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Flexible Credential Programs at BCIT

Many students who plan to study Science and Technology courses in Canada must have heard of the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The school is a public polytechnic in Vancouver, offering various credential courses, such as Certificate, Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master and other courses. BCIT has a renowned reputation and


Part.21 What are your salary expectations?

Answer Example1: This is something I am willing to negotiate with you to be able to agree on a salary that recognizes my skills, abilities, and my adaptability. I was wondering what salary range you believe is appropriate based on my resume, the skills we have discussed today, and the


Part.20 How are you different from other candidates?

Answer Example1: Apart from my fantastic communication skills and reliability, I am always willing to learn new things and improve myself. When studying in university, I often read papers on my own time to deepen my knowledge of the material being taught. This not only helped me understand the material


Part.19 Why should we hire you?

Answer Example1: With my skills and abilities, I believe that I am a fantastic candidate for this position. I have most of the qualifications for this role and, as I am a fast learner, I can easily learn anything that I am lacking. Based on the research I have done


Part.18 Would you be willing to take a salary cut?

Answer Example1: I am open to the idea of negotiation, though a salary cut would not be possible. Unfortunately, a salary cut (especially a significant one) would not be truly representative of my skills and abilities. I have quite a bit of experience in the field and have always had


Part.16 Are you applying for other jobs?

Answer Example1: Yes. I currently am applying for many positions. Unfortunately, today’s job market is quite competitive and, even if you are very qualified, there is still a good chance to not be accepted for the role. Even though I have applied for other positions, this position is the job


Part.15 Where do you see yourself in five years?

Answer Example1: In five years, I truly hope that I have grown both as a person and an employee. I love this line of work and hope to bring myself forward within the company. I have searched your company online and saw that many of the values your company has


Part.14 How would your boss or coworkers describe you?

Answer Example1: In my previous role, my boss has always described me as detail-oriented, eager, reliable, and a colleague that always brings positivity to the work environment. I always came to work early and ensured that everything was ready before starting my day. I had put effort to create a


Part.13 Are you a risk-taker?

Answer Example1: I feel like being a risk taker is something very important, as it will motivate one to make ambitious decisions and tasks. Because of this, it may allow a worker to be bold, work hard, and achieve great things. Answer Example2: I believe I am a big risk


Part.12 What type of work environment do you prefer?

Answer Example1: I would say my preferred environment is a healthy balance of having my co-workers near me and working alone. While working with others, we can share ideas as to how we can get tasks done, therefore, having more brain power. Working alone has its perks as it allows


Part.9 How do you handle disagreement when working as part of a team?

Answer Example1: Disagreements in a job is something everyone should be prepared for. Everyone has different ideas, and achievements can be seen as very subjective. For me, I believe compromising with your co-workers is something that is very important. Working as a team means you need to put in a


Part.7 What’s your greatest achievement?

Answer Example1: One of my greatest achievements that I am still proud of to this day is completing a book that I wrote on my own. From what my past teachers and fellow writer friends told me is that writing a book can be difficult for so many reasons. It’s


Part.6 What motivates you?

Answer Example1: What motivates me in a job is having the opportunity to learn a new skill every day. I love challenging myself and being able to make myself grow as a person. That is what excites me the most. A new skill can help me become more confident,independent, and


Part.5 Tell me a time when you failed

Answer Example1: I have a hard time saying no. There was one time when I said yes to a lot of job assignments, I figured I could do it in a short amount of time. After working so hard, it took me a while to realize some assignments wouldn’t make


Part.4 How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

Answer Example1: If I am put in a situation where stress will be common, I always have to cast my fears and emotions aside. I can’t let my emotions take over, so what helps the most is that I only focus on what I can do at the current moment,


Part.3 Why did you leave your last job?

Answer Example1: I, unfortunately, had to leave my previous job due to school. My studies took up too much of my time, with tight deadlines being a very common issue, and projects taking up my time during the day. I never like to hand in subpar work, and so I


Part.2 How did you hear about this position?

Answer Example1: I found your position through indeed. I was shocked to see this job position, as it has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Looking at the job description and requirements, I was very intrigued to sign up, as it lines up


Part.1 Tell me a bit about yourself

Answer Example1: I would love to tell you more about myself and my goals. My name is Sophia, and I am 25 years old. For the past 3 years, I have been working as a content writer, developing my skills to the best of my abilities. I have been lucky


Why is the Booster Dose Important?!

What is the Booster Dose? A booster dose is an extra shot of the vaccine that protects you from COVID-19 for a longer period of time. You will receive either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine as they are interchangeable. The vaccine will not only protect yourself but also the people


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