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university transfer programs bridge the gap to your degree with international college of manitoba
University Transfer Programs: Bridge the Gap to Your Degree with International College of Manitoba
university transfer programs bridge the gap to your degree with international college of manitoba

University Transfer Programs: Bridge the Gap to Your Degree with International College of Manitoba

About International College of Manitoba

For years, the International College of Manitoba (ICM) has operated in close collaboration with the University of Manitoba (UM), offering internationally recognized University Transfer Programs (UTPs). These UTPs are strategically designed to equip international students with the academic skills and English language proficiency required to excel in university-level studies at UM. Whether you’ve completed high school or have some college experience, ICM offers several options to meet your individual needs. 

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What is a pathway program and how does it work?

A direct pathway program is designed to provide a streamlined route for students to progress from one level of study to another—typically from a foundational or preparatory program to an undergraduate degree program. These programs are common at institutions like ICM that offer pathway programs for international students or students who may need additional academic preparation before entering a formal degree program at a university. 

At ICM, students can enter one of two UTPs, depending on their current academic standing and English proficiency: 

UTP Stage I

This 8-month long intensive program combines secondary school and undergraduate studies, and forms the backbone of ICM’s pathway program. The eight courses that students will take focus on helping develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills while simultaneously strengthening English language proficiency. At this stage, students will benefit from smaller class sizes, personalized attention from dedicated faculty, and a supportive environment that fosters academic confidence. 

UTP Stage II

Upon successful completion of Stage I, students will enter Stage II, which is equivalent to the first year of studies at UM. Students in UTP Stage II can choose from seven programs, with each requiring 12 months of study, or three 13-week long terms, plus an exam period. Once students have satisfied the necessary university admission requirements for Stage II, they will be eligible to transfer to UM as a second-year student. 

UTP Programs

UTP programs at ICM include the following: 

  • UTP Stage I: Foundation
  • UTP Stage II: Business
  • UTP Stage II: Recreation Management and Community Development
  • UTP Stage II: Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • UTP Stage II: Engineering
  • UTP Stage II: Science
  • UTP Stage II: Arts
  • UTP Stage II: Environment, Earth, and Resources

See here for more information on UTP Stage I and II and available programs. 

Who can apply?

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply to ICM. There are three intake opportunities each year, with terms starting in January, May and September. 

Admission requirements

To be admitted to UTP Stage I, applicants will need to have successfully completed Grade/Year 11 (or equivalent) of secondary school. For UTP Stage II, applicants will need to have successfully completed Grade/Year 12 (or equivalent) of secondary school. Specific requirements, both overall and for individual subjects, may vary depending on the program.  

Minimum requirements

  • Students must turn 17 by the last day of their first semester in order to be admitted

*Note that meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.

English requirements

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for all ICM applicants. Students can gain either direct entry or mixed entry into the program depending on their level of English. For either entries, the table below illustrates common English language exams that applicants can take to demonstrate an appropriate level of English:

English Language RequirementsDirect EntryMixed Entry
IELTS (Academic)Overall score of 5.5, with no band lower than 5.0Overall score of 5.0, with no band lower than 4.5
TOEFL iBT196 / 525 / 69
(No band lower than 15)
172 / 500 / 60
Duolingo English Test(starting Fall 2024)Overall score of 95, with no band less than 80Overall score of 85, with no band less than 65
International Baccalaureate (IB) EnglishIB English A or English Higher Level (HL) 4IB English A or English B Higher Level (HL) 3

See here for a full list of accepted tests and score results.

How to apply

To submit your application: 

  1. Apply through an Education Agent in your country, OR
  2. Apply online through the Student Application Portal

Note that in your online application form, you will need to attach your:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency results (if required/available)
  • Copy of your passport’s photo page

Admission decisions are typically made within two (2) days.

See here for more information on how to apply and what the application process is like. 

Sources: International College of Manitoba – About, University of Manitoba
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