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discover vancouver’s best beaches just in time for summer
Discover Vancouver’s Best Beaches Just in Time For Summer
discover vancouver’s best beaches just in time for summer

Discover Vancouver’s Best Beaches Just in Time For Summer

Vancouver is home to many beautiful beaches, offering a mix of scenic views, outdoor sport areas, and aquatic paradises to cool off in. Here is our recommendation of five of Vancouver’s best beaches. 

1. Kitsilano Beach (Kits Beach):

  • Location: Located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood, minutes from downtown Vancouver or UBC Campus.
  • Busyness: Kits Beach can get very busy, especially during the summer when locals and tourists flock to enjoy the sun and water. 

Features: Kits Beach is known for its long sandy shoreline, stunning views of downtown Vancouver and mountains. Kits Beach also has volleyball courts, a saltwater outdoor pool, and picnic areas.

2. English Bay Beach:

  • Location: Situated near downtown Vancouver, in the West End neighbourhood.
  • Busyness: English Bay Beach can get crowded during peak times, particularly in the evenings when people gather to watch the sunset. 

Features: English Bay Beach offers breathtaking sunsets, calm waters for swimming, and a vibrant atmosphere. English Bay Beach is also one of the top beaches in Vancouver due to its central location in downtown Vancouver, and close proximity to Stanley Park.

3. Crescent Beach:

  • Location: Situated in the Crescent Beach neighbourhood of Surrey, along the shores of Boundary Bay.
  • Busyness: Crescent Beach can be popular during the summer, but it generally is less busy when compared to some of the beaches closer to downtown Vancouver. It’s a favourite spot for families, and those looking to enjoy a peaceful day by the water. 

Features: Crescent Beach offers a long stretch of sandy shoreline, with views of the bay and the North Shore Mountains. It’s known for its charming seaside village atmosphere, with shops, and restaurants/cafes nearby. The beach also has picnic areas, playgrounds, and nearby walking trails. 

4. Jericho Beach:

  • Location: Situated in the Jericho/Kitsilano area of Vancouver, near the UBC Campus.
  • Busyness: Jericho Beach can get busy, but is the least busy when compared to other Kitsilano beaches. 

Features: Jericho Beach boasts a long sandy shoreline, grassy picnic areas, and beautiful views of the North Shore Mountains. Jericho Beach is also popular for windsurfing, kayaking, beach volleyball, and spotting wild rabbits! 

5. Ambleside Beach:

  • Location: Located in West Vancouver, along the shores of Burrard Inlet, near Ambleside Park.
  • Busyness: Ambleside Beach can be popular, especially during the summer and on weekends, but it generally offers a spacious and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a favourite spot for families, dog walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Features: Ambleside Beach offers a scenic location with views of Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, and the downtown Vancouver skyline. The beach features a sandy shoreline, and a seawall promenade for walking and cycling. There are also amenities such as playgrounds, outdoor sports courts, and picnic shelters.

These beaches can vary in busyness depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and day of the week. Weekends and holidays can make visiting the beach difficult, especially during the summer months. It’s always a good idea to arrive early or stay until sunset, if you prefer a quieter beach experience or visit during weekdays outside of peak times.

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