included in rental fee). 


Non-Electric Bike: 

Hourly: $7 

Half-Day (5hr max): $24 

Full-Day: $32 


Hourly (2hr min): $29

Half-Day (5hr max): $59

Full-Day (until close): $78 


Hourly (2hr min): $20

Half-Day (5hr max): $40

Full-Day (until close): $49 


Hourly: $15 

*up to 3 hours* 

Bike/Scooter Sharing Services 

Mobi by Rogers

Mobi by Rogers is a bike/e-bike sharing program located throughout Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano, UBC, and Stanley Park that allows for short-term bike rentals that can be rented in one area, and returned to any other location in the system. 



Non-Electric Bike: 29¢/min ($1.00 unlock fee) 

E-Bike: 39¢/min ($1.75 unlock fee) 

*riders can access max 4 bikes per account* 

Monthly Pass: $49 

Non-Electric Bike: first 30 mins free, then 29¢/min 

E-Bike: 29¢/min 

*FREE unlock fee* 

Annual Pass: $119 

Non-Electric Bike: first 60 mins free, then 29¢/min 

E-Bike: 19¢/min 

*FREE unlock fee* 

Lime E-Scooter + E-Bike 

Located throughout Coquitlam and Richmond, BC, Lime is the world’s biggest electric bike and scooter rental company. Riders must download the Lime App, register, and then they can begin their journey! 


E-Scooter/E-Bike: 35¢/min

*$1.15 unlock fee*  

Top Locations to Bike in Vancouver 

1) Stanley Park  

Stanley Park’s iconic Seawall offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Pacific Ocean, making it a must-ride for both locals and visitors alike. 

2) North Vancouver 

For those seeking a more adventurous ride, the North Shore Mountains provide thrilling trails amidst lush forests and rugged terrain. 

3) Burrard Street Bridge or Lions Gate Bridge 

Both of these Bridges offer exhilarating crossings with stunning vistas of the cityscape and surrounding mountains. 

4) False Creek 

Additionally, the picturesque pathways along False Creek provide a leisurely ride with vibrant urban scenery and access to charming cafes and parks along the way.

Vancouver’s well-developed bike lanes and scenic routes make cycling a delightful experience, while electric scooters offer a swift and effortless way to navigate the city streets. This shared mobility revolution not only reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions but also promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle among Vancouverites.

Sources: Lime, Mobi, Bikes & Blades, Cycle City Vancouver
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