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Burnaby SD
Get to Know the Burnaby School District (SD41)— Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Burnaby SD

Get to Know the Burnaby School District (SD41)— Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Choose the Burnaby School District? 

The Burnaby School District (SD41) is known for their outstanding academic reputation as two of their schools have the AP Capstone Diploma Program, and this district offers one of the biggest Advanced Placement (AP) programs in Canada. This district also won the 2016, 2017, 2020, 2021 and 2023 StudyTravel Star Award for their secondary schools, and the included schools all have amazing locations near downtown Vancouver, beaches, and scenic green spaces. 

What is the Size of the School District? 

SD41 currently has 41 elementary schools (kindergarten-grade 7), and 8 secondary schools (grades 8-12), totalling approximately 25,000 students. For specific information on the elementary and secondary schools included in the district, visit these sites. 

Burnaby School District has Semester Schools and Linear Schools. What’s the Difference? 

SD41 has secondary schools that adhere to the semester system (Alpha, Burnaby Central, Burnaby Mountain, and Byrne Creek Secondary school). These schools have two semesters that run from September-January, and February-June, with students taking four classes per semester.  SD41 also has linear schools (Burnaby North, Burnaby South, Cariboo Hill, and Moscrop Secondary School), which run from September-June with eight different subjects. 

How Many International Students Attend the Burnaby School District? What Countries are They From? 

The Burnaby School District currently has an international student population of approximately 5%. The secondary school programs have a larger population of international students than the elementary schools, and the international students in this district come from more than 34 different countries. 

How Much Does it Cost to Study in This District? Where Do I Apply? 

Check out SD41s website for specific school fee information. Students can apply to study in this district here

Are International Students Able to Work While Studying in This District? 

No, international students studying in this district cannot work in Canada. 

Are There Specific Admission Requirements to Attend SD41? 

Students’ English levels are observed during orientation week. All academic work completed in the past two years must have the equivalent of a B- average in order for students to attend SD41. 

What About IELTS/TOEFL? What if I Have a Score, Do I Still Need an English Assessment? 

Students with a valid BC public school English course mark (passing grade) do not need to complete an English assessment during orientation week. Everyone else needs to complete this assessment. 

How Long am I Able to Study in the Burnaby School District? 

Students can begin applying to the Burnaby School District at age 5 for kindergarten, and are able to stay enrolled in the district until they turn 19 years old, or graduate secondary school. 

Does My Home Country School Work Count for Credit? 

The Burnaby School District carefully looks through each student’s transcripts awarding them credit for courses similar to the ones offered in B.C. in line with the Ministry of Education credit transfer policies. However, there are certain courses that will not count, and must be taken in a BC school. 

For more FAQs about the Burnaby School District, visit their website here. 

Source: Burnaby School District FAQ
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