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Want to Learn More About NYIT-Vancouver? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Want to Learn More About NYIT-Vancouver? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

NYIT-Vancouver is a widely regarded and accredited non-profit institute of technology whose goal is to advance entrepreneurship. With over 100 tech-focused degree programs across all campuses, New York Tech develops their programs to meet market expectations, and provide their students with an advantage in the labour market. 

In this article we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about NYIT. 

What Programs are Currently Offered at NYIT-Vancouver? 

NYIT-Vancouver currently offers six different programs: 

  • Master of Energy Management 
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)– General 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)– Finance 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)– Business Analytics 
  • Instructional Technology, Educators, (M.S.)

For information on NYIT-Vancouver’s MBA General, Master of Energy Management, or MBA in Business Analytics check out our previous articles below. 

What Kind of Facilities Do Students of NYIT-Vancouver Have Access to? 

Because of New York Tech Vancouver’s location in Broadway Tech Centre, the centre has access to many different learning facilities such as: 

  • Cutting edge computer laboratories with the newest software and hardware.
  • Access to worldwide NYIT campuses via distance learning, located in China, Abu Dhabi, and New York. 
  • Sponsored networking/educational events. 
  • Student lounges. 
  • Services that provide access to one-on-one career counseling, as well as the ability to attend seminars, workshops, and “lunch & learn webinars”. 

What Clubs are Active at NYIT-Vancouver? 

NYIT-Vancouver has a sports/fitness club with intramural sports, recreational activities, and the ability to interact with fitness enthusiasts. NYIT-Vancouver also has a cybersecurity club that can assist students in finding employment/internships in this field after graduation. Some of the other clubs found at this institution are a dance club, book club, and the happy feet club (hiking/mountaineering). 

For more information about these clubs click here

Does NYIT-Vancouver Offer Student Housing?

No, New York Tech Vancouver does not currently offer student housing. However, they have compiled a list of housing options for international students that they recommend. Here is the list

How Do I Apply to NYIT-Vancouver? 

If you are interested in applying to any of NYIT-Vancover’s programs, or have any questions, contact us at 

NYIT-Vancouver PNP Frequently Asked Questions

Following the March 19th PNP update announcement from the Government of BC, NYIT released some of their frequently asked questions relating to student concerns. 

Will New York Tech Decrease Academic Standards as a Means to Accelerate Degree Completion? 

No, NYIT has decided that they will not make any changes to their academic standards. Students who cannot sustain at least a 3.0 GPA (cumulative) are not able to increase their course load above their maximum credit per semester allowance. 

Can any Students Choose to Take an Extra Course During Their Semester?

NYIT has released specific guidelines about which students are able to add an extra course to their workload. Only students who can prove that they are in good academic standing and can demonstrate that they are likely to continue to excel in their studies under an increased academic load can add an additional course to their semester. Students who meet this criteria must submit their request early, as course space is limited, and New York Tech cannot guarantee that these requests can be accommodated. Students must receive approval from the NYIT-Vancouver Associate Dean for this request to be granted. Students in their first semester cannot take an extra course. 

The institute also advises against students accelerating their studies, especially students who are in the early phase of their program, as they believe that course overload can have an immense strain on student’s mental and physical health.

What Does Good Academic Standing Mean? 

Students who wish to add an extra course into their summer or fall semester must maintain a 3.0 CGPA or greater. Students who do not maintain good academic standing will be unable to continue accelerating their program. 

There are specific requirements for students in the Energy Management and Cybersecurity program who wish to increase their courses. Click here to read these requirements. 

General Requirements: 

  • Students must prove that they have good academic and financial standing. 
  • Students with 9 credits remaining in their program have the ability to register in 3 courses during the summer semester. 
  • Students with 21 credits remaining in their program are eligible to take 9 credits in the Summer 2024 semester, and 12 credits in Fall 2024. 
  • Students must meet all other prerequisites. 

Can I Enroll in the Optional Summer Semester (July 16-Aug 27)? 

Yes. New York Tech is offering an optional 2024 summer pilot semester where they will teach INCS 745. Students who wish to enroll in this semester must ensure they are eligible. 

If I Graduate in Fall 2024, Will I Receive my Transcript Before the End of December?

This answer varies. 

Depending on the transcript option that you choose at the time of order, and the length of time it takes to process an order during peak time, it will vary. Graduating students are automatically enrolled in a Graduation Preparation course on CANVAS after the graduation application deadline has passed. This course focuses on providing students with all of the information they need, and a timeline of when they will receive transcripts, diplomas, and completion letters. 

For more information on transcripts and the different options students can choose click here

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