Why is the Booster Dose Important?!

What is the Booster Dose? A booster dose is an extra shot of the vaccine that protects you from COVID-19 for a longer period of time. You will receive either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine as they are interchangeable. The vaccine will not only protect yourself but also the people around you. The two doses


How to Become a Dental Assistant in Canada?

Dental assisting is a growing and popular profession here in Canada. As an international student, you have two options for becoming a dental assistant in Canada – getting an education in Canada or having your foreign credentials here in Canada by the National Dental Assisting Examining Board. After you’re licensed as a dental assistant, your education is complete and you can continue on with your dental assisting career right here in Canada!

Health Scientist staring at scientific equipment

5 Post-Pandemic Career Options in Biochemistry

The field of biochemistry combines fun in chemistry and biology together while offering lots of diverse career paths. In fact, a major in biochemistry is the foundation for many careers and prepares students for lots of graduate work/study opportunities. If you are interested in this field of study that you must consider these 5 ever-growing career paths.


Study at a School District in the Peace!

The Peace River North School District is an unreal place for prospective and current international students. Here, students can study with many domestic students, ice skate at school, and if really lucky see the northern lights! All in all, the district is an idyllic location where students can learn in a variety of programs every day awaits in Fort St John, come join!

Explore Geography in Canada

The field of geography by nature is diverse – it includes two major branches, physical and human geography. They are quite different but both are focused on spatial diversity and changes. In Canada, many universities offer degree programs; these can lead to careers in areas such as consulting, cartography and regional/city planning. Why is Geography


Your Guide to the Educational Credential Assessment

For those intending to apply for immigration to Canada via Express Entry, you will require what is known as an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). This is a document that demonstrates if your degree, diploma, certificate or other credential is both valid and equivalent to a Canadian credential at the same level. ECA’s should be obtained


Academic Support Or Become A Learning Coach? Consider International Peer Programs

What are International Peer Programs? International Peer Programs strive to improve international student experience in areas like academics, careers, and personal development. International Peer Coaches are well-versed with any services the institution offers. They are knowledgeable in not only in academics but also in the overall learning experience surrounding the Campus Life. Wether you need


Radiographers – What to Expect in Canada

Medical radiation technologists are operators of radiographic equipment for both diagnosis and therapeutic purposes. Often, they are employed in hospitals but they can also be employed in cancer treatment centres, clinics, radiological laboratories, colleges and universities. For international students with a passion for technology and biology, this could be the career for you! In this


Going from Engineering to Sales – The Sales Engineer Profession

Sales engineering is the perfect middle ground between engineering and commerce; as a sales engineer, you assist companies in determining the right equipment for their purposes while making sales for the company you work for. Sales engineers remain demanded here in Canada; if you’re an international student with passions lying between engineering and business you’ll

How To Excel in Remote Classes

Ontario is currently on another stay-at-home order until February 28. Many universities are already starting their classes this term remotely. This new way of learning comes with some challenges. The term ‘zoom fatigue’ became popular last year when we transformed into remote work. Many students have reported that their attention spans have shortened and schoolwork

The History of the Famous Red Maple Leaf

While Canada’s flag is now easily recognized throughout the world, it did not emerge until the mid-1900s. The flag in fact is only a few decades old, while the country itself is over 100 years old. Leading up to the creation of the recognizable red maple leaf flag, there was much debate regarding tying the

Prevent and Stop Threats with Cyber Security Administration

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing area of computer science here in Canada; demand for graduates with strong skills and knowledge in cybersecurity is expected to grow over the next 10 years. International students who have a passion for helping others and technology may enjoy cybersecurity as it protects people from fraud, cyber crimes, and data exploitation,


Thinking of Becoming a Data Analyst?

Data analytics is a growing field in Canada in need of knowledgeable and skilled data analyst graduates. If you’re interested in problem-solving, pattern detection, and decision-making as well as technology, then the area of data analytics could be well-suited to you! There are a number of ways to become a data analyst in Canada, from


Did You Know that Canada has Six Time Zones?

While Canada is only one country, it happens to be made up of six different time zones according to the Government of Canada! The land of Canada is large to such a point that the west coast happens to be 4 and a half hours behind the east coast. As the west coast reaches late


How Did Canada Get its Name?

Why Canada? What is the significance of this name? The name Canada actually originates from the Huron-Iroquois word kanata, and was transported around the country via a growing colonist economy of fur trading and exploration. Eventually, the name was formalized, and it has remained in place for over 150 years since 1867. Where Does the

Canada Has One of The Longest Streets in The World

Yonge street is located in Toronto, Ontario that is full of headquarters of corporations, shops, restaurants and clothing stores. Besides the entertainment this street has, it is 1896 km (1178 miles) in length starting from the Lake Shore in Toronto to Rainy River at the Ontario and Minnesota border. Yonge street has even been said

Toshie Found His Dream Job in Vancouver

Originally from Indonesia, grew up in Guangzhou, then Shanghai and graduated High School in Singapore. Since the age of four, Toshie Kaligis has always been immersed in multicultural environments. It made his move to Vancouver a lot smoother. On top of that, Toshie mentioned that Vancouverites are really friendly and welcoming. Inspired by his mother


Steps to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse in Canada!

Do you want to make an impact in the health sector of Canada? International students can pursue their dreams of becoming nurses. Two popular nursing career options are Registered Nursing and Licensed Practical Nursing – both have unique processes students must complete in order to be eligible to practice as nurses in Canada and in


Help People See – Become an Optician

Opticians help people choose the right form of eye care for them – including glasses, contacts and other technologies. To become an optician in Canada there are two potential pathways – pursuing your education regarding opticianry here in Canada, or having your international education and experience assessed by a provincial opticianry regulator. Both can lead

Physiotherapists – A High Demand Occupation

Many international students may find themselves interested in pursuing physical therapy as a career after graduation – a career focused on exercise to aid with human disabilities, illness and/or injury. This is a regulated profession in Canada that requires substantial education, pays well, and is expected to be in demand over the periods of 2019-2028


Three Programs that can Boost Your Finance Career in British Columbia

Finance programs are a popular offering from universities in Canada, and notably from colleges in British Columbia. Colleges provide you with a more personalized learning experience; smaller classes and greater access to professors can connect you better with the material and with experiential learning opportunities. And in the field of finance, work experience means a


Pathways for Becoming a Lawyer in Canada

Many international students have an interest in becoming a lawyer and practicing in Canada, but maybe are less sure of the process. There are two primary processes for becoming a practicing lawyer here in Canada. One is by completing your law education here in a law faculty that accepts international students and then applying to

Canada’s Nursing Programs that have Opportunities for International Students

Prospective international students interested in pursuing a career in nursing have a variety of options in Canada. The demand for nursing will keep increasing, the jobs has relatively high pay, and the career is also at lower risk of automation. If you are looking into a Canadian nursing program either to start fresh or to


Take A Course in Perspectives on Global Health

The University of Toronto’s New College International Programs department is offering a University of Toronto course called Perspectives on Global Health. This course is designed explicitly for students ages 15-17, it is thus a great opportunity for highs school students considering the University of Toronto to become exposed to courses at this particular university. The


3 Software Development Programs for international students in BC

Software development has become a popular field, both in terms of career and education options. Our world has gone digital, and as such, we need skilled software developers to fill roles and make that transition easier and smoother overall. For international students with an interest in computer science and software development, the province of British


Your business career can start here!

The University of Victoria is home to the Gustavson School of Business – a business faculty with many programs available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The faculty brings an edge to its domestic and international students alike by providing unique opportunities such as co-op (both self-directed and with an employer), international exchange, and the

9 Culture Shock That International Students Experience

One thing that comes with immigrating to a completely different place is going through a culture shock, or perhaps, multiple culture-shocks. We have gathered a list of things that many international students have found either odd or amusing after they moved to Canada. Self Gas Pump If you came from Asia, it probably never occurred


Thinking to study engineering?

ABOUT UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA UVic consistently ranked among the top three Canadian comprehensive universities, and is renowned for its extraordinary environment, dynamic learning and opportunities to make a difference. The university has a vibrant Pacific Rim community, rich with Indigenous and international perspectives. It’s no coincidence that UVic have world-leading programs in environmental restoration, oceans,


Environmentally-Related Programs in BC

British Columbia has a number of environmental and sustainability programs offered by universities for international and domestic students. The University of Victoria and Kwantlen Polytechnic University offer a number of environmental programs that international students may be considering or may want to consider. These programs from environmental programs more focused on physics and math, biology,

East Meets West: Indonesian Vancouverite

I’m Indonesian and was born in Indonesia. At the age of 9, my family moved to Qatar, a small peninsula in the Middle East and I continued my journey to Canada after High School. Many people who are close to me were concerned about me fleeing home to study in a new place. They were


Remembrance Day in Canada

Canadians commemorate the end of the First World War each year on November 11th. The commemoration takes the form of wearing poppies, and attending small gatherings in cities or towns to take part in the moment of silence, and listen to speakers as well as bands present. The holiday has been recognized for over 100

Pathway Program Now at Ryerson

Ryerson University is now operating an international college, designed to get international students direct transfer into year 2 at Ryerson and in other universities. The opening of this college will help diversify the Ryerson campus. This will give students the opportunity to prep for their 4-year university degree in a more supportive and intimate setting. 


Your Go To Film School

Global University Systems has recently acquired the specialized art institution, Trebas Institute. The institute has two campuses in major cities, including Montreal and Toronto. Each has programs in diverse areas including entertainment management, audio, film and television and business and technology! If you have a passion for the arts, this could be the school for


Making a Good First Impression

Everyone that starts a brand new job wants to make a good impression on their bosses and coworkers. Doing so can be an intimidating task, but is not as hard as you might think! Here are some tips to help get you through that first day, week and month; using these can help ensure your


A Top-Ranked BC University

The University of Victoria is one of BC and Canada’s best universities and this is clearly based on their numerous awards and high rankings by external bodies. The University currently has over 18000 undergraduate students and over 3000 graduate students. This is not a surprise, based on the school’s excellent location and diverse program options. 

Research to Improve International Student Lives

Langara College is happy to announce that they have received funding to begin an explorative research study into international student pathways in Canada. They will be working closely with external partners, including government agencies, non-profits and other colleges. This collaboration will foster innovative social solutions to barriers to education, immigration and employment of international students. Overall,

Part-Time Work Opportunities on Your OWN Schedule!

For students returning to Canada, there are many work from home, part-time work opportunities! Students need not be afraid of a lack of safe work due to COVID19, since there are so many options for them to work from home. These include captioning, translating, dog walking and also tutoring. Plus, there are multiple companies you


Online Learning – An Experience to Embrace

Thompson Rivers University is mostly going to be operating remotely this fall 2020 – students will largely be taking classes and accessing service entirely online. Of course, TRU will be ensuring student safety throughout this process and especially for those courses on campus. While this will be a big change for many students, it is

Major Industries in a Major Canadian City – Toronto!

Toronto is in fact the second-largest financial sector in North America and the largest in Canada. It plays host to over 600 financial service companies and this is only continuing to grow. The city provides a number of financial services from investment banking, to accounting, and stock market trading. In fact, the success of so


Professor Provides Real Experiences for Students!

Selkirk professor Nichola Lytle is passionate about bringing student creativity to life. She is an outstanding instructor who manages her own companies, teaches, parents and brings students into creative projects where she can. In fact, Lytle has brought on numerous students onto her new venture project, giving them real-world digital art and entrepreneurship experiences. A

Vancouver City at Night

The Thriving Industries in Vancouver!

Vancouver is one of Canada’s major cities, building up the national GDP through numerous industries. However, Vancouver does have a few industries it is well known for in Canada and even around the world. The city is the site of film production, natural resource management, specialty fashion and many emerging social enterprises! Hollywood North – The


Cybersecurity, Protect the World from Threats!

Cybersecurity is perhaps one of the most intriguing areas of computer science out there! Algonquin College is ready to make you a hero if you enroll in their new graduate cybersecurity program. You’ll learn all the skills necessary to protect both the private and public sectors from cyber-threats from international crime organizations to random hackers. So, if

Missing your Gym? Try These Home Exercises!

With the onset of COVID19 in Canada, many gyms had to close. But, this gave way to a rise in home workouts. There are many options for home workouts, with some of the most popular tools including fitness apps complete with numerous exercise routines, and YouTube videos that have gone viral because of the results


Brand NEW Associate of Science Degree

  Vancouver Community College is offering a brand new Associate of Science degree for students! This program is great for those wanting to explore the science arena. Here, students take 24 credits, including 6 in the arts and at least one in statistics. After completion, they can transfer to a bigger school like SFU, who gives preference

4 Time Tracking Apps to Curb Procrastination

Wondering how to track all of your time simply and effectively? Luckily, in today’s age, this has become a lot easier. There is a multitude of different apps out there to help you track your time effectively. Knowing how much time you spend on what can help you create schedules that best work for you


[Fanshawe College] Four Guarantees for the Fall

    Fanshawe College has 4 guarantees for students this fall 2020: high-quality education, a commitment to academics, health and safety and student supports. They want to ensure students that just because the university is changing, for now, does not mean the quality of their experiences or learning must change. Therefore, they’ll be doing their best

Toronto Transit Commission System – Your Way Around the City!

Toronto, like Vancouver, has a dominant transit operator. There’s is the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and it runs subway trains, streetcars, and busses. This expansive system serves thousands upon thousands of people every day, and it’s likely it’ll serve you as well while you’re in Toronto. So, be aware of the system so you don’t feel as


[Vancouver School Board] Sustainable Food Security Run by Students

Vancouver students in the Vancouver School District are spending their summers volunteering in the Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership. These youth will be able to work on innovative projects providing food to students and families in need in light of the COVID19 pandemic. Here, they will be both learning skills and providing meaningful service to local families during


Vancouver’s Transit System – How to Get Around!

International students intending to live in Vancouver should become familiar with their public transit system, as they will likely be using it to visit places in the lower mainland such as restaurants, grocery stores, school and more. The public transit system is fairly comprehensive, including busses, Skytrains, trains and a seabus between downtown and North

Biology Majors – Career Options for After you Graduate!

For those with a passion for the natural world and all of its organisms, a biology major might suit you well. So, this major will include various labs, lectures, exams, and reports. All of this work will help you to learn more about our living world. Also, it’s a great start for anyone looking into


[Kootenay Lake School District] Updates on the Restart Plan

Kootenay Lake School District’s superintendent has let all students, staff and families know about their plans for fall 2020. Given recent announcements about returning to class, the district is preparing to have students and staff return as safely as they can. Measures coming their way will include learning cohorts, masks in crowded areas, and cleaning protocols.

The University Career Centre – Gateway to Your Career Dreams!

You’ve likely walked by your university’s career centre at some point during your studies in Canada. Why not walk in? Career centres provide a number of services in varying formats that can help international students achieve their career goals after graduation. These include helping them find volunteer or paid work, editing resumes/cover letters, offering advice

Finding a 2nd Home at Georgian College

Georgian College strives to introduce their community to each other through a media segment known as the People of Georgian. Here, they share stories of amazing faculty, staff and students to highlight their experiences at Georgian College, as well as their goals for the future. Recently, they featured international student Jose Fernandez, an avid lover of

Careers for Performance and Visual Arts Majors

If you are someone who enjoys conveying information in visual and appealing ways, a performance and visual arts major might be just right for you. In this major, you will have the chance to take courses in drawing, painting, dance, acting, foreign languages, graphic design, photography and more! Also, you can shape the degree to

Student Discounts You Should be Aware of in Canada!

Heads up, students! There are a number of ways you can save money in diverse areas such as food, travel, memberships, tech and clothing. Researching and taking advantage of student discounts will help you save money as an international student spending money on both tuition and living costs. There are some amazing discounts out there


Amazing Careers for Gender and Women’s Studies Majors!

Students with an interest in the role of gender in society and how it interacts with other forms of difference including Indigenous and racialized identities, class, sexuality, ability, age will definitely be interested in Gender and Women’s Studies majors. Well often the stereotype here is that there aren’t many careers in this field, the careers

Canadian Education: What International Students Must Know

The Canadian education system can feel complex, however it is necessary to understand to make the most of your studies. International students coming to Canada may be entering the K-12 system, a language school, postsecondary institution or a professional certification institution. Knowing what to expect at each will help you feel more comfortable once you start your


[TWU] Get Academic Assistance for Free at Trinity Western!

Trinity Western University works to ensure that first-year students have the most comfortable experience they can. Thus, they are now providing free writing tutors and peer support guides to help students build connections, do research and writing, and getting a taste of education through the lens of Christian faith. Having mentors to guide them, first-year students

Applying for the Medical Services Plan in British Columbia

MSP is a public health insurance plan that covers medically necessary services. In fact, all residents in BC, including many international students (* see ‘Eligibility’), MUST enrol this medical service plan. As an international student on a work permit or study permit, you should enrol into MSP as soon as possible, and the coverage will come into effect 3 months later. Be aware that the coverage costs $75.00 each month.


[Niagara College] New Funding Available to Treat Diabetic Issues

Niagara College is fortunate to be the recipient of a grant of $209,576 (over two years) from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). They intend to use this grant to research healthcare access for homeless and vulnerable individuals struggling with diabetic foot problems. This opportunity will be great in a multitude of ways, one it


Serving it Right – The Exam You Need to Serve in Canada!

If you want to work as a server in British Columbia, no matter what your status in Canada is, you need to complete the Serving It Right course (**applicable only if the workplace serves liquors, such as restaurants). Some restaurants may require applicants to have the completion of Serving It Right for applying to work as


[Humber College] Industrial Design Student Places 1st in the World

    A Humber College Bachelor of Industrial Desing student has recently won the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) International Design Competition. He blew the judges away with his 3 wheel design concept, in fact so much so that he is now on an internship with BRP. So, a huge congratulations to Bradley Saite, industrial design work is

Getting Your Work Published as a Student

You may not know it, but undergraduate students can have their research published! Students are able to submit work they have already written to numerous journals, both within and outside the university. Getting published means that you can easily demonstrate to future employers and admissions officers that you are a talented writer and researcher! So,


[NIC] Study Indigenous Languages at North Island College!

  North Island College (NIC) is happy to announce that they’ll be offering 3 different Indigenous Language courses. These courses will be available digitally in the upcoming year. Kwak’wala Immersion 1 (IFL-101), Kwak’wala Immersion 2 (IFL-102) and Pathways to Reconciliation and Social Action (IFL-111) will be available for students to choose from. “We’re thrilled to


[TSOM] English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Open in Fall!

  The Toronto School of Management (TSOM) is launching a brand new program., English for Academic Purposes (EAP). This will help prospective and current international students prepare for studying in a Canadian academic setting. Students will explore reading, writing, listening and speaking in English, specifically from an academic perspective. So, if this is something that interests you,


[Okanagan College] Students Provide Free, Healthy Meals

Okanagan College Culinary Arts students are out there doing their best for their fellow peers during this pandemic. OC students alongside their student union, Sysco and RBC have founded the OC Serves Up pilot project, providing nutritious, free meals to students in need of them. All remaining meals are being sent to shelters and others in

BC K-12 Schools Plan to Safely Bring K-12 Students Back to Class Full Time!

BC has officially launched the BC Education Restart Plan for students commencing school again this September. The government wants to ensure the safety of all students who will be returning to school. As well, they want to ensure COVID19 cases don’t start to rise in schools. So, the plan will be comprehensive including implementation of


[KPU] New Diploma in Public Relations Grounded in Best Practices

  Kwantlen Polytechnic University is answering industry calls for better public relations managers and communications experts. The University has created a new diploma program in Public Relations, which will ensure graduates are ready to create culturally-aware, ethical and clear content for customers and the broader audience. If you believe in the power of language and awareness,

Google Slides? Here are Tips to Make you a Pro!

Many Google Products are starting to become more common for collaborative work – this is because Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides are shareable with people. This means multiple people can work on the same project at once. Especially commonplace is Google Slides. So, here are 5 of the best tips for creating outstanding presentations that will get you


[Alexander College] New Associates Degree in Sociology

  Alexander College has recently introduced a new Associate of Arts in Sociology. Students entering this program will learn about group behaviour, crime, racism and social science research methods. All in all, it is a great choice for those with an interest in social justice. Further, this is a great way to start out on a 4-year


[BCIT] Paving the Future – Artificial Intelligence Management

    Across sectors, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important – the deployment of AI will automate numerous tasks for companies. In light of this, students may want to consider BCIT’s new program in Artificial Intelligence Management. This program will prepare students well for the world of AI over the course of 2 years full


[KPU] Safety is Kwantlen’s Reopening Priority Amidst COVID19

  KPU students studying in trades programs such as welding and service technician programs will be heading back to campus for any essential learning that cannot be done online. Of course, Kwantlen Polytechnic University staff have made sure that students are returning safely, with distancing measures in place and the appropriate personal protective equipment as well.


[Capilano University] Introducing Digital Learning Ambassadors

  The COVID19 situation means that many students studying at Canadian universities are now taking courses online. Further, they will be taking online courses at least for the fall semester as well. For students who have never taken an online course, this is a very new and occasionally challenging experience! That’s why Capilano University has the Student


[Delta School District] Start Your Trades Career at 15!

  For international students who are keen on working with their hands, trades may be a great option! This field is growing substantially in Canada with new jobs opening consistently. Further, at Delta School District, those keen on learning can get going right away at the age of 15! In fact, starting training during the high


[Coquitlam College] Specialized Transfer Pathway Programs

Coquitlam College understands entering university in a foreign country can be both scary and challenging. That’s why they strive to make the process as easy as possible by offering transfer pathway programs in a multitude of sectors. There are diplomas, certificates and associates degrees available that can all include transfer courses to major universities in both


[VCC] Trades Schools Thrive Despite COVID19

  Vancouver Community College offers a number of trades programs for students who are both international and domestic. For example, they have programs in transportation trades, including programs such as automotive services, collision and refinishing and heavy mechanical trades. However, in light of COVID19, these programs have had to shift entirely online in order to keep the learning up! This has


[Q College] Become a WordPress Professional at Q College

  Q College operates in both the Vancouver and Victoria area, and is well-known for its programs in website development, graphic design, marketing and business. In fact, it offers a WordPress Open Source Development Program meant to take your WordPress design and management skills to the next level. Also, it happens to offer a program in

Studying in Canada: Time-Frame Options for Students

When choosing to study abroad in Canada, it becomes important to choose a time frame that will meet all of your personal and educational goals. Some terms may be better choices than others depending on what you’d like to do. For example, if seeking any sort of credentials such as a diploma or longer, you’ll want


[Canadian College] Get Dual Credits with St. Lawrence College!

Canadian College has the advantage of offering dual credentials for some of our programs. The 2nd credential is awarded from St Lawrence College, which is a public college located in Kingston, Ontario. Also, the programs available are business management, general arts and science, and a post-grad certificate in supply chain management. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Canadian College offers a


Biometric Collection Currently Exempt for Students In Canada

In light of COVID19, many biometric collections sites are now closed or not offering any biometric services. Some of the sites that offer these services include visa application centers (VAC), United States Application Support Centers (ASC’s), and designated Services Canada offices. What’s important to note is that your application for temporary residence as a student


[ILAC] New IELTS Test Centre at International Language Academy

  The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) is a tremendously popular education centre for future workers and students hoping to utilize English! They are now going to be the newest IELTS test centre, replacing the Global Village Vancouver centre. Further, they will be offering more assistance to students seeking to better prepare. New IELTS


[Douglas College] Video Games of the Future – Build Them Here!

  Are you passionate about creativity, technology and video games? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider the new Computing Science Diploma at Douglas College. This diploma will teach you all you need to know about coding and video game design, and you’ll even have the opportunity to pursue work experience should you

International Baccalaureate (IB) Gateway to University Advantages

The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers an education for students from ages 3 to 19, comprising of four programmes that focus on teaching students to think critically and independently, and how to inquire with care and logic. The IB prepares students to succeed in a world where facts and fiction merge in the news, and where asking the


[University of Toronto – International] 2020 Virtual Summer Academy

Earlier in the spring, due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, the University of Toronto International Programs Office made an incredibly difficult decision. They will cancel in-person summer programs for 2020. However, in unprecedented, they rose up to the challenge and will be providing effective and high-quality enrichment, transition and preparatory programs for international students all


[UCW] Get a Grant or Scholarship for your UCW Studies

  University Canada West (UCW) entrance awards, scholarships and grants are available to new students applying to a UCW undergraduate or graduate program. Students can receive only ONE (1) award, scholarship or grant and one continuing student award if eligible. Students should be able to receive an award given the large number of awards UCW offers

Mississauga Christian Academy] Become a Well-Rounded Student at MCA!

  The Mississauga Christian Academy (MCA) in Ontario is here to provide international students of all ages, levels and interests with a rewarding experience studying and living in Canada. So, the private school offers a number of programs from middle school, to kindergarten, and summer/winter short programs. Students who complete up to the middle school

[Moncton Christian Academy] Study in the Most Canadian City

  Moncton Christian Academy (MCA) is an independent, not for profit educational institution in Moncton, known as Canada’s most Canadian city. The school is an integral part of the small community, providing opportunities for kids to learn, socialize, and get ready to become model citizens of today’s society. So, if you’re an international student with Christian


[King’s University] Bachelors Degrees in Only 3 Years Here!

King’s University is a private, Christian university in Alberta’s capital city. Future and current international students may have an interest in the university as they are allowing Duolingo English test submissions for admission due to COVID19. Further, they offer a number of majors in both the arts and sciences that are achievable in 3 years minimum.

TESL – The Program You Need to Teach ESL Everywhere

TESL (also known as TESOL, TEFL)  is a popular program offered for students who are interested in teaching English as a Second Language. The program varies from certificate to Ph.D. degree, depending on the institution you study at. TESL program could be an independent ESL program or it could also be under other programs, like English,

Make Great Friends and Learn from the Best in Canada!

Hayato is a Japanese international student who recently studied at a language school in Vancouver, Canada. Hayato found that through the experience of learning in Canada, they were able to improve their English skills, work with friendly and kind teachers and make friends from all corners of the world. This testimony speaks volumes to how


[Eton College] Programs are now Half the Price at Eton!

Eton College could be your gateway to amazing education and a career, and now you can join in at half the price! Eton College’s programs are now available at half of the original price due to COVID19 moving all the courses online. One semester will only cost $2990 CAD. So, if you’re still interested in


[U of Lethbridge] Admissions Process is Easier at University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge is a comprehensive and research-intensive university founded on the principles of liberal education where inspired teaching is emphasized within a personal and interactive learning environment. It is truly a place where student engagement in learning, creative activities, and research takes place every day. Further, the University of Lethbridge is a school that demonstrates

Syntax, Semantics and More – Learning about Linguistics!

Linguistics refers to the study of language and its structure on the whole – students in this major analyze language form, language meaning, and language in context. So, semantics, syntax and more are all subjects that will be gone over. These subjects and the skills you’ll gain will be assets in future careers such as


[FCA] Faith-Based Programs for Students of All Ages at FCA

Fredericton Christian Academy (FCA) is more than just a school – it offers a number of different programs that fall outside the traditional academic realm. The Academy offers early childhood and after school care, kindergarten to grade 12 education, international programs, and ESL camps. So, whatever the international student is interested in pursuing, it’s likely FCA

10 Effective Tips for Nailing Any Job Interview

Going to an interview can be quite stressful. But this nerve-racking experience is inevitable if you are seeking jobs. At its core, job interviews are intended to help you learn more about the job and give the employer a chance to see if your skills and experiences make you a good fit for the job.

Career Planning: 3 Steps to Reach Your Career Goals!

Career planning may seem very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Planning your career can be very simple if you remember to self-reflect, stay organized and prioritize your goals. If you remember to stay on top of your plan and not let it slip away, you’ll be able to stay on track to getting


[Richmond School District] Keep on Learning via 2020 Summer Camps

  Richmond International Education is aware there are many international students and their families that have chosen to stay in Canada this summer due to travel restrictions. Thus, the district has developed several 2020 programs and summer camps for students and families to keep building connections, and improving their English skills throughout the summer. There are

Self-Isolation Plan for International Travelers Arriving in Canada

International students are now able to travel to Canada if they have a valid study permit, or were approved for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020. However, there are numerous new precautions in place for travelers heading to Canada in order to ensure COVID19 cases are not brought into Canada from other countries. Travel has

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